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Mobile Application | Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Cerexio Applications

The Cerexio App is a mobile-based solution built to optimise the manufacturing efforts of modern manufacturers. It has a user-friendly interface to help your manufacturing decision-makers monitor, document, track, trace and control the end-to-end production lifecycle remotely. This app is proven to help manufacturers prosper from healthy uptime while mitigating risks, slimming costs and having better control of inventory. The Cerexio App harnesses a range of new-age technologies like AI, IoT, Digital Twin, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics and more to help the manufacturing user experience be sleek, efficient and faster at all times. 

The document (Privacy Policy) describes how Cerexio gathers, preserves, and uses manufacturing information and elaborates on the information and data management strategy determined by the policies and guidelines to give all stakeholders (especially application users) confidence in the organisation.


Cerexio takes strict ethical, lawful and conditional approaches to ensure that our users’ (or application users’) information is not exploited or any level of privacy or security is not jeopardised. Please note that this privacy policy (“this policy”) is applied for application users who use the Cerexio app (any of the versions) that are enabled globally. If you (“application user”/”application account holder”/”individual hoping to utilise the Cerexio application”) use this app, you automatically agree to the following policies, and it is automatically assumed that you have read the terms discussed below. The user must stop using the Cerexio app if the application user is against the whole or partially disagrees with the privacy policy. Also, if you are NOT OF THE LEGAL AGE (under 18 years) to use the Cerexio application, please note that utilising the service (Cerexio app) means using the application under the supervision of a guardian who has read the below-mentioned policy.

Cerexio as the Data Controller

Cerexio is the legalised body that determines- jointly with other data professionals and companies- the purpose and meanings of Application User Data Processing; therefore, it plays the role of the Data Controller for General Data Protection Regulation. 

As Data Controllers, we collect different types of data, use them and process them under strict protocols and legal bases in light of data collecting, retaining, processing, editing, analysing or deleting. 

SECTION 1: User’s Data Collection

Usage of the Cerexio app by a user allows Cerexio to collect information about the user in 4 main methods: data given by the user, data collected from the user, data provided by partners, and data retrieved from ‘Cookies’. These four methods of data retrieval are elaborated on below. 

Data Given by the Application User

Data Collected During the Registration

This category refers to the data the user keys in during personal account registration (username, email address, phone number, first name, second name, social media links, website links, profile picture and more). This also includes additional information (optional information shared by the user) such as gender, interests, hobbies or any other additional information that will be keyed in per the user’s preference.

Data Collected by Guest Users

Guests will also have to key in their usernames when using the service. Guest details given to the guest will also be collected from the guest when required.  

Data Collected During Surveys

The user will also be subjected to share information upon their approval during online surveys- where the data collected at the survey will be collected as a mode of analysis to optimise the application development process.

Data Collected at the Customer Care Portal

Data is collected from the user at the customer care portal, where the client can share their concerns, inquiries or complaints about their experience in utilising the service. The customer’s names, telephone numbers, emails and client concerns records will be collected and stored in our digital repositories.

Financial Data Collected at the Payment Portal

The customer will be accountable for sharing details at the payment portal for the subscription of the service or other partners’ services. This data (names, payment account details, email addresses and payment card numbers) will be retrieved by our accounts to track financial transactions and save the billing information of the application users. Cerexio application processes your transactions through third-party payment processors, including Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe; we collaborate with regional nonprofits if required.

Data Collected From the User

Data Collected During Application Usage

Data will be collected by the company automatically in the course of using the application by a user at any point in the world. This information (device information, network types, OS, application version used, IP address and other details), including the date and time of using the application, will be autonomously retired by the data controller.

Automated Per-event Basis Information

Data will also be collected on a per-event basis; for example, we collect your time and date and other information when you use an in-app customer care service to share your concerns about the app. 

ChatBot Information

Data you share when you chat with our ChatBot will also be recorded autonomously. We will keep a tab of all the information (chat content, chat log data, screenshots etc.) that you provide when communicating with our ChatBot or our CRM officer.

