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Privacy Policy

The sole purpose of this web page is to educate ‘interested parties’ who hope to contact Cerexio -via https://cerexio.com/ (the official Cerexio Website)- or any subdomain link of the other websites to Cerexio, Email, Call, Text Message, connect via our social media accounts or visit our offices in Singapore or Sri Lanka- to view, acknowledge and adopt our services or customer support at any scale. It elaborates on how you can contact us, and how your personal information is not used in a fraudulent manner, also, how you are in full control of your information where we are obliged to collect, connect, edit or delete your details at your wish. It embodies the end-to-end processes that your information will undergo and helps you discover the transparency of our views and practices when it comes to recording, sharing or during deletion of your information.

Please note that the terms “Cerexio”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “website”, “site” refers to Cerexio Pte Ltd, and terms such as “you”, “your” refers to the reader or the visitor of our website or any interested party who seeks for our services or guidance. Every part of this site is bound to and bound by you to abide by the terms and conditions and if you are not eligible to visit by not acknowledging these rules and legitimate knowledges please do not use this site, if you wish to continue it automatically implies that you have agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy-now or in the future.

We are committed to securing your information, and our determinative drive is to give you a safe online experience where no illegal or unauthorised action -written, oral, cyber behavioural- is not encouraged at all. These terms shall have the meanings given to them by the Singaporean law: The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore, which will be referred to as “The Act” in this agreement.

1) Retrieval, processes, and disclosure of your information

Instances where personal data are NOT collected:
  • If you are only browsing the Cerexio Website
  • And/or if you are using the search function

We will receive and record in our server logs, such inclusive content being: your IP address(terms and conditions applied), cookie information and pages that you requested.

Instances where personal data ARE collected:

  • When you willingly share information with us via a form, an inquiry, as feedback. This data collection is not necessarily confined to the website, and we can receive your details -if you share- via other external data-sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Also, when you do provide us with details you are automatically consenting to permit us to collect, use, and record your personal information.
  • In case you share information on behalf of another person, please be informed that you are in complete responsibility for the information given and its reliance, and we will require a method of approving that the details of the respective party is shared under his/her consent and that such details are accurate, true and complete.
If you are a client we may require:
  1. Your full name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone Number
  4. Your inquiry/ feedback
If you are a candidate for our career openings we may require:
  1. Your full name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone Number
  4. Attachments: Curriculum Vitae, Portfolios, Recommendation Letters or other necessary documents.
If you are a student we may require:
  1. Your full name
  2. Name of School
  3. Name of Project/ Course Code
  4. Your email address
  5. Your phone Number
  6. Your inquiry
  7. A letter of teacher’s approval or any other document to support your stance
1.1- Why we collect your information
We may retrieve, process, record or disclose your personal data for the latterly reasons:
  1. To convey and/or advance our services
  2. For the purpose of targeting online marketing
  3. For verifying the authenticity of information
  4. For billing purposes
  5. To contact back regarding any complaints, inquiries, requests or feedbacks
  6. To handle issues that will harm you and/or us
  7. To assist investigations that study the anomalies in data of the site or any probable illegal activity
  8. For administrative or managerial purposes of Cerexio
  9. For any minute or large scale legal requirement
  10. In instances where you require your information for any matter
  11. Or any other purpose that is judiciously related to the aforesaid purposes
1.2- Who will use your data
Your data will be retrieved, processed, and disclosed to or by our co-partners, partnering affiliates, service providers or companies-parent, subsidiary or related- in order to suffice one or more of the aforementioned purposes(section 1.1). Also, at instances where your data is transmitted to outbound administrative parties-overseas from Singapore-, we will take the full responsibility and each step taken for such cause of action will be obligated to all terms included in The Act.

