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Manufacturing Control Tower


Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower

Optimise your production sites with the best agility, precision and efficiency with Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower - the most powerful and never-failing manufacturing process advising software. Deploy the smartest technologies to gain profitable and sustainable supply chain outcomes conveniently. A fully-fledged AI and IoT-powered integration platform powers our Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower to enable your organisation's finest analytical, learning and decision-making capabilities.

With Seamless Integration Comes Great Power

Super Visibilities empowered by Digital Twin

It offers comprehensive visibility throughout the production cycle, especially during unexpected external events. It utilises cutting-edge technologies like AI combined with machine learning to dismantle data silos, minimise or eradicate manual processes, and deliver immediate actionable insights in real-time.


Deeper Forecasting and Exploration Techniques

The power of AI-driven predictive and prescriptive models helps your manufacturing, warehousing and logistics experts execute tasks without being hindered by limited time, money, resources or effort during peak periods. This solution is equipped with the ultimate intelligence of every process happening in your manufacturing premises.


A Success-oriented Approach

This solution will recondition itself to serve your users; in other words, the smart ML models of these systems will adapt to your operational trends, thus allowing you to get the best out of a more personalised interface. It flexes and scales based on your unique information requirements and supports all decisions efficiently.

Why Choose Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower?

Why do you need Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower?

Global occurrences have underscored the imperative to enhance resilience in worldwide production cycles in the fast-moving world. As manufacturing businesses resume operations, the daily hurdles leaders encounter in supply chain and order fulfilment are intensified by significant supply and demand disruptions. With Cerexio Manufacturing Tower, you can allow your manufacturing systems to ultimately optimise their operations while ensuring that all your supply chain activities fall within compliance, legal, and regulatory boundaries. This solution is backed by scientifically and practically proven technologies of the new age; this makes Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower stand out as an unrivalled choice for all manufacturing players in the industrial world. Explore this solution’s signature capabilities to learn how this solution is more reactive, speedy, insightful and accurate than others.

Anticipating and responding to conceivable risks, disasters and opportunities sooner

Effortless yet well-secured information sharing with AI-powered resolution rooms and smart playbooks

Facilitates all manufacturing departments in terms of control over inventory, supply assurance, E2E, fulfilment and logistics

Guiding you towards the best decisions by ensuring data quality is not tarnished during manipulation

Native cloud multi-tenant architecture to permit rapid deployment without limiting to just a few users.

Optimise the supply chain with early indicators of weather impacts to avoid inevitable zones.

Predictive and prescriptive decision support futurised with accurate simulation platforms

Real-time ended-to-end visibility powered by AR/VR and Digital Twin to power actionable insights on the go

Set Free from Limitations and Know Everything in Real-time

Redefine your portfolio by adopting a singularly robust and entirely operational tool for industry 4.0-defined manufacturing, for this solution encompasses a variety of genuine technological capabilities and features. The Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower represents a collection of advanced technological tools that enhance your manufacturing systems by providing forecasts of potential scenarios, viable and profitable decision-making, automation, and many other industrial capabilities.

Simulated Manufacturing Control Centre

With centralised and smart core control centres, your manufacturing managers can use interactive simulation platforms, empowered by the digital twin technology, to gain a universal view of your manufacturing networks to plan faster and take demand-specific decisions in real-time.


Reverse SCM Trackers

This solution also tracks your clients' goods being shipped or transported back to your firm. It will track why it was returned reactively, proceed with refunding processes, and automatically check for probable insurance claims based on the scenario.


Super Analytical Capabilities

Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower houses analytical tools supporting operating models with smart and insightful directives. Ask the right questions and get errorless answers under one platform.


Smart Order Scheduler

Schedule your customer orders and automate your supply chains so they can be executed on a priority basis. Meet your critical and express deliveries punctually; with Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower, your supply chain practitioners are always on time.


RFID Technology

Activate RFID tags in your goods and transporting vehicles to authenticate and transport goods faster without manually checking for goods’ availability; inventory times can be chipped down from weeks to hours. If empowered with wireless LAN, you can track where the deliverables are and who is responsible for its movement to its target location.


Spend Refiner

Analyse your contemporary spend cultures and automate your source-to-contract processes before you shake hands with the most suitable suppliers. You can automatedly digitise all the spending processes for all expense categories with faster billing systems, communication portals, and Tail Spend Management tools.


Comprehensive Stakeholder Profile

By adopting this solution, keep track of your suppliers and third-party auxiliary service providers contributing to your manufacturing activities. You will know which entities are less profitable and profit-making and make smarter investments based on ROI-generating tendencies.


Impendency Forecasting Tools

This solution houses the best tools to capture your historical data, market data and performance statistics to forecast your demands and required operational upgrades beforehand. Know the requirements of your future supply chains and execute futuristic decisions.


