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Production Yield Optimiser System


Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System

Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System is a generative and strategic approach to maximising both the quantity and quality of manufactured products while concurrently minimising waste and inefficiencies in the production process through the power of Industry 4.0 capabilities. This AI-pioneered end-to-end solution backs up the maximum usage of extruders, chemicals, raw materials, and processes to attain the utmost yield with the existing resources, visualising each aspect under one unified screen while keeping the green footprint on the manufacturing map.

Bring Forth the Optimal Quality and Quantity from Each Manufacturing Element


AI Powered End-to-End Visibility

Its flawless integration with AI ensures each aspect of the production line is consolidated into one dashboard, providing a digital arm for wise decision-making, risk mitigation, and optimal utilisation of manufacturing elements.


Industry 4.0 Dominated Sustainability Promise

This solution is overpowered by various Industry 4.0 technologies, such as IoT, Digital Twin, AI, Hadoop Ecosystem, and GIS, to ensure that manufacturing businesses are keeping their sustainable promise.


Real-Time Virtual Sneak Peek with Digital Twin

This end-to-end visibility through the power of Digital Twin encourages virtual prototyping, performance monitoring, collaborative design, process optimisation, simulated testing, and process visualisation in real-time with maximised transparency and traceability.

Why Choose Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System?

Why do you need the Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System?

It is a top priority in the manufacturing realm to receive optimal usage of the materials, processes, and machinery they invest in the production framework to extract the actual essence out of them as the manufacturing outcome. This comprehensive digital luminosity employs cutting-edge Industry 4.0 capabilities to sidestep the risks, waste, and inefficiencies extensively through these intensified digital powers gathered under one dashboard, which is initiated by Cerexio Technologies.

A comprehensive investigation of environmental standard breaches, energy consumption, and carbon release via Industry 4.0 tools.

Advanced sensors and a laser-embedded tracking system for spotting the underperformance of elements.

AI, IoT, streaming data and Hadoop Ecosystem pioneered real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes for immediate insights.

Consolidation of data, raw materials, extruders, machinery, systems, protocols, and people under one screen through 5G-backed-up IoT capability.

Digital Twin encouraged virtual modelling and optimised production processes to ensure industry standardisation.

Guaranteeing that the processes extract the pure essence of their primary elements for the standard quality and quantity of the final product through advanced analytics.

IoT-powered planning and implementation of customised production to meet customer satisfaction.

PLC, ML, process simulation, DRL, IoT, and Edge computing-powered collaborative design and engineering frameworks

Promising optimal levels of ROI through digital power to extricate the real value of the manufacturing elements via smart robotics.

Real-time identification of downtime, inefficiencies in procedures, and resource allocation barriers to provide optimal outcomes through Data Analytics.

Grid-Less Visibility into Yield Optimisation

Clear the way for optimal production quality and quantity through this collaborative accessibility platform, where the manufacturing domain gains an unlimited competitive advantage through the Industry 4.0 technological pinnacle. Cerexio Solution is empowered to take unparalleled control over the yield investigation, planning, and design enhancement of its execution with this full-blown optimisation platform. The main features of this solution are as follows:


Accurate and Reliable Insights

Cerexio software employs ML algorithms and advanced analytics powered by Industry 4.0 digital capabilities to provide accurate insights into manufacturing processes. The system analyses data on production performance and identifies weak points and areas for improvement to reach maximum yield levels.


Batch Control and Tracking

The Cerexio system leverages advanced algorithms to monitor the entire production lifecycle as it is powered to precisely track raw materials and chemicals, ensuring accurate inventory management. Sensors and Laser tracking devices embedded in smart devices ensure the receipt of uninterrupted, detailed reports to regulate batch processes.


Remote Production Dominance

Cerexio software allows authorised users to monitor and manage manufacturing processes from any location through one platform. This remote access encourages real-time decision-making, proactive issue resolution, and system adjustments even without physical presence through secure and efficient 5G connectivity.


Adherence to Sustainability Promise

Cerexio system profoundly supports the manufacturing domain in their sustainability endeavours through the power of Industry 4.0 capabilities by enhancing resource efficiency, waste control, optimising energy consumption, etc. The system's data-driven insights aid in aligning with eco-friendly initiatives to establish a more sustainable manufacturing ecosystem.


Concentrated Quality Control

Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System consistently adapts control parameters via advanced algorithms to ensure optimum production yield, quality standards, and waste reduction. When deviations are detected, our system promptly sends notifications to the relevant parties, enabling timely adjustments that express high levels of accuracy and flexibility.


Uninterrupted Data Streaming via IoT

IoT sensors that are integrated into the manufacturing processes capture real-time data, offering unparalleled insights. Cerexio software processes this data, eliminating challenges associated with latency or inaccuracies. The continuous, unobstructed flow of information encouraged by IoT capacity guarantees your dashboard receives full-scale visibility.


