Cerexio Condition Monitoring System

Cerexio Condition Monitoring System, you can learn everything about the performance of your rotating equipment and learn how they are doing in any given moment. From machine status to performance data system the system will monitor all on your behalf so you can understand what’s going on with your equipment better and easier than ever before.


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Cerexio system will help you derive insightful meanings from your data for effective maintenance management

Automate the intelligence of your maintenance management operations monitoring your rotating equipment effectively. Cerexio Condition Monitoring System will transform your entire maintenance process for improved productivity and efficiency. We ensure you a tailor-made and condition-based monitoring solution to fit your factory requirement.

Custom dashboards and performance metrics

Maximize production

Advance Data Collection and Analysis than ever before

About Cerexio Condition Monitoring System

Know better and learn better about your rotating equipment. Keep a close eye on the condition of your equipment easily, no matter how complex your production lines are. Cerexio Condition Monitoring System offers you a revolutionize solution in rotating equipment maintenance so you can understand the conditions of your equipment better than ever. With effective data acquisition, real-time updates and data analysis, the system will improve efficiency, reliability and productivity in equipment maintenance.

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The best step to understand your equipment best

Your factory equipment is just as crucial as your labour force. And just having latest equipment is not enough to achieve operational productivity. Without well-performing equipment, no factory can meet its production goals. One unexpected breakdown in equipment can interrupt the entire production line hindering your operational productivity- which many factories can’t afford to have often.

  • Advance Data Collection and Analysis than ever before: Many factories have systems in place to collect equipment data. But only a few do it right, and only a fewer understand the way to get the best use of the data they gather to benefit their maintenance work. Some don’t have the right technology, while some don’t have the proper knowledge. Comes with advance data collection, data acquisition and data analysis capabilities Cerexio provides the best solution to this.

  • Improve the quality of your equipment and maintenance work with the right data: When you have all data from sensors and other data sources, you will be able to know how each of your equipment is doing. The system will establish patterns to identify trends and use useful parameters to predict necessary equipment maintenance work. So, you will be able to detect early signs of breakdowns, and malfunctions before they become problems causing production interruptions. The system will also help you improve the efficiency of maintenance work, cutting down costs while helping you reduce downtime significantly.

Why Cerexio Condition Monitoring System?

Having a good knowledge regarding the performance of your equipment and what’s really on the inside of each machinery
will help you predict the performance of your equipment. Cerexio Condition- Based Monitoring system
help you do just that with ease and efficiency right from your screen while offering you many other benefits. 

Highest availability

The system comes with effective functions that enable you to acquire equipment data from various data sources, and will analyze data in real-time looking for errors, trends and faults. This will allow you to easily and effectively identify equipment malfunctions, performance issues and breakdowns before they manifest. So, your production lines are less interrupted.

Lower cost at the reliable budget

Since the system helps you identify breakdowns before they manifest, your maintenance costs will reduce drastically. Although ‘fix as it breaks’ approach, can cost you less initially, it will cost you more in the long run. Condition-based monitoring will help you detect performance issues at a very early stage, enabling you to fix them before they get way worst costing you more money.

Increase the lifespan of the equipment

The system will help you maintain all your equipment in good quality and good standards with constant monitoring of their performance and recommending effective maintenance work. All the components from machinery to machine parts will able to be maintained, serviced and repaired on time as the system offers you useful insights on performance metrics and other performance indicators. Thus, allowing you to maintain your equipment at the standard level. 

Prioritize maintenance work

The system will show you of all the maintenance task at hand and help you prioritize your maintenance task based on frequent and reliable updates from your machinery. With this, you will easily be able to plan your maintenance work smoothly with maintenance companies, schedule the project so you could save time, money and the hassle during the maintenance work.

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Calculated risk

The system will alarm you of early warnings and signs of bugs, issues of essential rotating equipment so you will have the time to calculate the risk and plan your maintenance work to go on the safest and most effective route.

Maximize production output

Equipment malfunctions and breakdowns can cost many production hours a year for factories. Such issues directly affect your profit margins as well as your delivery schedules and customer satisfaction. With Cerexio Condition Monitoring, you are able to reduce downtimes and increase your production output meeting deadlines effectively.

Features of Cerexio Condition Monitoring System

Condition Based Monitoring introduces many cutting-edge features that will improve your equipment maintenance operations in
ways you never thought was possible before. Enabling you to harness the power of digitalize data, advance automated analytics 
and real-time data connectivity the system will make your operations, seamless, fast and effective than ever before.

Cerexio Condition- Based Monitoring system can easily be able to customized to fit the unique requirements of your manufacturing plant with relevant dashboards, performance metrics, required sensors and data connectivity action. So, you are assured of a tailor-made solution developed just for your factory, thus improving productivity and efficiency.

The system is capable of providing you with key performance indicators best suit for your factory. With thorough research on machinery and equipment on your factory, the system will define the best KPIs to help you track and monitor your equipment effectively to identify defects and performance issues.

Strengthening data connectivity throughout your factory and of other relevant systems such as ERP system, Cerexio makes your data management operation easier, more accurate and effective than ever before. It comes with features that enable you to seamlessly acquire data from PLCs, SCADA, and historian systems and store, organize and analyze them effectively for condition-based monitoring. 


Featuring digital twin analytics functions, the system visualizes and analyze data and monitor systems to head off performance issues and equipment maintenance problems before they even occur helping you identify performance anomalies and their root cause while preventing downtime.

The system will collect and analyze equipment data in real-time to identify any strange patterns or data readings and will effectively inform you with alerts of early signs of defect and breakdowns. It also comes with a special AI that enables you to prioritize maintenance work depending on the equipment’s importance in the production line and many other factors.

Cerexio Condition Based Monitoring system can easily be integrated with your data sources and other essential systems, thus enabling you to acquire equipment data without a hassle. It will work seamlessly with other systems and will ensure accurate data in real-time.  

Cerexio Condition Monitoring System Video Cerexio Condition Monitoring System Video
Cerexio Condition Monitoring System Video

Cerexio Condition Monitoring System Video

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