Data Provided By Our Partners

  • Data is collected by linking third-party tools to automate data retrieval and connect accounts (such as WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Gitlab, Discord, WhatsApp, YouTube and more). Data is collected by partners to optimise the advertising and analytics excellence of Cerexio to ensure better application services for the users.
  • Data is collected from platforms that validate or verify your information (payment verification, ReCAPTCHA, age verification and more).
  • Data is collected to optimise user experience by eliminating click fraud, refund abuse, data piracy, and other threats related to fraud, misconduct and data thieving. 
  • Locational and demographic data that discerns your location as per your IP address for analytical purposes.

Data Retrieved From ‘Cookies’

What is a Cookie?

In order to enhance the application user experiences of the Cerexio application, we utilise cookies and other similar technologies (like log files, web beacons, scripts, eTags and more). “Cookies” are small files bugged on the mobile device or any other device that uses the application by a website. This file may contain details of browsing history on that website and additional information retrieved by websites to optimise your experience to be more user-specific.

Types of Cookies
  • Cookies can be of many types: 

Cookies Policy: This cookie is used to verify that the user has accepted the essential cookies of the application. They are a persistent type of cookies that are administered by Cerexio. 

  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies are of the persistent type. It is administered by us to remember the personalised choices and favourites of the user whence using the Cerexio application. This eliminates the requirement of the user to tediously enter the same information over and over again. Thus, saving time and promoting the user experience of the Cerexio application. 
  • Mandatory Cookies: The session cookies that are essential for streamlining user experience when using the Cerexio application will be administered by our company to enable useful features. It authenticates users by polarising authentic users from frauds, spammers and suspicious users. These cookies ensure that the services you expect from our application are delivered as expected. 
  • Tracking and Performance Cookies: These cookies are persistent third-party cookies that are used to accumulate information about data traffic. It identifies individual visits per user to understand the behaviour of the user, employment of the application, and test new features, microservices and functionalities of the application based on the user’s in-app behaviour.


What type of information will be collected?

These technologies will allow us to access information like your preferred device confirmations, CSS information, clock and data information, installed fonts, HTTP header information, familiar network protocols and more. 

Can I disable it?

However, you do have the option of disabling “Cookies” and similar technologies by subsequently disabling them. You have the liberty to accept said technologies or set settings in your device to notify you upon Cookie installation or refuse to accept cookies via a cookie retention function. But please do note that the Cerexio application will not operate as designed if you refuse to accept certain cookies that are useful in ameliorating your user experience. Mandatory cookies will have to be accepted for better application employment.

SECTION 2: How User’s Personal Data Types and How They are Used, Shared and Handled

The collected user’s personal data will be analysed, profiled and segmented based on a number of cases and purposes. Based on the case or purpose, this information will be shared with service providers, affiliates, business partners, other users, business transfers and more. Your sensitive data (card details and other non-public information) will not be collected, disclosed, accessed or corrected without your consent. The usage and retention of your personal information can be based on the following ways:

Advertising ID

If you create an account and use the application services by clicking on an advertisement, an advertisement ID will be automatically created to your log ID.  

This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 15 days of your account deletion request). If your application remains shut down for more than 365 days, it will automatically be erased even if you did not request account deletion.

Application Statistics

The data about the performance of the user, gamified scores or levels, credits or other achievements obtained by the user when using the application will also be stored in our application to provide you with feedback about your performance. This information can be retrieved by you to track your progress or activities you have done via the application.  

This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 30 days of your account deletion request). If your application remains shut down for more than 365 days, it will automatically be erased even if you did not request account deletion.

Chat Content

Chat content (audio, text, photos and files shared) will be used to track your inquiries, complaints, concerns or ideas about the respective Cerexio application after resolving your issue or processing your ideas about the application experience. 

This will be deleted after one month (expiry date of chat content) automatically from our servers as a policy. 

Customer Referral Number

A customer feral number will be created to improve our services when troubleshooting technical issues or bugs, addressing customer inquiries and remediating client complaints. This is to ensure that your problems are solved faster and efficiently and promote smooth user experiences when using our services. 

