Edge Computing

Edge Computing

When you use more and more real-time applications, ditching the cloud and deploying an edge computing solution is your best option. Handling the data at the edge of the cooperate network, Edge computing brings data closer to the devices and applications- So, you don’t have to rely on the cloud at data centres miles away. The technology brings the cloud to you, transforming the way data is being handled, processed, and delivered expanding your operational capabilities to another level. If you are dealing with unbearable bandwidth costs, data latency issues or data privacy and security concerns, a cutting-edge edge computing solution is for you. 

Time to move from the cloud to edge computing

Although the technology was created to solve the expensive costs involved in bandwidth for long-distance data travelling today the technology has risen far head with new emerging technologies.

The use of IoT solutions, real-time applications and massive computing capabilities with a large number of devices connected is increasing. And with the rise of the 5G technology, we can expect nothing but surge in the edge computing trend as the fast networking technology is going to redefine the computing world in terms of connectivity. This combines with artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and real-time applications; the demand for edge computing is further accelerating.

Edge Computing
Edge Computing

The big why behind edge computing

Many industries, including, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, logistics, aerospace and defense, are adopting more and more growth of IoT devices. With this transferring your data from the cloud to an edge computing solution is going to deliver you many benefits. Such devices generate a massive load of data ( especially when you have a large number of devices) connecting to the internet to provide and receive data from the cloud. Transmitting massive loads of data from and to a number of devices from the cloud can cost you a small fortune in terms of bandwidth costs while creating data latencies.

However, with an edge computing solution, you keep your cloud close to your devices, so all your bandwidth and latency issued are solved. So are your security concerns.

Reliable edge computing solutions for everyone

Whether you are a manufacturing company who use advance analytics and digital twins, a media company who use heavy video processing, a warehouse who use AGV and robot arms, Cerexio has an edge computing solution for you.

Maybe you are in the gas and oil industry which use various sensors for condition-based monitoring to act immediately upon system alerts. Or you are in defense sector who require much higher privacy and security for the sensitive data you handle. Either way, Cerexio team of experts ensures you a reliable solution to bring your data near to you and your devices.

Be it self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, robots, risky work environment conditions that require to regulate with high responsiveness that you are dealing with we can build the best edge computing solution for your requirements to save you money while increasing data speed. We ensure our solutions come with the top security and safety measures providing you peace of mind over your data while enabling you to enjoy your real-time applications and devices with zero hassle.

Edge Computing
Edge Computing

We do edge computing, so you don’t have to be on edge.

At Cerexio, we have the experience of handling many complex projects across many industries. Thus, we know from hands-on experience what you need to where you want to be.

From discovery, planning, deploying, maintenance to scaling our experts will be with you guiding you through the process -So you are always making the best decisions for the best ROI. Starting from an in-depth discussion to understand your pain points, our experts will draft your edge program specifications based on your requirements. From determining what data should be handled by local/edge devices, what ethernet infrastructure and communication protocols to use, what type of connections to employ- wired or wireless, and linking to PLCs and servers, we ensure you and end-to-end solution.

Unleash your data blocks and gather held-back data faster by fostering Cerexio Digital Solutions