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IoT Integration System


Cerexio IoT Integration System

Cerexio IoT Integration System is a correlative solution that brings infrastructure and processes involved in connecting, managing, and making sense of diverse IoT devices and data within a unified manufacturing framework powered by Industry 4.0 digital capabilities. It unifies many devices, sensors, platforms, and protocols that need to work seamlessly together to provide meaningful insights and functionality. Cerexio solution guarantees the smooth processing and transmission of raw data to create powerful insights in the manufacturing domain.

Improve Scalability through Reciprocative Data, Devices and Systems


5G pioneered Unshaken Connectivity

Cerexio is powered by Industry 4.0 capabilities such as Hadoop, Big Data, and 5G to offer uninterrupted connectivity by establishing a broader network via communication protocols, device management, provisioning, security, and network infrastructure for wired and wireless connectivity solutions.


Middleware-powered Communication Orchestration

Acting as the intermediary layer between the devices and the applications, our solution backs up data processing, storage, and communication orchestration from data ingestion, filtering, transmitting, and implementing encryption and authentication, as well as access controls.


Robust Application Enablement via Data Analytics

This Industry 4.0-powered end-to-end enablement involves key components such as API management for providing access to IoT data, Application Integration to connect with business applications, Analytics, and Business Logic implementation for automated actions.

Why Choose CerexioIoT Integration System?

Why do you need the Cerexio IoT Integration System?

It is a railing for the manufacturing industry to consolidate the systems, APIs, data, protocols, and devices being implemented within the business. Industry 4.0 technologies encouraged Cerexio Solution to initiate a sophisticated IoT Integration System that can streamline the process of raw data processing and transmission to the end user. With Cerexio, you can leverage the true essence hidden inside data in the manufacturing domain.

5G, Streaming Data, and Hybrid Cloud backed up data gathering and storage for further processing.

Big Data technology encouraged support for different communication protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, or proprietary protocols used by specific devices.

Collate metrics and events based on specific device attributes, such as model or location, allowing for comprehensive aggregation and analysis of data from various sources.

Easily managing large volumes of databases and storage through unlimited 5G connectivity and Hybrid Cloud technology

Graphically represent the influence of firmware and application updates on the performance of devices via Digital Twin.

Industry 4.0 capabilities aid in connecting a wide variety of devices, ranging from sensors and actuators to smart appliances and industrial machines.

Minimise integration expenses by utilising the standardised interfaces provided by the IoT network, contributing to cost efficiency.

Smartly and remotely handle large IoT ecosystems from anywhere, anytime, through the powers of Industry 4.0.

Streaming raw data through diverse steps such as filtering, aggregating, and converting data formats.

Visually display and generate alerts for communication errors occurring between devices and the cloud.

Scale Up Communication with IoT Panorama

Capitalise on the unlimited streaming of data from a diverse range of systems, devices, and various ends through smooth processing and transmitting until they float to one singular dashboard to be analysed and investigated for better manufacturing insights. As Cerexio solution is powered by Industry 4.0 digital capabilities such as event-driven architecture, Hadoop, Big Data Science, ML, etc., this acts as ‘one army’ for all the data consolidation requirements.

Data Lifecycle Management

This solution generates vast streams of real-time data, seamlessly integrated into a centralised system. Its embedded Big Data and Data Analytic capabilities back up the storage and processing of this immense volume, extracting valuable insights from this amalgamated information while establishing a unified framework within the manufacturing domain.


Outstanding Compatibility

This seamlessly interfaces with HVAC, Edge, PLC, MES, ERP, etc., ensuring comprehensive compatibility to streamline the manufacturing ecosystem through robust synchronisation with industrial automation processes. This comprehensive compatibility encourages a unified ecosystem, enhancing efficiency while consolidating various operational domains.


Responsive Communication Promise

Cerexio IoT Integration System generates the environment of responsive communication by leveraging industry-standard protocols like MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP to connect devices and applications seamlessly via integration with 5G connectivity to ensure rapid processing, transmitting, and understanding of data in real-time.


End-To-End Integration

With the help of Industry 4.0 technologies, our system facilitates seamless integration across both traditional and modern manufacturing systems through robust APIs, providing a bridge between legacy systems and contemporary manufacturing technologies and ensuring interoperability throughout the entire IoT ecosystem.


Powerful Data Visualisation

Our system is empowered by Industry 4.0 capabilities such as Digital Twin, AR & VR, and Hadoop, and it is easy to transform the collected raw data into meaningful insights via visualisation tools, dashboards, and reports to present real-time status, malfunctions, and key performance indicators.


Shielded Data Transmission

Cerexio system ensures secure data transmission by incorporating advanced Industry 4.0 data protection technologies through the use of robust encryption protocols, authentication mechanisms, and secure channels. The system safeguards data integrity and confidentiality during transmission, expressing 100% data protection compliance.


