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IoT and IIoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies have transformed residential, commercial and industrial vicinity into smart and digitally-interconnected spaces. These technologies are the main drives in boosting the digitisation revolution of the industrial world. Any solution that does not inherit IoT and IIoT capabilities are now outdated since they do not comply with the hi-tech demands of the industry 4.0 standards. Cerexio is the foremost software solution enabler that provides industry-specific solutions advanced by IoT and IIoT capabilities.

Cerexio’s state-of-art technological solutions are leading software products advanced by IoT and IIoT that allow industrial practitioners to connect with the composite networks of their industrial information systems and equipment. Our smart solutions enhance machine-to-machine interoperability and allow your plant manager to get hands-on managerial experiences with actionable factory data. Cerexio’s IoT and IIoT-enabled proprietary solutions allow you to smartly deploy and utilise integrative asset networks to meet the golden standards of your factories’ performances.

Advantages of IoT and IIoT

An interconnected digital culture for your asset-heavy industrial establishment

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