Cerexio Crowd Analytics System

People are the most critical aspect of any business or organization. Whether it's your target audience, your prospects, leads, customers or the local community, people affect significantly to the success of any business effort. Which is why you need to have high-tech tools and applications by your side developed specially for analyzing crowds. 

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Crowd Analytics System

Cerexio Crowd analytics open doors to maximize your customer experience in ways you never thought was possible before

Understand your audience and crowds better than ever before from their physical behaviours to emotional patterns and utilize them to improve and optimize your business operations. So, you can receive the best ROI in everything you do. Get in touch with us to learn more about Cerexio Crowd Analytics System. 

Effectively collect crowd data

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About Cerexio Crowd Analytics System

Understand your audience better. Optimize your marketing efforts and business operations for the highest yield. Adopt the best technology available in the market to analyze crowds and understand people and their behaviours to improve your marketing strategy, sales approach and service experience. Cerexio Crowd Analytics offers you cutting-edge analytical tools to collect and slice
and dice crowd data in a revolutionary way.

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Discover people interactions with digital signage

Data about people and their day-to-day interactions collected from real individual people who live and breathe is one of the most powerful tools that organizations can have to improve their business efforts. So understanding what people do, how people do it, how people like to do it and when they do it will help your business tremendously. Cerexio Crowd Analytics System enables you to discover all about people’s day-to-day interactions without violating their privacy using digital signage of people. The system will utilize WiFi technology, video analyzing and HD cameras to track and monitor people behaviours and interactions effectively.

  • Learn better from the people around: Monitor customer insights, demographics, their behaviours online to interactions with your brand easier than ever before. Know your customers and prospects better to deliver them a better service while optimizing your marketing campaigns to get the best ROI.

    Knowing the people- your target audience on a deeper level will provide you with comprehensive data that you can analyze to understand patterns and trends, which will help you understand market needs, gaps and opportunities that you can turn into a new product, solution or service.

    Being able to understand your audience will help you predict their emotions and behaviours, giving you the advantage of effectively influencing their mind to help them easily find your amazing products, services and other benefits.

  • View, analyze and understand people better than ever before: No matter how much data you collect regarding your customers, none of them won’t be of any use if you don’t have the resources to organize, sort and analyze all your data effectively. Comes with cutting-edge analytical tools, Cerexio Crowd Analytics System will help you view and analyze all the data you collect easily.

    It will help you find the real meaning of the data you’ve discovered taking the complexity out of crowd data analyzing. So, no matter how many people visit your store, property, mall, stadium or theatre Cerexio will provide you with real-time analytics. 

    From purchase history of your customers to store queue management in shops and malls the system can provide you with a wide array of crowd analytics to fit your business, situation and requirements. It will also help with heat signature maps to identify crowd concentrations in concerts, parades and stadiums.

Why Cerexio Crowd Analytics System?

When you understand your customers, prospects and crowds involved with your business better, and understand why they behave and react the way they do, the opportunities you will have to optimize your business process for better profits are endless. Below are some of the main benefits that you get to enjoy with Cerexio Crowd Analytics. 

Effectively collect crowd data

The system will help you monitor your crowds via HD cameras to collect a wide range of useful data without violating their privacy. For an example, you will be able to collect data of behaviours and emotions and so much more of the customers who visit your store from the point they enter into your mall, select items, make payments to their exit. Thus, it will open doors to collect accurate data on real customers no matter how many customers visit your store at any given time.

Provide you with advance crowd analytics

The system comes with many advance crowd analytics tools that will help you understand everything your data is trying to tell you. It will enable you to understand people’s behaviours, expectations, reactions and emotions well throughout their interactions with your brand. It will dig deep into data with futuristic analytical technology so, you can identify patterns and establish trends easily. 

Understand your customers and behaviours better

Cerexio provides you with in-depth insights on crowds’ data it collects across your shop, store, mall, stadium, event, venue or property so you can understand your customers and crowds better. The system will help you understand how people make purchasing decisions in your store, how they shop and what their triggers are while they are shopping. On the other hand, it will help you understand how your crowds act, move and behave in particular situations which can be very helpful for events such as sports events and concerts.

Improve your business and marketing efforts

A better understanding of your target audience, prospects, customers and crowds will help you better target your business efforts to be a more service to the people who can benefit from the services, products and solutions you offer. The knowledge, insights and the understanding this crowd analytics tools can deliver is endless -Which will help you optimize everything from your marketing campaigns, sales strategies, customer relationship management approach to business efforts. Plus, it will help you close market gaps with new products and improve your bottom line. 

Help you predict trends

If your business is dealing with seasonal and holiday trends, there is no better way to optimize your campaigns than by understanding your customers better. And Cerexio will help you do just that providing you with clear and sold trend predictions. It will offer you a solid foundation to develop your marketing and sales campaigns on that your customers can’t resist thus improving your profits.  

Help you optimize your service experience

Service experience is essential to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Crowd analytics open doors to maximize your customer experience in ways you never thought was possible before. It enables you to develop irresistible customer service experience targeted right to your customers’ pain points, so they can’t help but come back to you.   

Features of Cerexio Crowd Analytics System

The system will capture your crowds from high-quality cameras across your shop floor, event venue, stadium, shopping mall or store assuring you a clear and crisp data collection process. The system comes with tools that will transmit and feed the recordings to the analytical tools of the systems seamlessly saving you time. 

The system effectively handles perspective distortion to help you deliver accurate crowd counting data in imagery and videos, ensuring you highly accurate readings every time. 

The module helps you analyze spontaneous emotions and reactions of crowds in a non-intrusive way helping you identify the best ways to optimize your marketing and advertising for better results. It will effectively detect basic emotions such as happiness, disgust, fear surprise, anger, and sadness through facial coding technology helping you measure emotional impact on the product with various metrics such as experience, engagement, satisfaction etc.

Scale variation technology of Cerexio Crowd Analytics Aystem, enables you to have a better view on crowd concentrations so you will be easily know everything on what’s going on in weekdays vs weekends, seasons and holidays, store peak hours and the most concentrated areas if it’s a parade or a concert.

The module will provide you with highly accurate information on non-uniform distributions in crowds, effectively identifying less-dense and high-dense crowd distributions helping you with useful insights to handle and control your crowds better than ever. 


The system will analyze data across a specific period of time to help you understand patterns and predict trends. For an example, the system will provide you understand peak hours of your mall for each day of the week so you can plan your employee schedule to ensure enough employ availability to serve your customers smoothly. 

Understand how your crowds and customerS decide on what to do easily and effectively. The module will help you analyze crowd data to help you understand triggers that actually work that make them choose to take actions.

The system will come with a comprehensive set of tools that enable you with effective extraction of data from various types of videos and imagery for an effective crowd counting process. No matter how massive the data load is, the system will effectively and smoothly process your videos or imagery guaranteeing you reliable information. 

The system not just helps you collect and analyze data but also help you view data in more effective ways with advance data visualization tools so you could understand crowd data better at first glance. 

The comprehensive report generation tools of the system will automate the reporting process on your behalf and make report generation easy and effective than ever before. It will not just generate up-to-date in-depth data report but also will share with relevant stakeholders.

Cerexio Crowd Analytics System Video Cerexio Crowd Analytics System Video
Cerexio Crowd Analytics System Video

Cerexio Crowd Analytics System Video

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