Cerexio MES (Manufacturing Execution System) & Production Tracking System

Our system comes with advance features that will let you know everything about the item from lot number, serial number, the suppliers who source the parts, employees who worked on the product and when and equipment used on the product during the manufacturing process and more. The best part is you can get all these details in real-time.

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Leverage the power of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with Cerexio MES

Introducing the cutting-edge production tracking technology to your organization, our system can take your ordering, purchasing, manufacturing and supply chain operations to the next level.

IIOT system management

Improve productivity

Predictive maintenance management

About Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System

When everything becomes smart from homes to cities, time has come to make your factories operate smart. Monitor everything about your products including how they are sourced, manufactured, processed, organized, stored, transported, used or disposed of in real time. Have better visibility across planning to production and extract digitalize data easily from the manufacturing process otherwise is locked away. Track individual products throughout the supply chain process in real-time easier than ever before with Cerexio Production Tracking System. 

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Tracking your products by pallet or batch can still not deliver you the operational efficiency you look for. With Cerexio MES & production tracking, you can easily track any item on a unit by unit basis no matter where is it down the supply chain process.

  • Up to the minute data updates: Leveraging the power of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) the system presents you real-time data and analytics across your supply chain and manufacturing process. The smart machine monitoring functions of the system collect updates from every machinery, person and sensor of your factory to give you the latest update of any individual item with a click of a button.

  • Better visibility and collaborations: View, monitor, know and learn everything on everything going on in your factory. Cerexio will be right there by your side 24/7 collecting all the information from every data collection source about each and every item that goes through your factory.

  • Predict and prevent: Cerexio’s job doesn’t end with collecting product data in real-time and effective production tracking for you. The next level artificial intelligence feature of the system will analyze and organize all the data to derive actionable insights to help you identify production losses, process issues, waste and machinery issues and much more so you can be prepared for what’s coming.

  • Have better visibility: Track products effectively, optimize your production process and ultimately save costs and have better control over your manufacturing and supply chain process. Cerexio is here to help you do just that with a few clicks making things simple and easy for you ever than before and your team no matter how big or small your manufacturing process is.

Why Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System?

Track everything going on your factory from products, machinery operations, labour, sensors and much more from a single platform. Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System let you do it all, right from your digital screen delivering you many benefits.

Better visibility

Track items unit by unit easier than ever before. No matter how big your product categories are and how massive your production loads are, our system will let you track items individually throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process. So, you will easily be able to know where a particular product is in the production line or in the supply chain process, what’s its status and every piece of machinery and resource and labour involved in at each step of its manufacturing process.

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Predictive quality

There is no better tool to identify and monitor production losses, production issues and wastes than Cerexio Production Tracking system. Its artificial intelligence and analytical capabilities will process all the data collected from every worker, machine and sensor to give your real-time updates on predictions on processes and operations. It will effectively let you know, where are the issues, wastes and malfunctions manifesting in machinery and even trends and patterns in the production. Thus, you can avoid production issues and optimize your production process.

Real-time updates

In the manufacturing process, usually, companies have separate systems to manage and collect data in the manufacturing, and production and supply chain process. This makes operations between departments slow as they have to wait for data updates from other departments to proceed with their operations until the end of the day. But with Cerexio, you can view all the production data of your factory in real-time from one place.

Better control

Think about the control you will have over your manufacturing and supply chain process when you can know all about what’s going on with each item, where they are at the production process and who and what is involved in the production line at any given time. The system will let you have better knowledge over your operations while enabling you to locate items by location, serial number, batch number, expiry date, date of manufacture and much more.

Improve productivity

The system will give you better visibility and better control over your operations and enable you to know everything and track everything in real-time. It can also be easily integrated with any ERP software, WMS system, and any other related system. Thus, your teams will be able to collaborate better and effectively empowering better communication between department thus improving the overall productivity of your operations.

Features of Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System

Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System takes the operations in your manufacturing plant to new heights offering
you cutting edge solution of IoT, artificial intelligence, digital technology and real-time data analytics.
Below are a few of the key functions 
that can transform your manufacturing plant in no time.

Connecting machines, people and the management effectively, the system comes with tools that will bring every element of your factory under one umbrella. So, you are able to make better asset management decisions and have better operational visibility, and control. The system will connect all machinery, equipment, sensor, wearable and smart consumer product to a central hub.

The centralized digital logbook featured in the system simplifies the overall data-entry process across the entire manufacturing plant so you to go paperless. Its centralized data hub provides you with real-time data updates on every operation and process while sharing with all the relevant departments.

Effectively connecting processes, people, content/IT, and strategies, Cerexio MES & Production Tracking system collects data from every machine and operation and store, organize, process, analyze and share data with the right people at the right time.

The skill management module of the system allows you to assess, monitor, track and report skills, performance and interests of your team with ease. The module will enable you to get a handle on the skills of your manufacturing plant easily giving you a better view on the skillset of your workforce and providing you with useful insights on new talent and training required to fulfil the demand.

Comes with a gourmet of features to connect your machinery, sensors, equipment, wearable technology and computers the system will offer you the latest Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to your warehouse. Offering you with real-time data, unbelievable connectivity across your manufacturing plant with highly advance analytical capabilities the module will interconnect all the operations of your factory.


Providing you with real-time manufacturing data, instant notifications, historical analytics and more, the machine monitoring function helps you make smarter production decisions faster with more confidence. The function will improve real-time visibility over the production process while enhancing the communication between machines and their operators and managers.

Effectively monitoring and comparing the production process and machine data against historical data, the predictive maintenance management modules comes with an array of functions that allows you to predict and prevent issues in the production process before they manifest. The module will actively monitor data collected throughout the manufacturing plant and provide you with actionable insights to avoid production issues and optimize the production process.

Enabling you to track products and operations and monitor machine operations, the performance support management module of the system comes with special development features to support and improve the performance in your manufacturing plant and across the shop floor.

Using the principles of gamification with a combination of attractive designs` and highly interactive mechanisms the system will help you achieve, high degree of output from the staffs, improved quality of work and enhanced safety.  

Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System Video Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System Video
Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System Video

Cerexio MES & Production Tracking System Video

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