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Track and Trace System


Cerexio Track and Trace System

Cerexio Track and Trace System is an innovative solution leveraging Intelligent track and trace software powered by industry 4.0 capabilities and advanced manufacturing analytics. This seamlessly integrative system monitors asset and goods movement across systems and partners. Our system ensures end-to-end visibility, generating a secure digital trail for supply chain networks. With unique digital identities for saleable items, we guarantee product quality, compliance, and traceability from inception to the end user, combating counterfeits and protecting consumers.
Optimise Every Step of Product Lifetime To Ensure Safety, Productivity and Timeliness

Real-time Tracking Technology

Its seamless integration ensures instantaneous updates on asset movements, enabling businesses to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively. This cutting-edge technology brings agility and precision to logistics, optimising operations in real time.


IoT-enabled Traceability

Seamlessly connecting diverse systems and partners, it establishes a robust network that continuously monitors and validates data. This IoT integration empowers businesses with comprehensive insights, ensuring the secure and seamless flow of information across the supply chain.


Full-Scale Asset Tracking Software

The comprehensive oversight spans from production to end-user delivery, providing holistic monitoring and traceability. It offers real-time insights into the status and location of assets, ensuring operational efficiency and boosting consumer confidence.

Why Choose Cerexio Track and Trace Software?

Why do you need the Cerexio Track and Trace System?

For companies looking for thorough supply chain management, the Cerexio Track and Trace System is indispensable. This traceable manufacturing technology guarantees full-scale visibility across operations, smooth integration, and real-time monitoring. Cerexio uses dynamic production tracking software, IoT-based integration, and end-to-end visibility to improve compliance, fight counterfeits, and protect product quality. With Cerexio, you can increase consumer trust and ensure smooth operations in your supply chain.

Barcode tracking solutions optimised with smart Sensors, RFID and IoT tracking solutions.

Boosts consumer trust and confidence with real-time material tracking software for faster updates

Comprehensive and real-time tracking and tracing from production to end-user.

Effective counterfeit prevention and consumer protection.

Efficient operations through optimised decision-making capabilities.

Production visibility solutions enable real-time monitoring for instant operational insights.

Product traceability software for seamless integration across diverse supply chain networks.

Serialised tracking system for smarter batch tracking software and workflow tracking system

Smart manufacturing tracking system to enhance product quality and regulatory compliance assurance.

Know Everything With Minimal Time, Effort and Money

Get a considerable competitive advantage in the industrial domain by employing the cutting-edge capabilities of this trackable manufacturing solution. This solution ensures that modern manufacturing is equipped with the needful digital capabilities to remain constantly updated about the operational excellence of their manufacturing plants. The main features of this solution are as follows.

Accurate and Reliable Serialisation

Each saleable item will receive a serialisation identifier, allowing us to protect the priceless integrity of your products. Every distinct identity serves as a digital passport that will improve brand protection, facilitate production line monitoring, and reduce the number of recalled goods.


Compatible with Blockchain Technology

Each saleable item will receive a serialisation identifier, allowing us to protect the priceless integrity of your products. Every distinct identity serves as a "digital passport" that will improve brand protection, facilitate real-time production monitoring, and reduce the number of recalled goods.


RFID Tracking Capabilities

Visualising an RFID warehouse tracking system concerning your order, production, and sales data is made simple with our dashboards. Evaluate results, identify patterns, and take appropriate action based on enhanced business intelligence- a self-service RFID tracking system.


AI-driven CCTV Analytics

Cerexio Track and Trace System uses AI models to ensure the safety of your workforce, products and all other stakeholders during operations. It uses image-based proximity detectors and IoT-based sensors to track and trace the level of safety throughout the plant.


End-to-end Integration

With the help of our integration technology, you can track and trace assets in real-time, achieve complete digital supply chain tracking, boost productivity, and build rapport with your trading partners. Allows integration between MES, ERP, WMS, Supply Chain Management and more.


Smart Asset Visibility

Utilise this solution to ensure that all your mobile and stationary assets are managed until they meet delivery destinations, thus making manual, painstaking and error-prone asset tracking and tracing faster, easier and more reliable.


Batch Control and Tracking

As this solution incorporates industry 4.0 intelligent technologies, it can be developed to enable interactive timelines (with colour codes, tags, time stamps or criticality levels) to help understand the end-to-end product or batch lifecycle in your factory.


IoT-based Fleet Manager

Cerexio's Track and Trace System integrates IoT and 5G functionalities, delivering a robust tracking experience through a feature-packed platform that can be utilised to access real-time data for informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Time-stamp Tracking and Tracing

It employs time-stamped tracking, capturing extensive parameters at each production phase, creating a comprehensive lineage for every manufactured part. This meticulous approach ensures a thorough understanding of product evolution and enhances traceability across the entire production process.

