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Terms of use

The ‘Terms of use’ explained in this webpage is of serious attention to any ‘interested party’ who looks forward to contacting or is contacting ‘Cerexio Pte Ltd’, or views and acknowledges the content of our official website for their interest or academical purposes and/or use our digital solutions for industrial purposes. If you fall into any such guests you will automatically imply that your actions on this website are defined by the below-mentioned terms and these terms only (at this time or on any other future endeavours). If your intentions do not align with any one of/of these terms, please note that you are no longer eligible for accessing this site. Please make sure you comprehensively understand the entirety of these terms, and if you do not, contact our officials to clarify your doubts before you continue using the site.

1) General Implications of terms

Please be noted that any of these terms – by phrase, section, word, or character- can be liable to change. If your visit is made after such a change in terms, the new version of the ‘terms of use’ will be valid for that respective visit and the previous version will be annulled at the time of the update. You should therefore have a keen idea of these terms before continuing to use the site at every visit since such a change of terms or disclaimers shall not be informed to you individually.

2) Proprietary Rights

This Website is solely the property of Cerexio Pte Ltd and any change or update of this site only remains continual or terminated if wished by Cerexio Pte Ltd. Terms such as  “Cerexio”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “website”, “site” refers to Cerexio Pte Ltd, and terms such as “you”, “your” refers to the reader or the visitor of our website.

The umbrella term: ‘Content’ addresses information, pictures, videos, animations, and any other ideations shared in our site, social media, and also embedded software programs available via the Site. Contents are protected by our proprietary rights such as copyright and trademarks. Unless Cerexio expressly states in written or mail, all such rights, entitlements, profits, and benefits inherited by these contents are licensed and owned by Cerexio Pte Ltd and by us only.

3) Restrictions imposed on Use of Content

All information mentioned or is in the process to be mentioned in the site is exclusively owned by our company and no fraudulent acts or parties are encouraged or allowed to copy, disclose, share or disseminate any of such Cerexio intellectual properties for their own personal gains or entertainment.

Any party that attempts to use malware such as viruses, worms, robots, spiders, or any other hardware or software to interlink or connect to this site that would intentionally or unintentionally jeopardise the function of this site is breaking a series of laws and regulations which comes with blame-taking and expensive circumstances. Similar risks can be experienced if any content in our site is reproduced or navigational structures in the site are being circumvented to disrupt or steal any content from the site.

Unless approved by our party, the guests can not:

  • Use page scrapers, deep-links, or any other tools to retrieve information
  • Not use our URL as a hyperlink in other sites
  • Modify content for other self/ company-oriented purposes
  • Reproduce, broadcast, disseminate or republish Cerexio Content
  • Commercially exploit brand name, content, or solutions
  • Or do any other actions that do not adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Cerexio
4) Other Obligations on Cerexio Official Website
You may not attempt or show any implication of attempting to access authorisation to this site at any portion or feature or any system or server interrelated to this site. You may not initiate actions that would be labelled as ‘hacking’, ‘password mining’, or any other illegitimate means of cyber threatening behaviours in this domain.

All site vulnerability checkups, scans, and probing will be done as a responsibility of Cerexio Pte Ltd and no other party is allowed to test, examine, or take security measures for this site. Breaching authority to the site will be against the law and terms of use, and privacy policies maintained by us. The same obligatory fate will be faced by someone who endeavours to use the site to trace or track another visitor’s information in any possible manner-with accidental intervention or without the intervention of Cerexio-.

By reading these terms, you are obliged to the following conditions:
  1. you will not use this site as an assistive body to facilitate your own surveys, contests, rumors, pyramid schemes, junk mails, chain letters generation, spamming, or circulating any material that is not approved by Cerexio.
  2. you will not use this content to spam, abuse, threat, or stalk others in such a way that they are emotionally blackmailed, or their privacy rights are being tarnished
  3. you will not reproduce, post, share or use any of the content to behave inappropriately online or offline to bother others with profanity, indecent behaviour, or in any defamatory manner where our content, brand, employees, or anything related to our company will be put into an uncomfortable position
  4. you will not reproduce, post, share or use any of the content as your property and gain any benefit, praise, or recognition via them unless you have gained the legal ownership or contain rights to do so
  5. you will not upload any malware that would cause any detrimental aftereffects to our sites content, operation, or functions or even disrupt the smooth visitor experience that we despite all our efforts endeavour to give the visitor
  6. you will transgress any applicable laws, policies, regulations, or rules imposed by Cerexio
  7. you will not replicate our identity to mislead others whatsoever
5) Terms to protect Social Media Content
All content-oriented actions inclusive to all social media channels of our company, including:
  1. Adding, deleting, or modifying
  2. attempt to stop our channels at any time
  3. blockage of disruptive users and/or more actions,

will be carried out by managers appointed by Cerexio, and them only.