AI-Driven Synthesis of Diverse Manufacturing Aspects

Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System uses AI models to gather data on various elements to be used for the production process, such as raw materials, chemicals, extruders, machinery, and systems, into a singular screen. Our system takes away the challenges to reach the maximum yield levels with less effort.


Pinnacle of System Integration

As the Cerexio system is highly powered by Industry 4.0 capabilities, it acts as a technological weapon to easily integrate with existing and prospective systems that are being utilised in the manufacturing domain in order to maximise the quality and quantity of final products.


Virtual Representations of Processes

Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System is backed up by Digital Twin technology; it extends the helping hand to look into the yield optimisation initiatives in a virtual world before actually kicking off the proper plans in the real world, which ultimately saves money and time.

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Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System

How Does the Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System Guarantee Maximum Return?

The most significant challenge for manufacturers concerning production is achieving a balance between quantity and quality. Striking this equilibrium is crucial when ensuring maximum ROI. Manufacturers often encounter challenges due to a lack of proper unification of processes, data, and material usage. This is where the Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System enters the manufacturing scenario with a sophisticated digital arm packed with Industry 4.0 capabilities. This acts as a grandstand for the data on diverse aspects to be analysed and streamed into respective ends to guarantee optimal resource usage. Here’s how the Cerecio Production Yield Optimiser System facilitates visibility:
image image

The AI-based DRL serves as a meta-controller when it comes to extruder optimisation, integrating advanced algorithms and ML to suggest real-time adjustments to process parameters overseen by human operators.

image image

Barrier-free and flawless integration with modern manufacturing systems such as FMS, CIM, and 3D printing, as well as traditional production systems such as JobShop and Cellular manufacturing.

image image

Taking control over time and money-consuming old-age yield investigations, design planning, and its execution with Industry 4.0 empowered visual simulations, design optimisations, and timely yield adjustments.

image image

This Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics embedded system proactively identifies and addresses issues and mitigates the risk of production errors, leading to increased yield and reduced material waste.

image image

Seamlessly couples with ERP, WMS, and MES systems to optimise the overall production lifecycle from its design, making adjustments to execution under one dashboard, which brings stakeholders, data, and procedures together for maximum ROI.

Synthesise. Systematise. Success.

Benefits of Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System

Cerexio Production Yield Optimiser System seamlessly couples with internal and external manufacturing systems to offer an impressive level of visibility into the production yield design, planning, enhancements, adjustments, and execution with 100% accuracy and promise to improve ROI. The following are some top benefits you can exploit by utilising this industry's 4.0-dominated Production Yield Optimiser System.

Marking a Green Dot

This encourages precise control over raw materials, minimising excess usage, and promoting responsible sourcing via Industry 4.0 digital capabilities while aiding manufacturing companies to operate responsibly towards a greener tomorrow.


Design to Execution

As a robust yield assistant, this software takes care of every element of manufacturing, from its design, planning and making adjustments to yield optimisation, providing end-to-end visibility throughout the production lifecycle.


Transparency and Traceability

Cerexio solution consolidates data from a diverse range of resources powered by Industry 4.0 technologies under one platform and opens the portal for the relevant stakeholders while expressing high levels of transparency.


Optimal Resource Allocation

Our software systematically assesses production variables, ensuring that resources like raw materials, energy, and machinery are strategically allocated to maximise efficiency and minimise waste, preventing overutilisation or underutilisation.

Offering Customised Production

Integrating IoT and smart technologies, Cerexio solution tailors production processes to meet individualised demands while assessing customer requirements, adjusting parameters dynamically for personalised outputs, and ensuring efficient adaptation to diverse product specifications.


Binding Stakeholders Together

Since this system’s mechanism is empowered by Industry 4.0 digital capabilities such as 5G networking and IoT connectivity, it acts as a symmetrical force, binding stakeholders together for unified yield goals.

Guarantee Product Quality

The integration of Digital Twin technology guarantees product quality through comprehensive analysis and emulation. Digital Twin creates virtual replicas of the manufacturing environment and compares them with the actual production to obtain the highest quality.


Productivity Getting Double

Industry 4.0-powered smart automation and robotics enhance production speed and precision, ensuring a synchronised and adaptive manufacturing ecosystem that maximises the number of products while maintaining efficiency and quality up to the expected standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Our solution ensures adherence to government laws and industry regulations through continuous tracking and documentation of production processes. It will automatically capture and analyse data related to environmental standards, and the system will trigger alerts when it spots errors.


Global Accessibility

Cerexio system offers global accessibility by offering versatile compatibility with both web and mobile platforms. The system is highly compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems, extending seamless flexibility and accessibility.


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