2) Tracking technologies and cookies
2.1- Use of Cookies

All first party and third party cookies that are embedded in our web pages will collect general information about you such as language preferences and most-prefered web pages by you, log in details etc. These details are only recorded to guide us to make the right marketing efforts to facilitate your online experience and understand your behaviour in browsing our website. There can be Targeting Cookies, Strictly Necessary Cookies, Functional Cookies or Performance Cookies appropriately embedded to our webpages.

To elaborate, such tracking digital tools will be purposeful in:
  • Facilitating your site navigation
  • Assisting us in events, logins and feedbacks that you are interested or participating
  • Analysing your user experiences when using our products or satisfactory services
  • Monitoring your online behaviours for the precision of our marketing efforts
Other tracking and digital analytics tools fostered by our site are mentioned in detail below.

2.2- Google Universal Analytics

Cookies in your computer are read and detected with your IP address by Google Universal Analytics and transferred to Google servers in the USA, which is used by our parties to detect your behaviours in our website only. We use IP anonymisation (explained below) so that Google truncates addresses beforehand and redirects information on logins to analyse, report website behaviours and provide us with services in understanding our website in the perspective of its guests and in terms of internet usage.  Your personal IP address will not be associated in this process, and cookies that can track your IP addresses can be declined during your visit to websites. But declining cookies will not allow you to be capable of attaining 100% service from our site. Also, you can download or install a browser plugin from the following link to prevent Google from your data gathering from your computer via cookies (such as your IP address): http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Contact us if you want to prevent Google from collecting your details to be fed to the Google Universal Analytics tool-we can guide you to activate an opt-out cookie that makes your data resilient to external data retrieval tools when you visit our page in future.
Go to the links given below to read about related condition in data privacy: http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/de.html,

2.3- Anonymised Website Tracking
To align online User Experience to the personalised needs of our customers, we keep track of the clients’ behaviours on our site. Before doing so, your IP address is anonymised so we wouldn’t know who was browsing our site individually. This would help us in identifying the behaviours of our site’s guests and at the same time, to be unaware of the guest specifically but as an added number to the counters in our analytical tools. But our cookie will assign a unique key per guest (per IP address) and that could redirect us to you but not by any third-party. So mitigating any anomaly or suspicion on your side towards us will be our sole responsibility which we will face as abided by law and implied or mentioned regulations  that are related in this scenario.

2.4- Google Maps
Mapping services provided google is an assistive tool required to save your IP addresses in our data sources. This information is automatically stored in a server in the United States owned by Google. We are not entitled or responsible on this data transfer. The only provider of the Google mapping tool: Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Click here: https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/ to gather more knowledge about this tool and how it processes your data in their domain.

2.5- Google Recaptcha
reCAPTCHA is used to ensure the guests are not maleficent software or any party which is not a human being. The provider of this guest login checking tool is Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Please click on the following tools to gather more information on Google reCAPTCHA and it’s privacy policy,
2.6- Hotjar
This is a heat mapping and behaviour analytics tool that is adopted by our site to gather intel on your online behaviours in our site. It has submodules such as heatmaps, feedback systems, surveys that inquire about the luxuries provided by our sites and its functionalities. The authentic provider of this tool is Hotjar Ltd, Level 2, St Julians Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julians, STJ 1000, Malta. Click here to learn more:  https://www.hotjar.com/legal/compliance/opt-out

3) Confidentiality

Data that is in solis will not be disclosed to any unauthorised party, business or even a person who is said to be a relative/ friend or family of you unless you provide believable reasons to do so- in written or oral form. Unless so, all data will be kept under absolute secrecy and not be treated without your approval. These restrictions will therefore cease to be applicable to intel which may be disclosed at a public domain other than as a result of any fraudulent behaviour or penetration of this Policy on our part. Security measures are established despite all our efforts to make sure the data that you entrusted to us is kept secure at our own and best interest (Explained in detail in Section 5).

