Over the years, building software systems are getting better with many architectural patterns. Microservices is one such pattern that has been catching fame like wildfire over the recent years due to the excellent benefits it offers. The technology enables developing software systems to focus on building single-function modules easily with well-defined interfaces and operations. Microservices are easy to deploy and easy to understand and solve many of the challenges that come with monolith systems- Which is why microservices are a good option for organizations who seek improved flexibility, scalability and efficiency in system development and management.

Microservices changing way of system building

In simple words, microservices are made up of independently deployable, modular services. It’s an architectural style that builds systems with a collection of services that are developed, deployed, and maintained independently and then coupled to a collection creating the architecture to meet the organization’s demands. Each service is developed focused on performing a specific task and communicate with other services through APIs to collaborate together to solve complex issues in the organization.

Not like in a monolith system which is built as a single unit, microservices has multiple components and can be developed, deployed, and maintained individually without interrupting the entire application – Meaning you don’t have to redeploy the whole application after a distinct change is made to one service. It also ensures you easy deployments, bug fixes and updates saving you time and money. Decentralized governance and data management are used in such systems, whereas in monolith systems, a more centralized approach is used.


Microservices offering endless benefits

From easy integration to automatic deployment, microservices make system building simpler than ever before. The simplicity of the technology enables us to get done work with a small team of developers reducing developer costs significantly. The architecture gives the developers that ability to develop and deploy services independently. Updates in systems developed with such architecture can be done fast even with new developers as the system is very easy to understand.

With the code being organized around business capabilities rather than technologies, microservices are developed to adapt to use in multiple contexts – thus, creating cross-functional teams through reuse of services in more than one business process depending on your needs. On top of all is the scalability, as microservice architecture ensures the system to operate independently, thus enabling easy independent scalability in modules without affecting the others.

Cerexio Make Microservices happen.

At Cerexio, we ensure your systems microservices’ to fit your requirements. Whether you need a solution combined with integrating with your system modules, 3rd party systems, machine learning models, artificial intelligence models or advance analytics or real-time applications, we specialize in developing microservice architectures for your exact needs.

Giving you the opportunity to develop and deploy services independently, we take the complexity out of system implementation, integration and management with our very own tool- Cerexio Axon. Since the architecture allows you to develop different services with different languages, we ensure you the best languages are used for system developments to deliver you the best performance and ROI when developing microservices for your system. Enabling you to use the latest technologies of the future as your business scale and grow, we ensure you a state-of-the-art solution to deliver you a flexible and scalable system that you can manage without any hassle.


Offering you powerful microservices solutions

Offering a range of system solutions build on microservice architecture, including real-time message broker solutions, we deliver an array of solutions for a diversity of industries. From banking and finances, financial trading systems, robotic / AGV servers, your highly scalable ERP system to highly scalable mobile application APIs we have worked with many clients of all sizes delivering outstanding solutions.

Our experts will help you analyse and define the services to be served as microservices corresponding to your business capabilities, and then do the design and development to meet your standards and expectations. Starting with a deep dig into your business to understand how you operate and what you deliver and how you deliver it, we ensure the best microservice solutions that you can rely on for the years to come. 

Cerexio inventions can house microservices to help you develop personalised virtual architectures for your business