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Training – Infrastructure Assets Performance Consultancy

Cerexio’s Experienced Asset Technology Experts Will Help You Hone Your Skills in Making
Success-guaranteed Asset Investment and Risk Mitigation Decisions

Why do you need asset investment modelling?

As an asset owner, you employ, maintain and manage multiple non-financial assets from a myriad of asset classes such as road, water, and wastewater infrastructure, mechanical assets and more. A single asset class has hundreds of assets with dynamic features to manage; for example, a water utility service establishment manoeuvres assets- from colossal Dam Infrastructures to pipes and valves-deployed from the water catchment, throughout the treatment and reticulation

Assets differ from one another; they age and decay dynamically too. Thus, your financial viability can be threatened with these changing asset sustainment demands. At the same time, expectations of the asset users keep rising with the emergence of new-age technologies, social impacts, environmental changes and many other driving factors.

Therefore, we know that you must ponder with questions like: And We are prepared to answer all the complex asset questions and clear financial and maintenance ambiguities for you!

Our Capabilities And Experience

Ensure the longevity, high-performance and ultimate reliance of your Industrial Assets With Advanced Asset Performance Consultancy Services

We are ready to invest our time and knowledge in guiding you to understand the trending technology advancements that can facilitate asset management, maintenance strategies and risk predictive and recovery approaches. Cerexio has pioneered in enabling a proven system that is well versatile for multiple asset classes. Our solution is enhanced by the power of industry 4.0 technologies, thus, pushing it to the leading edge of competent, postmodern asset management technologies on the market.

We’ve helped government-based city councils in Australia to save 77 million to 15 million of asset expenses with the same annual spending in managing, maintaining and overhauling water supply assets worth AUD 711 million. We also guided them in saving the annual spending from 98 million to 33 million for 1.3 billion worth of road assets.

We have guided new-age manufacturing companies in Singapore to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies with smart and integrated asset and risk management modules to detect asset failures and hidden root causes of process losses. Our guidance led them to save 7% of manufacturing costs and have complete reliance on their in-house smart machine fleets and production lines.

Meet the Best Levels of OEE and Infrastructure Excellence with the Right Guidance on Asset Management

What Will You Get?

The training and consultancy service provided by Cerexio will let you:

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