5G and IoT

5G and IoT​

5G technology with IoT or internet of things is about to turn the world upside down. Although many businesses are seeing the clear signs of an upcoming trend, not many companies have the right plan to adopt the technology before it’s late. 5G is the 5th mobile technology that the IoT industry is looking forward to embracing and evolve with, making all the aspirational technological visions to real-world application. Explained as an evolution of both mobile cellular technologies and a revolution of disruptive changes in network nodes and services, architectures, and use cases, 5G is way more than just super-fast downloads. With high-speed connectivity, very low latency, and ubiquitous coverage capabilities, the technology redefines the capabilities of remote applications completely. Comparing to 5G, the SpaceX Starlink program also intended to provide high-speed low-latency internet connectivity for the next generation people. Though the 5G & Starlink are different, the speed matters in both technologies.

Speed and connectivity of next level

With 5G, you will be able to support more smart cities, vehicles, automated transportation infrastructure as the technology which requires more reliable connectivity and low latency as split-second delay can end in a disturbance or crash. From connected cars, busses to trucks and heavy machinery in hazard environment 5G will raise application-controlled vehicles and machinery to another level. Opening doors to manage more devices remotely through applications 5G will take such application to high risk and high compliance industries and work environments, delivering proven solutions. The low latency trading industry is yet to get an advantage from 5G reducing transaction latency even to a single millisecond. SpaceX Starlink, the upcoming high-speed internet, is another complement with 5G.

5G and IoT​
5G & IoT

You need the best of the benefits of 5G and IoT

Everyone talks about IoT with 5G technology however only a few are on the right path to adopt the benefits of IoT with 5G technology. – Because not many have the experienced 5G and IoT solution experts on their team.

5G and IoT solutions for better and faster operations

Being ten times faster than the current LTE networks the technology with delivering many benefits to organisations. From increased data efficiency, scalability, flexibility to reliability and much more, 5G cum IoT will transform many industries. Manufacturing is such an industry that is being revolutionised by this newest technology. The best example for this IS Cerexio MES(Manufacturing Execution) & Production Tracking system that delivers a fully automated solution that gives you micro visibility over the product manufacturing process – So you are able to track any product any time individually.

Cerexio Digital Twin is another one of the most popular 5G IoT solutions of Cerexio that caught fame in many industries including manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, civil infrastructure monitoring, oil & gas and robotics Bringing the physical world into the digital world, the solution enables you to create exact replicas of your machinery with real-time data feeds allowing you to run tests, stimulation tests digitally before trying them on the physical equipment. 

This will save you time, money and the hassle significantly in the long run. Many solutions powered by those two technologies will enable powerful climate resilience capability. The future of 5G technology will be focused on improving data value rather than data volume. The data collected through IoT will empower the organisation to prepare and respond to trends, hazardous events and disturbances in the business climate effectively.

5G and IoT​
5G and IoT​

Cerexio-Delivering innovative 5G and IoT solutions for any industry

At Cerexio, we strive innovative 5G and IoT solutions to help businesses gain the best benefit of the technologies. Planning your IoT journey towards 5G technology with us is simple as easy.

Our experts will start with a consultation session to identify the best applications and tools, and the infrastructure set up your organisation require to reach your business goals. We’ll plan the best route and the road map to help your organisation, employees and the management embrace the new technology revolution with confidence, causing the minimum disturbance to your operations. From development, implementation, testing, to support and maintenance, we’ll be there throughout the process to ensure you a fast and seamless solution to achieve your goals.

Make your business ready for IoT solutions empowered with 5G technologies to stay ahead of your competitors and gain the best competitive advantage. A use case: Cerexio technologies enable to stream the data from remotely running robots to the headquarters via fastest 5G network while ensuring the low latency and less utilisation of network bandwidth.

Our premium digital solutions can be tailored to facilitate your business by using 5G & IoT