Flexible Web Dashboards

Our solution excels in delivering flexible web dashboards, offering an intuitive and straightforward user interface that empowers users to effortlessly add and manage devices, control access to their IoT service, and monitor usage. This clean design and user-centric approach provide a comprehensive yet easily digestible view.


Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is achieved through dynamic Industry 4.0 tools, presenting live updates and actionable insights on dashboards. This instantaneous feedback platform allows stakeholders to monitor and respond to events as they happen, providing a comprehensive and timely overview of the IoT ecosystem's status.


Smart Visibility into Malfunctions

Industry 4.0 backed-up features like smart visualisation and alerting on communication errors between devices and the cloud are highly possible on this system as it ensures a rapid root cause analysis, which contributes to a more resilient and responsive manufacturing IoT ecosystem.

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Cerexio IoT Integration System

How does the Cerexio IoT Integration System improve your Visibility?

One of the biggest problems faced by manufacturers is the lack of unification among the systems they have been employing within the domain. Plus, the lack of real-time visibility into the data, systems, and processes to get comprehensive and analytical insights in one place is challenging. This is where Cerexio IoT Integration System comes into play as a leader in the manufacturing industry, carrying the powers of Industry 4.0 digital capabilities to provide the best collaboration and communication streaming. Here’s how the Cerexio IoT Integration System improves unification:
image image

Unification of data, systems, devices, and units under a singular dashboard, which is highly accessible for the stakeholders to be utilised when embarking on decision-making.

image image

Hybrid Cloud and 5G-powered, unlimited storage, processing, filtering, and transmitting of data to the end user from various aspects of the manufacturing domain with unshaken data protection and reliability.

image image

Through the power of Digital Twin and AR & VR technologies, the virtual representation of manufacturing processes, production improvements, and real-time adjustments are 100% achievable.

image image

Event-driven architecture and Predictive Analytics-based thorough investigation into the real-time data and the historical data and comprehensive analysis to provide useful enlightenment.

image image

Customisable dashboards and an unlimited number of pre-built integrations guarantee the data lifecycle is effectively managed, malfunctions are detected on time, and users are alert in the event of irregularities.

Instrumentation. Data Circulation. Communication

Benefits of Cerexio IoT Integration System

Cerexio IoT Integration System expresses high levels of visibility, transparency, and a coalition of a diverse range of aspects that come under manufacturing fabrication. Dominated by Industry 4.0 technologies, the Cerexio solution aids in data streaming from one end to the other with reliability, accuracy, and high speed. Here are some first-rate benefits you can exploit by utilising this industry-4.0 IoT Integration System.

Hundreds of Pre-Built Integrations

This solution unlocks a vast IoT system with hundreds of pre-built integrations, connecting to over 800 data sources through the connector library. It streams data and processes it efficiently using standard modules.


Consolidation of Data

Gain real-time insights with our IoT system’s I4.0 backed-up data consolidation power to track KPIs such as sensor availability and processing throughput and aggregate metrics by device attributes under a single screen.


Precise Message Comprehension

Middleware and Event-Driven Architecture-based data streaming and comprehension abilities of the Cerexio solution effortlessly process, comprehend, and analyse collected data, establishing a dynamic and responsive landscape in the manufacturing realm.


Future-Proof Predictions

This system pioneers future-proof predictions through the power of real-time data analysis and historical event scrutiny. Utilising cutting-edge data analytics, machine learning, and advanced algorithms, it discerns patterns and trends, offering invaluable insights that are future-proof.

Facilitate Webhooks

It integrates with webhooks, empowering users to link with SaaS platforms that push events like payments or orders. Through WebSockets and MQTT, the system ensures real-time connectivity and responsiveness to critical events.


Change Data Capture

Cerexio solution is equipped with Change Data Capture (CDC), which ensures seamless synchronisation of data. This Industry 4.0 technology captures and identifies changes in real time, allowing for swift updates without disrupting the overall system.

Real-Time Error Detection

Cerexio system includes the file watcher feature to monitor changes in files, triggering events when necessary actively. Additionally, its Anomaly Detection feature employs fixed rules, custom algorithms, or ML/AI models to analyse streaming data.


Responsive Communication Grandstand

Through the enlightenment of HVAC, Smart Energy, and Emission Monitoring systems integrations, our software effortlessly keeps the sustainability promise while establishing dynamic interactions within the industrial ecosystem.

Robotic Automation

Cerexio IoT Integration System embraces robotic automation of data, systems, workflow, and processes via sophisticated algorithms, DL, and ML. This seamless robotic integration automates data collection, processing, and system interactions, making it an interwoven ecosystem.


Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cerexio solution achieves this by utilising security protocols like TLS/SSL for encrypted communication and OAuth for secure authorisation, and it safeguards data in transit by employing protocols like MQTT with secure implementations.


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