This will be deleted after one month (expiry date of chat content), starting from a lawful request to erase such data. 

Device Information

The device ID (given by us) and other device information will be used to improve the security and functionality of the application and undergo essential verification purposes such as integration of modules, access to camera, access to microphone and more. It pinpoints bugs and assesses the application as per device specifications. This information also helps us detect if the user endeavours to register in the game using multiple accounts.  

This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 30 days of your account deletion request). If your application remains shut down for more than 365 days, it will automatically be erased even if you did not request account deletion.

Generated Open ID

This is an index we use to log your application usage as per events, time, date and location to understand your in-app behavioural trends, mostly-used features and duration spent in the application.  

This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 15 days of your account deletion request). If your application remains shut down for more than 365 days, it will automatically be erased even if you did not request account deletion.

IP Address

Your IP address will be stored in our servers to improve application services and ensure the functionality of the application is at top-notch standards. 

 This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 15 days of your account deletion request). If your application remains shut down for more than 365 days, it will automatically be erased even if you did not request account deletion.

Security Information

We use this information to validate your presence in the Cerexio application and ensure that your data is well-guarded privatised and secured at all times. This will solve hassles like application crashes, suspicious user activities, lower compatibility of devices housing the application and more.  

This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 30 days of your account deletion request). 

Social Content Information

Information gathered via social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube etc.) like Open ID, gender, location, Other Social Account IDs, nicknames, and profile pictures (from Facebook or Gravatar). This information is collected to ensure that your account is created with the necessary links to help you recover data and share in-app screenshots on your social media platforms or for other purposes.  

This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 15 days of your account deletion request). If your application remains shut down for more than 365 days, it will automatically be erased even if you did not request account deletion.

Survey Information

Information gathered via surveys is used to optimise Cerexio application experiences from the user’s perspective.   

This will be stored 6 months after your approved participation in the survey and later anonymised if your email is provided. If your email is not provided, the data will be stored for up to 6 months and anonymised after the said period.


A username is used to create accounts in the application in accordance with your preferred choice.  

This will be stored through the lifetime of the specific Cerexio application until your account is deleted upon your request (ideally within 30 days of your account deletion request).  

SECTION 3: Application User’s Rights

Cerexio agrees to the following application user rights and is subjected to abiding by this following privacy clause on certain occasions, cases or events. 

How to Exercise Your Rights

The application user who employs a Cerexio application has certain rights related to their respective personal information that is stored in our servers and virtual storage. We are ready to subserve and respond to your requests based on these clauses, even though such responses can be processed within a time of 3 months starting on the date of request. To exercise any of these rights, you have to comply with certain regulations, which will be shared when you submit your request via an email to [email protected]

The Seven Application User’s Rights

Application User’s Access Rights

The application user has the right to access their respective personal information and inquire about how they use it, whom we share it with and how we hold it in case this policy does not address the user’s unique interest. If you believe that we hold personal information that you wish not to disclose to our company, please contact us via  [email protected] to request access to our company’s records that store your personal information.

Application User’s Announcement Rights

The application user has the right to opt out of announcements with the “ Don’t Show This Again ” option when certain announcements are being displayed to notify the user of certain events. However, the user cannot disable mandatory announcements essential during application utilisation, such as announcements regarding temporary suspension of the application, privacy or security concerns, maintenance of the application and more.

Application User’s Correction Rights

The application user has the right to edit or correct their personal information if they are held as inappropriate, unnecessary or inaccurate. This can be opted by logging in to your personal application account by using your login ID or email address and your password and changing the information that you previously entered and made available by your choice. If you believe that our company holds inappropriate, unnecessary or inaccurate personal information about you, please inform us by emailing us at [email protected] to correct your personal information.

Application User’s Erasure Rights

The application user has the right to delete their account, edit personal information or delete information partially by logging into their accounts using a login ID or email address and a unique password. In events where the user or company wants to delete their personal information, they have the right to request personal information erased by submitting a request via  [email protected]. Please share a comprehensive request with all the information that must be erased and why to make the erasing process faster and more efficient.  

