Cerexio Embedded Analytics System

Cerexio Embedded Analytics gives you real-time updates, you will always be able to extract all the data in your organization of that very minute.

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Embeded Analytics Software

Get the best use of your data, embracing the unlimited potential of embedded analytics with Cerexio Embedded Analytics System.

Comes with massive data processing capabilities, Cerexio will analyze all your data no matter how many transactions you perform or loads of data you deal with on a daily basis- In fact, it can handle over a billion transactions per second.

Customized dashboards

Data management

Data visualization tools

About Cerexio Embedded Analytics System

Use your business data to drive growth, increase profits, deliver a better service for your customers and expand and thrive with more confidence.

Every business collects data, yet only a few get the most out of it. Some don’t have the knowledge. Some don’t have the technology. Lucky for you, Cerexio Embedded Analytics has it all inbuilt to help you use your data for your business growth like never before. Offering you ultimate analytical capabilities with advance analytical tools and applications, Cerexio will help you use your data for business growth better than ever before.

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Understand your data better than ever

Collecting data across all your data sources, the system will help you understand what your data is trying to tell you. It will simplify analyzing your business data, collecting and analyzing everything in real-time – so you are always received the up-to-date analytics. The advance analytics will help you understand what’s going on in departments, operations, processes and teams letting you know everything about people, products, assets and machinery of your organization. It will help you have better visibility over your organizational operations, enabling you to easily understand hidden truths, issues and best performances right away with a single glance.

  • Integrate data sources easier than ever before: A business collects data from many sources across many departments, systems, operations and processes. Supporting a range of data source types and file formats, the system will effectively integrate all your data sources, ensuring you seamless data extractions without causing you any hassle. With Cerexio, everything will be only a few clicks away so you will not have to spend hours manually entering and re-entering data to the system to generate reports.

  • Connect the dots and learn the story: Just data can’t help your business unless you understand how to unravel what your data is trying to tell you. Cerexio Embedded Analytics helps you connect and combine various sets of data, helping you drill down into what’s really happening and understand the bigger picture. The system will drill-down, roll-up, slice and dice different data to help you find deeper meanings and present you actionable insights so you can change what needs a change and what needings a tweak and improve your business and your profits.  

Why Cerexio Embedded Analytics System?

Cerexio Embedded Analytics can deliver you many revolutionary benefits to your business. Here are a few of them.

Enable you to get better use out of your data

Although many have many systems and processes in place that collect data, not many have processes in place to analyze your data to get useful insights to help you improve your business processes. Cerexio helps you do just that helping you utilize all the data you collect to enhance your business enabling you to tap into the full potential of your business data. 

Analyze data across departments, and processes

The system will help you bring all the data from different sources to one place so you could easily connect the dots and get you an overall idea of what’s going on. The system will seamlessly integrate data of different types from different sources across departments giving you a better global look on your operations. The system supports many formats of data files, including Excel, CSV, XML, and even big data, ensuring you seamless data integration for better data analytics.

Help you read and view your data better

Featuring advance analytical tools and applications, Cerexio will help you dig deep into your data to find real meanings and derive actionable insights that you can use to improve your bottom-line. The system will help you connect the past, present and future and establish patterns and predict trends and help you view them better with advance data visualization tools- so you can digest data more efficiently with a glance. 

Connect data for better meaning

Data can make more sense when interpreted with or against another or a few sets of data. Enabling you to combine data sets of many sources and different types, the system will help you connect data seamlessly to provide you with better and more effective insights to help you with your business. 

Improve your decision-making process

When you can back your decisions with data, chances for failure will reduce drastically. Offering you high-quality embedded analytical capabilities, Cerexio will help you with your decision-making process significantly offering you actionable insights that you can actually use to improve your operations, processes for optimum performance and increase your bottom-line as well as customer satisfaction. 

Features of Cerexio Embedded Analytics System

Comes with many cutting-edge features, Cerexio Embedded Analytics will let you use data in more
meaningful ways than ever before in your operations, product development and business
decision-making process.

The system will effectively handle data management from data exploration, preparation, modelling, blending, mashups to data governance and more. It will deal with any unstructured data and explore them for pattern and trends to help you derive useful meanings out of your data.

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Effective data visualization can help you view loads of data at once and understand the meanings behind them at a glance. Comes with many data visualization tools such as charts and graphs the system will help you generate effective data visualization with a few simple clicks automatically.

Cerexio not just collects and analyze data but provide you with in-depth reports that can be generated on a self-service basis. The system will help you make way more effective reports than you usually create helping you derive helpful insights from your data.

From fonts to colour schemes to other branding elements, Cerexio Embedded Analytics ensures you cohesive feel throughout the software. Since embedded analytics are built to existing software the features will enable you to have a seamless experience with your embedded analytics.


Featuring advance analytical capabilities, the system allows you to effectively analyze all the data you collect across platforms, departments, processes and more. The system will go beyond what it can provide and ensure what you like to be provided with- so you can easily ask your own questions from the system to find the answers to what you are looking for.

The system will make bench marking effective, accurate, fast and straightforward than ever before with its benchmarking module. From KPI indicators, thresholds to metrics, and more the system will benchmark data collected against many elements and notify you of its latest findings, abnormalities and pattern deviations effectively.

The mobile support of the system enables user to log on to the system even from your mobile phone and stay connected to what’s going on in your business, no matter where you are. It will enable you to stay connected even when you are outside your office easily with our highly responsive app for all our mobile users.

Predictive analytics capabilities of the system will enable you to predict future trends and patterns using advance features such as machine learning and AI. This will help you tremendously in making business decisions.

Cerexio Embedded Analytics System Video Cerexio Embedded Analytics System Video
Cerexio Embedded Analytics System Video

Cerexio Embedded Analytics System Video

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