4) Treatment of personal data by applicant after recording

This section is related to two instances on how data will be treated by you after retrieval and recording them in our sources, such instances are:

  1. a request made by you to access your personal data (only) which are in the directories in our archives, which we use or disclose for aforementioned purposes(in section 1.1), or
  2. In need by you to edit, change or at deletion of your records (at your say and only your say). Such instances refer to data that are inaccurate, incomplete, not updated or is misleading. For example (Change of home address/ telephone number, Typos, Mentioning sensitive information that are not mandatory etc.)

You can discuss such inquiries with our support crew and ‘terms and conditions’ regarding such requests will be communicated to you as soon as possible. In case we are unable to respond, the reason as to why we are unable to do so will also be communicated with you within a period of (30) thirty days from the time you have sent your request.

5) Cybersecurity for your data

Your data will be under appropriate close surveillance via cybersecurity measures where your data will be treated as corporate secrecies and keep them veiled from parties who by intentionally or not tries to gather your information. During transmission of data we are only liable to the data streams that flow out of our sources, any malfunction or threat that hits upon your data while you transfer them to our sources is not guaranteed by us and it will be at your own risk.

As internet platforms are inevitably subjected to interference or interception by third parties, we provide no warranties, despite our best efforts, that our site is free from malware or threats. Therefore, we are not responsible for the security, integrity, confidentiality or authenticity of any financial or service transaction and other communications that were made through the site. Such transactions must be personally commuted by our team or else any other action that you do in the site remains to be your responsibility for the sake of your information, software and equipment to function healthily. Such steps can be clearing web browser cookies and cache before and after using our Site or any other.

6) Third-party Websites

The privacy policies are only conditional to the webpages of the “Cerexio Pte Ltd Official Website”. If directed to another site via a hyperlink, plugin or tool, these conditions will be annulled immediately. Please take the time to read the Privacy Policies of the other pages before you carry on browsing for it stabilises a strong legal rapport between you and the Host.

7) Personal Data Retention

Data will be retained until it supports the fulfilment of purposes that it was required or was deemed to be mandatory to fulfil related purposes. Retention of your personal data depends on its value-gaining in our proceedings, the need by applicable laws, rules and regulations or if you intend to withdraw your data at your own approval.

8) Privacy Policy Alterations

The terms inclusive in this page (Privacy Policy) can be subjected to the alteration from time to time. All changes will be posted and clarified and you visit that take place after such modification will be obliged to the new policies since the old versions will be overwritten by the new. Please make sure you read the policies thoroughly before you browse the page.

9) Data Withdrawal

Data will be treated as valid, true and accurate during storing, use, the transmission of disclosure unless you present a writ consent or in a form of an email from the address that you have given us to withdraw your information wholly or partially– from our company. The period of proceeding with such requests would amount to 15 days if no interruptions or lawbreaking hinders the process of deletion.

Upon such ‘Personal Data Withdrawal Receipt’ our company would be obligated to dispose of all digital, written, recorded depending on the complexity of the requests and the impact such requests will have on our -yours and our- relationship).  ‘Personal Data Withdrawal Receipt’ must include a frank and complete scope of the nature of withdrawing and why you decided on withdrawing your information. And, such withdrawals can have circumstances if the data withdrawal :

  1. is required to allow you to continue using our products/services
  2. is needed by our organisation with proceedings of withdrawing
  3. is required by federal authorities before or while proceeding with the data withdrawal
  4. or any other instance related to the aforementioned instances.

After withdrawal, the company still has the right to proceed in collecting, disclosing or using personal data where such data accumulation without any consent is permitted or compulsory under any pertinent law.

10) Enquires and Communication

If you need to contact our team with regard to clarifying privacy policies or to correct or limit your personal data handling by the company, please contact us or send your enquiry. Contact details are given below.

10.1- Singapore

21, Woodlands Close, #05-47 Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854
Phone: +(65) 6762 9293
Email: [email protected] 

10.2- Sri Lanka

16, Station Road, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka
Phone: +(94) 114 075 160
Email: [email protected]