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Maximise yield, production quality and asset performance while reducing CO2 emissions and energy wastage in a single effort. Adopt Cerexio MES to feed IoT and instrumentation data into process and data oriented AI algorithms to encounter modern manufacturing challenges boldly. Call us to partner up your labour with our AI technology, for optimised labour utilisation and advanced MES automation are now one step away.

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The industry 4.0-based technological capabilities that empower our patented solutions has elevated Cerexio Technology Solutions to be unrivalled in the market. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), Digital Twin, Simulation Technology, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Edge Computing, Satellite-based Technology, IIoT are a few technologies that are incorporated in advancing our solutions.
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Industry 4.0 Solutions
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Technological Capabilities
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Optimise your Manufacturing Lines with The Finest Web and Mobile-based MES

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Elevate the operational standards of your warehouses with industry 4.0-recognised technologies

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Cerexio offers organisation-specific PLC and Instrumentation configuration services based on the unique technology demands

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Tap into the power of IoT, AI and Predictive Analytics to place undying trust and reliance on your infrastructure, machinery and equipment


Robust Platforms To Run Uninterrupted Services

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Wield the power of smart automation to streamline and operationalise your Manufacturing Execution System at any scale.

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Merge all fragmented information systems to a multi-faceted platform to oversee state-wide infrastructure in real-time...

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This technology is a centralised platform to aggregate, analyse and strategise multiple types of data journeys based on your organisation’s data dependency.

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Use the power of AI and IoT to allow your data specilsist self-reliantly perform event-driven calculations to derive value-driven insights...

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Cerexio Axon™ Real-time Message Broker Platform is the world’s first to build all real-time systems, distributed and microservice applications.

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Ready For Digital Transformation? Our Experts Are Here To Guide You!


Cerexio’s Unchallenged Advanced Manufacturing Experts Can Save Your Organisation from Meeting Financial, Managerial or Operational Threats!


Understand Faster, Easier and Self-Reliant Ways to Capitalise On Your Organisation’s Big Data to Bolster Your Organisational Growth With Cerexio


Cerexio’s Experienced Asset Technology Experts Will Help You Hone Your Skills in Making Success-guaranteed Asset Investment and Risk Mitigation Decisions


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