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Training – Big Data Management Consultancy

Understand Faster, Easier and Self-Reliant Ways to Capitalise On Your Organisation’s Big Data to
Bolster Your Organisational Growth With Cerexio

Why Do You Need Big Data and AI?

Many global achievers are still failing to gain the best of big data in filtering out insightful closures to make smarter organisational decisions. Shockingly, the world’s most lucrative and wide-scaled manufacturing country -China, which has 76% of their enterprises in the electronic and electrical appliances sector- use sensor-based data, but unfortunately, only 33% of them use big data technology to analyse value-driven data.
Capital asset-governing bodies waste up to 10% of their annual replacement expenses due to the lack of knowledge in smartling capitalising on big data and AI technologies of their past maintenance record. This leads to the wastage of money, time and exhaustive efforts of the asset operators, engineers, asset managers and investors. We are ready to help you break free from being in the dark by smartly employing your big data and putting it to good use. The world is moving towards a data-driven culture, and the driving question asked by industrial players is ‘how to produce more with the same or less spending’. The answer is Big Data. Predictive and prescriptive technologies driven by AI-powered Big Data Analytics Tools is the key to entering the future of your organisation. The questionable understanding of AI and Big Data is why most data-driven organisations are inefficient and ineffective in digitally transforming their businesses.
Big Data. Fewer Threats. Everlasting Growth.

Our Capabilities And Experience

Cerexio has achieved the recognition of many gratified customers, academics and data professionals for being one of the best globally-recognised data-centric technology providers. Our unrivalled data professionals have been recognised by associations and vouched by technology professionals who have employed the patented Big Data and AI technologies of Cerexio. We have developed a centralised big data platform that enables the automatic provisioning of Hadoop utility services via multiple sensor networks. This solution allows users to prepare self-service analytics interfaces and big data automatically collected by our integration platforms.

Cerexio AxonTM- a patented Multiprotocol Message Broker, empowered your IT infrastructure to connect the dots in disparate data sources along with intelligent ETL capabilities. We guide data-dependent organisations in getting a smart integrated IT infrastructure with seamless interconnection between sources, programmes, core systems, clouds, IT ecosystems, mainframes, data lakes, data warehouses and more together.

Cerexio is currently helping ARTC in employing a unified cluster environment with powerful and smart manipulation of big data. They are guided on employing new technologies in data-based integrations, smart employment of Hadoop services, and making smarter decisions with every data extraction.

Uncover and Resolve Your Organisational Restrictions and 
Set Your Success Free with Your Data

What Will You Get?

The training and consultancy service provided by Cerexio will let you:

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