The content represented by our channels is sheerly authentic literature and media contents shared by us and are not reproduced or copied from our followers or those who we follow on social media. In the instance where some other content by any party is shared, “re-tweeted” or circulated by us (with their consent), such action will not constitute our endorsement when being shared on our pages.

6) Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability
Any of our content-in-site or social media channels- do not offer or implies to offer benefits. They strictly follow the “as-is, where-is” basis. To the fullest requirement as mentioned by law, we do not warrant and hereby disclaim any warranty as to:
  • guaranteeing the authenticity, validity, or durability of any content is spotless
  • and/or that the content will not be penetrated by malicious software or is errorless since such occasion are uncertain
Therefore, any harm or damage incurred as a result of accessing the site (or suffering experienced due to the reliance kept by the reader to our content) will not be taken as a duty, obligation, or responsibility by the company.

7) Acknowledgments
By reading these terms and conditions you are implied as to being agreed upon:
  • Taking the sole responsibility in the treatment of data that you update, post, or share on our website or social media channels (which also indicates that no obligation will be spurred from our part to retrieve any loss of data or deletion of sensitive information shared by you)
  • We bear no liabilities in problems that arise while you access the site or social media channels or any reliance on the content, therefore, all treatment and reliance and your online experience in our site is at your own risk
  • We are in full control of the content that is been posted on our sites or social media channels and no party can wield our power in declining, editing, deleting, or banning any party that will harm our site, content, brand, or anything related to Cerexio
  • Any ideas, feedback, suggestions, recommendations, or assistance posted online by our ‘contributors’ will not be confidential and shall be put in to use by our party, reproduced and invested by our own efforts where such indications should not be shared by you if you do not wish for us to use them.
  • The unavailability of our site or social media channels will be due to:
    1. Constraints in Capacity
    2. Limitations during transmissions
    3. Modification of equipment
    4. Relocations
    5. Rehosting
    6. Upgrades
    7. If you were labeled as ineligible etc

Such a change in access to our sites or social media channels will be circulated through our own commercial and financial efforts if you are not entitled as a threat or a misfit to view our content.

8) Reserved Rights
The Content in the social media channels and the official Cerexio Website will be subjected to changes from time to time by us. Such rights will be reserved and actions will be taken to update or modify the site to restrict access -wholly or partially- by a person or particular internet address. The reasons behind this change will remain confidential to us, and any fraudulent acts will not be posted online but necessary actions will be taken by law to such parties who try to break the law at any time.

9) Links from the Site to Other Sites
The official Cerexio Website would have hyperlinks connected to other subdomains where we are not responsible or assume to be responsible for implementing them at all, so with all damage, harms, offenses that are exerted by them. The responsibilities for such content are solely taken by the hosts of those websites and clicking such links must be done at your own risk.
Such links are not mandatory to be clicked on, they are auto-generated links that would be of your interest, we do not require our users to direct to such pages and if they do, we are not prompting them to do so. Cerexio will not affiliate or imply to assist any services, branding, or promotion of any product or service that is not owned by Cerexio but appears on the website.

10) Links to the Site from Other Sites
If you have been directed to our website through a link from another, please be informed that any harm, loss, or damage that you will face when directing to our site is at your own risk. We have the right to disable any links that we have not expected or required and no other site can link our page to theirs unless discussed with Cerexio Pte Ltd.

11) Applicable laws
Refers to the laws that govern the aforementioned terms of use by the laws of the Republic of Singapore

12) Privacy Policy
The Data Protection and Privacy Policies of the company will also be accepted by you during your stay on the site, click here to learn what they are if you are not aware of such policies, for if not, you are not allowed to use this site.