You can request personal information deletion due to the following: 

  • Believing that we hold unnecessary personal information (changing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc.) 
  • Believing that the personal information we hold is being saved unlawfully or unethically
  • Feeling insecure or discomfort due to our holding of your personal information.

In events of data retention, under valid grounds of data collection and protection laws, data will have to be held longer than their expiration periods. However, on rare occasions like this, the user will be informed on how long the data will be stored after an eligible request for personal information deletion.

Application User’s Objection Rights

The application user does have the right to object to our usage or processing of their personal information. To share your objection with our company, you can contact us via [email protected], and your request will be considered on your behalf.

Application User’s Data Sharing Rights

The application user can download or request a copy of certain personal information we process during our operations (like survey information, event information etc.). The information you request about your information will be sent to you in a structured, machine-readable, and commonly used format after certain processes are completed. 

You are also permitted to share this information with another party based on your concerns. If the reason why you request a portable file of your personal information is to share with another party, you will have to include the nature of your request and details of the party when you submit your information request. Please note that your information will be shared only if your requisition is technically feasible (only if this sharing would not interfere with our other rights (For example, if the information shared will include sensitive information, intellectual property, trade secrets or other confidential information that can be exploited by another party.

Application User’s Restriction Rights

The application user also has the right to restrict our company from processing their personal information other than for storage requirements in certain circumstances. However, even though data processing will be tricked, they may be later used by our company under valid grounds if the law requires us to do so. Suppose all conditions of data restriction are met. In that case, we will agree to stop processing the user’s personal information and make the necessary endeavours to inform all third-party who were exposed to this information to stop processing it too.

You can request personal information restrictions due to the following:

  • Believing that the personal information is not accurate for the period it requires for us to verify its veracity
  • Wishing to erase personal; information by suspecting that our processing is unlawful or irrelevant to your personal gains. 
  • Wishing to erase personal information because you no longer discern it as important to be stored under us to complete our purposes, but you might later require it for your personal reasons exercising legal claims or in defence of legal claims)

SECTION 4: Other Miscellaneous Concerns

Children’s Privacy

Please note that this policy does not address any individual below 13 years of age. We do not discern identifiable information during data collection when a child is sharing it. The parent or guardian of the child could contact us if you were unaware at the time the child shared misleading personal information and requested permanent account deletion. Suppose the child keys in data under the supervision of a guardian or parent, the adult should share a parental consent note via email to verify that the child is interacting with the application under an adult’s surveillance.

Information Security

Cerexio has taken extra measures with security protocols, administrative alertness and physical and technical advances to protect and secure the Cerexio application users’ information. These measures are taken to eliminate misinterpretation, data loss, thievery, unauthorised access, unlawful disclosure, destruction or misleading alteration of your information. However, no security can be guaranteed as impenetrable despite our unfaltering efforts to safeguard data.

Links to Other Sites

The Cerexio application may be linked to other services, applications, and websites. However, these services, applications, and websites are not administered by Cerexio. Therefore, any privacy practices breached on those services, applications, and websites are not accountable to Cerexio. To avoid such inconvenience, we recommend you update your security technologies and consistently check privacy policies shared by operators of such services, applications, and websites. This privacy policy only described the practices of Cerexio application operators, developers and other related stakeholders.


Cerexio’s privacy policy for this application will be amended from time to time. We have the right to execute material changes in how we collect, disclose, access, process and store data in our proprietary application. All changes related to user information management will be shared with application users via an email to the last email you shared with us. Please note that your rights and the company’s rights will be exercised by following the latest version of the Privacy Policy for application. If the modified principles or clauses are disagreeable, the user has the right to stop utilising our application services at any time. 

Contacts and Complaints

Any requests, comments, ideas, questions, inquiries or other concerns regarding this policy are welcome. You can contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling us at +65 6848 5166. This also includes complaints where you think we have infringed any type of law regulation of compliance in your jurisdiction regarding managing your personal information while you were utilising our application services. A list of the contact concerns is shared below:


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