Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

More and more businesses are turning to predictive analytics which is why you don’t want to be the last one to jump on the trend given its myriad of benefits. Capable of increasing the company’s bottom line and competitive advantage, the technology is redefining the ways you can use the data you collect in your organization. The technology uses advance analytics to predict unknown future events enabling businesses to make business decisions with more confidence. It’s a combination of data mining, modelling, machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence and current data analytics, which enables businesses to identify future patterns and trends.

Predictive Analytics is important than ever before.

Predictive Analytics was invented decades ago. It got its popularity among businesses with the development of technology and the rise of affordable computation solutions.

Every organization is bombarded with data from various sources; thus, more and more companies are finding ways to tap into the full potential of the data they collect so they could make decisions based on solid data. Although advance analytics can do wonders here, predictive Analytics can even take things to the next level. Because when advance analytics let you know what’s going in your business right now, Predictive Analytics enables you to see what you are up against in the future.

The faster cheaper computers with easy to use and easily accessible software solutions, organizations across many industries can adopt this technology to foresee the future. With the modern-day highly competitive marketing landscape and tough economic conditions, this is not a luxury but has become an essential capability for businesses to have the best competitive differentiation.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Showing you your future with data

With a well-trained model that can predict values for different or new data the system first understands key relationships and identify why something happened and how it happened to help you predict future event based on the data collected. The system will store past data records and patterns to offer you predictions with a probability of the target variable. These probabilities are calculated based on estimated significance from a set of input variables.

In simple words, the technology allows you to learn information about unknown parameter values of future time frames with the data you already have at present. Here different data predictive model techniques are used depending on the business requirements. Although there are many predictive models are available, companies should be informed enough to adopt the best model or the combination of models that work for their business to get the expected outcomes. And this is where Cerexio Comes in.

Offering tailor-made Predictive Analytics solutions.

At Cerexio, we specialize in developing Predictive Analytics solutions for many industries. From manufacturing, aerospace and defence, energy and chemicals, education to gas and oil, we have work with a range of clientele creating outstanding Predictive Analytics solutions to help them get the best out of the data they collect. Our solutions have helped these organizations understand their customer behaviours better, improve operations, reduce risks as well as to detect frauds before things go too far.

Helping our clients predict trends and patterns, our experts in the subject have developed custom developed solutions with Predictive Analytical capabilities to fit our clients’ industries, expectations and business needs. The best example for this is how our solution can help in Asset Failure Predictions in water mains, massive infrastructures such as Dams, Bridges with well-organized data collections analyzed with advance analytical tools.

We focus on helping businesses discover insights about their future and put it to use to increase their bottom line as well as their customer satisfaction. Providing full package predictive analysis solutions to help you view what you only need to know from the CEO, engineers to maintenance workers, we make asset predictions simple.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics solutions from an expert

When you need a Predictive Analytics solution to fit your unique business requirement, you need an expert like Cerexio on your team. Working with industry experts, we bring the best solutions to reality to help you predict your future with high accuracy regardless of your industry.

For example, we work with asset maintenance experts for asset failure prediction in the water main, and we work with hydraulic engineers, geo-tech engineers for flood prediction and disaster predictions in dams & reservoirs.

Equip our solutions to foresee your corporate threats through integrated predictive analytics solutions