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Go Smart in your manufacturing and production plant with Cerexio- The leading futuristic technology provider.

Digital Twin

Bring everything physical into the digital world with real-time analytics, prediction, and visualization with Cerexio Digital Twin software.


WMS 4.0

Automate your warehouse partially or fully with AGVs, UAVs, Robotic Arms, RFIDs and IoT sensors for the efficiency of the next level.


AGV Software

Highly trained AGV Navigation, Mapping, and Fleet Management software solution combination to map up to 1,000 fleets simultaneously.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

A preventive approach for your operations, machinery, & factories with a robust system with analytics framework & actionable workflow.

Production Tracking

Production Tracking

Powerful product tracking solution empowering you with micro-level visibility, configurable alerts & predictive analytics in real-time.

Predictive Maintenance

Best predictive maintenance solution for accurate asset failure predictions so you could save your time and cost in maintenance.

Embedded Analytics

Connect the dots to understand the story your data trying to tell you! Embedded Analytics connects & analyze data from all resources.

Crowd Analytics

Crowd Analytics

Understand people's interests & behaviours and why they do what they do and how and when they do it with Cerexio Crowd Analytics.

Real-time Message Broker

Handle more than a billion events per second & connect many systems in real-time with the most advanced Real-time Message Broker- Cerexio.

Cerexio software are even tested and fully prepared for the 5G & SpaceX's Starlink high-speed internet

Digital Transformation
Hybrid Cloud
From digital information to digital transformation

Seamless digital transition to empower your organization with cloud, analytics, real-time systems, digital infrastructure, & security paradigms.

Monolith to Microservice by Cerexio Octopus

Embrace microservices for simplicity of the next level with Octopus API & service lifecycle management platform designed for modern architectures.

Data Simplicity with the right Cloud Strategy

Pave the road for a seamless journey towards the hybrid cloud to eliminate the complexity of data management and scalability in your organization.

5G & IoT
Edge Computing
ROS Industrial
Predictive Analytics
Data Streaming
B2B Integration
Predict the right to prevent losses

Best enterprise Asset Management (EAM) capabilities for accurate prediction of asset failures and time-decay for massive civil infrastructure assets

Real-time data streaming with Cerexio Axon

Take the experience of data streaming in real-time to another level for amazing performance even though they spread geographic borders

Best Enterprise Applications Integration

Integration made simple. Integrate complex B2B and EDI processes across your supply chain in a single gateway with a highly flexible platform.

Big Data
Data Vault
Distributed Ledger

The one and only unified and tomorrow-proof solutions
for Industry 4.0 proven in the most challenging use cases

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