Cerexio-Axon Multi-Protocol Message Broker

Enabling the real-time connection among systems, devices, data sources, data streams.

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Real-Time Message Broker System

The world's first single platform to build all real-time systems, distributed and microservice applications.

Cerexio-Axon implements the most open protocols such as OPC-UA, AMQP, MQTT, WebSocket, JSON, FIX (financial), and more. Axon takes care of the hardest part in the data handling, so that you can focus on your app’s features.
Real-Time Message Broker System

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Real-Time Message Broker System

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Real-Time Message Broker System

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About Cerexio-Axon Real-Time Message
Broker System

Highly scalable Cerexio-Axon multi-protocol message broker is enabling best in class event-driven microservices. Cerexio-Axon brings more value to the customers for easy add/remove/move services, easy horizontal scalability, service decoupling, easy disaster recovery, and more.
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Powering the Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0

With Cerexio-Axon™ you can create distributed, multi-protocol applications where the application components communicate using Publish & Subscribe (Pub-Sub) and routed Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)

  • Multi-protocol message broker: Capable of connecting with all of the standard open protocols. And our team is an expert in quickly implementing private protocols.

  • Data streaming network: You can deploy Cerexio-Axon on geographically distributed data centers that can be public cloud or on-prem server. And create your own fastest data streaming network to stream data in real-time.

  • Monitor and control from a single pane of glass: You can monitor the application performance, message passing throughput, API calls, and more other nano level information via a single dashboard.

  • Low-latency performance than never before: Cerexio-Axon distribution algorithms will always maintain the fastest network among the servers and ensure low latency for end-to-end data delivery.

Why Cerexio-Axon Real-Time Message
Broker System?

Multi-Protocol Message Broker
Available in the public cloud

Cerexio-Axon is available in the public cloud on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean. You can start using the service in a few clicks. It is an off-the-shelf solution for creating event-driven networks.

Available on Docker

Cerexio-Axon is available on the Docker version for download and installs on your private clouds and on-premise environment. You can download and build your real-time event streaming network.

Multi-Protocol Message Broker
Built for IIoT, Robotics

The advanced IoT event broker, Axon maintains continuous connections with millions of devices, intelligently filtering, and routing information, so it’s only sent to the applications and tools that need it.

Multi-Protocol Message Broker
Built for Financial Domain

Axon is specially built for low latency trading. It handles high throughput financial trading data such as 500,000 feeds /sec in standard protocols such as FIX, ITCH, and distributes to different departments in JSON or WebSocket formats.

Multi-Protocol Message Broker
Monolithic to Microservice

Axon advanced message brokering capability is enabling microservices and increasing agility on highly scalable applications such as banking systems, robotics back-end systems, news media applications, and more.

Axon MES
Axon for MES

When it comes to the Manufacturing Execution System, Axon is an interface with multiple internal & external systems. It helps to gain full visibility of your supply chain, optimise factory floor operations in real-time & automate your manual process by passing messages securely and quickly among the systems.

Axon HPL
Axon and HPL

Hyper Personalisation Line (HPL) needs Axon message brokers to connect and control multiple systems that will require a robust and stable message passing with 100% of data persistency. And Cerexio-Axon has proven use-cases including WMS 4.0 with personalised arms and AGVs in the next generation HPL.

Features of Cerexio-Axon Real-Time Message
Broker System

The Axon Pub/Sub connector allows you to access the platform in all major public clouds and your on-premises environment.
You only need to configure the publish and subscribe gateways and patterns. And rest assured, such as consistent real-time performance
against scalability, security & fault-tolerance. Axon Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service that allows you to
send and receive messages between independent applications.

Real-Time Message Broker

Any number of messages can be simultaneously published and subscribed. For example, in financial trading, this can be 1 million messages per sec. Approximately 100 Mbps of messages can be published to Axon™ and subscribe in real-time with the same order of publishing.

You can publish high throughput messages to axon platforms by any open messaging protocols such as OPC-UA, MQTT, WebSocket, REST, AMQP, Kafka, and subscribe messages any protocol.

100% data persistence in any speed of data throughput Store data in streaming database Move the data into preferred HDFS in batch processing Move the data into preferred data archival storage such file, HDFS through batch processing.

To ensure the high-performance message throughput, Axon built on proprietary adaptive streaming technology. And the latency based routing to make sure to have the best real-time experience.

The beauty of the Axon over the typical system like Kafka is conflated data dissemination for consumer control and dynamic fieldwise message delivery. So that the subscriber will only get the interested data instead of receiving the whole message and process the message for obtaining interesting data.

Cerexio Axon<sup>™</sup> Real-Time Message Broker System Video Cerexio Axon<sup>™</sup> Real-Time Message Broker System Video
Cerexio Axon<sup>™</sup> Real-Time Message Broker System Video

Cerexio Axon Real-Time Message Broker System Video

Click the play button to view the product intro video of Axon Real-Time Message Broker System.

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