About Cerexio

Cerexio is an industry 4.0 solution provider who is in a mission to help organizations achieve better accuracy, efficiency and productivity with powerful technology solutions.

About Cerexio

Bringing you technologies beyond your imagination

We are innovative and creative technology experts who combine artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation with cutting edge industry 4.0 technologies to help you be more responsive and agile in your industrial operations and processes.

Offering you solutions in predictive quality, predictive waste, production optimization, data analytics, predictive maintenance and digital twin infused with AI technology, we are here to help organizations reach unbelievable heights.

Made for quality and yield of next level

All our solutions are developed with the aim to introduce automation of another level to your organization delivering better control and visibility over processes.

Helping you improve your production yield and operational efficiency, organizational connectivity and communication all our solutions have made to help unleash the potential of your data.


Turning organizations to smart organizations

We are empowering organizations with smart technologies. Our experts always take the time to understand where you were in the past, where you are now and where you want to be in the future, offering you the best industrial AI-based tools -So you can replace time-consuming manual processes with revolutionary future-oriented technology solutions that deliver the best benefits of technological developments of the era.

Industry expertise with tailor-made solutions

Cerexio’s expertise expands across a diversity of industries from manufacturing, education, oil and gas, agriculture to robotics and gaming and more which enable us to assure you a top-notch solution for your situation no matter which industry you are in.
With custom developed solutions to fit your unique challenges, struggles and issues, we’ll help you cut down losses and improve production quality and operational efficiency like no other.


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