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Cerexio Track and Trace Software

How does the Cerexio Track and Trace System improve your visibility?

One of the biggest problems faced by modern manufacturers is retrieving real-time information about product statuses and processes. Recognising these variations shows how tracking improves quality control tracking while adding value to traceability in manufacturing processes. This is why Cerexio Track and Trace System innovates supply chain oversight by automating diverse data sources, reducing manual errors, and ensuring precise record-keeping. Its integration capabilities optimise efficiency and precision in digital record management, streamlining operations seamlessly. Here’s how the Cerexio Track and Trace System improve in-factory visualisation:
image image

Real-time data from production, inventory tracking, and logistics are seamlessly integrated by Cerexio, providing immediate operational visibility and facilitating thoughtful, strategic decision-making.

image image

The manufacturing process is painstakingly tracked and documented by the system, which improves overall visibility into workflows, material flow tracking, and product movement for improved operational control.

image image

Through painstakingly tracking components from suppliers to customers, Cerexio guarantees end-to-end transparency throughout the supply chain, assuring visibility, compliance, and risk mitigation.

image image

Proactive adjustments are enabled to enhance visibility, operational efficiency, and overall performance continuously. Extensive analytics reveal new trends, operational bottlenecks, and efficiencies.

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Customisable reports and user-friendly dashboards efficiently convey and interpret important metrics and KPIs, making complex data understandable to stakeholders at different levels and facilitating quick, well-informed decision-making processes.

Cerexio Track and Trace Manufacturing Software

Benefits of Cerexio Track and Trace System

Cerexio Track and Trace System unlocks visibility across the entire supply chain and delivers value swiftly. Serving as a sophisticated system, this tracking system connects internal and external systems, enabling real-time tracking, tracing, and exception management to be easier, faster and more reliable. Here are some not-to-be-missed benefits you can exploit by utilising this industry 4.0 manufacturing tracking system.
Worldwide Compliance Ensured This solution ensures that your tracking capabilities are not confined to a single location. Any decision-maker, manager or operator in your factory can now gain comprehensive yet scalable views of factory operations effortlessly. Production to Distribution This solution ensures that your tracking capabilities are not confined to a single location. Any decision-maker, manager or operator in your factory can now gain comprehensive yet scalable views of factory operations effortlessly. Control Product Diversion Did you know that the product diversion is uprooted by the Cerexio Track and Trace System? This solution controls the product to improve transparency and ensure all inventory and materials are serialised for extra security. Thus, this Inventory tracking system leaves no room for illegal activities. Analyse Shelf Life It gives companies the ability to gather vital data about end users and shelf life. Businesses can effectively manage product life cycles, obtain insights, and guarantee prompt and informed decision-making for improved customer satisfaction and supply chain optimisation by keeping careful track of things.
Facilitate Recall Operations Cerexio Track and Trace System expedites recall operations by providing granular visibility into product life cycles. With detailed traceability, businesses can swiftly identify and isolate affected products, ensuring a prompt and efficient response during recall scenarios. Create Customer Engagement The Cerexio Track and Trace System provides transparent supply chain visibility, which encourages customer engagement. Customers gain confidence through real-time tracking and comprehensive reporting, actively engaging in the process and adding to a cooperative, knowledgeable, and enjoyable customer experience.
Guarantee Product Quality This solution is the epitome of quality and excellence in manufacturing tracking solutions. Its strategy incorporates real-time tracking seamlessly, guaranteeing compliance and authenticity. The meticulous analytics offers insights into patterns and efficiencies, providing a distinctive and superior tracking and tracing experience demonstrating the company’s dedication to quality. Efficiency Gains With real-time insights and careful tracking throughout the manufacturing process, this solution increases operational efficiency. Spot trends, optimise workflows, and make proactive changes in a variety of industrial environments, for it catalyses efficiency gains that lead to optimised production, decreased bottlenecks, and improved overall performance.
Supply Chain Transparency The supply chain is guaranteed unparalleled transparency with the Cerexio Track and Trace System. Cerexio offers a comprehensive supply chain perspective by smoothly tracking parts from suppliers to end users, encouraging compliance, quality, and authenticity. Unshaken Data Integrity This solution uses proprietary data privatisation and protection tools that ensure that all data shared within the system is encrypted and disclosed only to permitted parties. This ensures that all sensitive factory information will not be tampered with or misused by unpermitted parties.

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