Change Management

This solution employs a change management system that allows manufacturers to plan and implement significant changes in the operational, management and administrative domains, thus enabling a concerted effort to repel conventional mindsets.

Digital Transformation Your Organisation Today

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Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower

How Does the Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower Level Up Productivity?

Manufacturers using conventional systems use more time, money, resources and effort in making decisions as they rely on independent systems that do not have the capability of Cyber-Physical Systems. Thus, most decisions are made after a prolonged process of analysing information gathered from disconnected information bases.

This is why Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower is the leading software solution for companies striving to succeed in a data-driven culture. It promotes grain-scale integration to the main decision-makers of your manufacturing sites to analyse scenarios, maintain resources, avoid risks and set realistic budgets for all manufacturing operations. Here are some of the main reasons why it remains unrivalled in the manufacturing and supply chain control tower market around the world:

image image

A Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS) empowered by AI and ML algorithms to facilitate the full span of manufacturing departments and industrial domains to strive for the best in Industry 4.0.

image image

Effectively handling daily fluctuations through prioritising issues, automating standard responses, and implementing suggested actions derived from key performance indicators (KPIs).

image image

Ensures timely supplies by supercharging logistics and providing the needful integrations to make faster decisions from customer order requests up to the customer’s door.

image image

Modern command and control capabilities provided by the Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower to provide 360-degree visibility via ‘what-if’ analysis

image image

Offers predictive advantage in the planning and scheduling, analytics and facility layout planning, thus ensuring that AI predictive and prescriptive models are put into play throughout the facility.

image image

Offers a collaborative platform to give the needful exposure to the companies to brainstorm and learn to find hidden data abnormalities and co-create operational networks to promote better production, profitability and efficiency.

image image

Reduce your factories' prolonged downtime and idle time by integrating IIoT sense and connect, predictive maintenance, real-time tracking and tracing and Optimising Performance and Quality Monitoring (OPQ) System.

User-defined Success Starts Here.

Benefits of Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower

By enabling digitally empowered planning and decisions, you can also make sure that you utilise the best out of Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower to ensure that your manufacturing operations are advanced and smarter than ever. Consciously and confidently manage all deliveries and warehousing activities without depending on ‘vague intuitions’. Here are some of the benefits of this solution that will make you entrust it even more.

A Modernistic Supply Chain Analysis
This solution houses a framework that allows your supply chain managers to research and analyse the best service providers that will allow your deliverables to be delivered to the right place in the right way at the right time. You can dictate your supply chain operations the easy but correct way now.


Industry 4.0-powered Digital Modernisation
Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower is a complete and robust approach to making your manufacturing operations smartly directed and foolproof. This solution is geared toward world-class technologies like Predictive Technology, AI and ML models, Digital Twin, IoT technology, Blockchain technology and many more.

Industry-specific Configuration
Acknowledge your priorities and tailor and configure this solution to meet your unique demands and technological needs. Analyse and understand where you are, imagine where you want your diverse operations to be connected with Cerexio, and request an on-demand Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower for your company.


Integration at Its Finest
This solution can be effortlessly integrated with your IT solutions and other external data sources. With better integration, you will get real-time updated information needed to shape your industrial operations to deliver better performances all the time.


One Virtual Roof
Use the space of your warehouses appropriately, mitigate the idle times of your distribution centres and produce goods more efficiently with Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower. Replace guesswork with smart visibilities to generate automatic smart plans to direct order-making and order-meeting comprehensively.


Universal-scale Security
This solution uses end-to-end security protocols and data access authorisation techniques to ensure your sensitive order, contract data or other sensitive information is not tampered with or misused during the production and supply chain life cycles.


Best Customer Care
With the growth of your organisation with assured supply chain and manufacturing deployment and execution, the Cerexio team will also be proactively supporting you with our business coaches and IT support crew to make sure that your team takes the maximum use of Cerexio Manufacturing Control Tower at all time.

Know your Actual Demands
You can tailor demand plans to ensure that your end-to-end operations perform in a resourceful and lucrative manner. With integration with sales and inventory management systems, you can transfer your deliverables on time and in good quality without wasting time, money or effort.


No More E-sourcing Shortcomings
Tactically and strategically enhance your sourcing processes’ transparency and effectiveness with lesser investments of corporate time and effort. You can now source for auctions, quote-based and tender projects with interactive analytical dashboards.


Speed-to-Market Opportunities
With well-orchestrated manufacturing networks, you can let your companies perform better in dynamic market environments. You can study prescriptive data insights and sense demand patterns efficiently, giving you a heads-up on your supply chains’ required profit-making standards.


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