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Self-Service Analytics


Cerexio Self-Service Analytics

Re-imagine a future in which your data players and decision-makers can effortlessly capture essential and actionable data streams at their convenience, wherever and whenever they choose! Cerexio Self-Service Analytics is the key to unlocking this future. Utilising intelligent AI tools, this solution efficiently guides data to the appropriate endpoints within your data network, empowering your data experts to independently explore deeper insights and craft comprehensive success narratives from your corporate data.

Get Empowered with new-age technologies and rely on yourself to narrate bigger success stories.


A Self-reliant Approach

Your staff can effortlessly acquire insights, even without expertise in data analytics. They have the ability to create data models enhanced by AI and ML technologies and easily capture, access, view, and analyse data through comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly dashboards.


Best Data Governance

This solution incorporates tools that oversee the quality, relevance, and timeliness of your data as it moves from source to target. Possessing top-notch data governance capabilities enables this product to establish the foundation for advanced and cutting-edge data analytics.


Rapid Insight Generation

Thanks to its integration with modern technologies, this tool boasts a high capability to provide rapid, accurate, feasible, and profitable insights. It eliminates all delays and inefficiencies in your company's analytics capabilities, positioning you ahead of the competition with agility, leadership, and technological proficiency.

Why Choose Cerexio Self-Service Analytics?

Why do you need Cerexio Self-Service Analytics?

Maintaining a competitive edge in your market demands nimble, accurate, and, most importantly, fast decision-making skills. This entails cultivating greater self-sufficiency to independently implement a solution and obtain insights within seconds rather than minutes. Cerexio Self-Service Analytics facilitates this by enabling your data engineers and analysts to leverage ML models enhanced by AI technology, unlocking limitless data discoveries and attaining the utmost data literacy within a culture driven by data.

A fully functioning system starting from embedded analytics to self-serve reporting tools.

In-built tools that optimise data experiences to have a flexible foundation that offers data visualisation anywhere at any time.

Intuitive dashboards with customisable widgets bringing business intelligence to your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

Native cloud multi-tenant architecture to permit rapid deployment without limiting to just a few users.

Offers equal benefits to all data specialists, including data scientists, engineers, analysts, product builders, developers and more.

Pro-code and low-code application that automates critical business insights and helps your decision-makers make faster real-time decisions.

Supercharges decisions with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics advantages for your diverse teams.

Ultimate data management with foolproof data collection, cleaning, analysis and visualisation.

Shortest Way To Transform Data to Success-guaranteed Actions

With real-time modern data analytics tools, you can weigh out the best insights and share the most adept insights with your stakeholders by organising and managing data to contribute to deep decision-making. Here are some authentic technical upgrades that make Cerexio Self-Service Analytics the best.


Authorised and Vetted Data Sources

As data is stored in disparate locations (clouds, SAPs, Files, RDBMS, Mainframes and more), any self-analytics solution must have an integration platform. This solution can be employed with smart integration tools and data streaming for impactful data management on the go.


Data Quality-preserving tools

Your decision-makers can focus on available insightful choices since they are not impeded from focusing on the veracity of data. Unlock risk-free and frustration-free expression libraries and smart data governing tools to preserve the quality of your corporate data.


Space-age Visibility

Unlike other data manipulation platforms, Cerexio Self-Service Analytics offers data visualisation like no other. We offer futuristic, simulative digital environments that mimic your data-driven scenarios so that you can reply to your decisions in the virtual world before you make them.


Customised Apps

You can customise your apps and electronic analysis reports to suit your preferences and share them with your target stakeholders in a split second. You can use this solution to create, design and publish your own mobile-responsive portals that decision-makers can easily access.


Deep Dive into BI

This solution is advanced by incorporating a smart BI evaluation checklist empowered by AI technology that allows your company to choose the most suitable analytics solution depending on your event's quality, time, criticality and structure.


Interactivity At Its Best

Users can build their own preferred templates and dashboards using drag-and-drop gestures by hand-picking their visual representation from a wide array of charts, pivot tables, widgets, metres and more. Thus giving fine-grained visualisation to narrate your success effortlessly.


Data Cataloging

This solution can also be integrated with our proprietary data catalogue- a smart index to keep your actionable and insight-ready datasets empowered by an in-memory data cataloguing engine. With better data organisation, easy access and transparent data relationships, you can make powerful insights faster than ever.


Smart Data Storages

Store your data in smart data storages empowered by modern tools to tackle enterprise data with precision, relatability and in real-time. Cerexio makes sure to store your actionable data smartly and dart them across your IT infrastructure in an organised fashion when needed by your data analysts.


Modern Data Search Engines

By using AI-powered protocols, this system is known for its user-friendliness. The search engines allow you to search data (despite your organisation being an SME or multinational group) with Google-like search bars and share your compelling data

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Cerexio Self-Service Analytics

How Does the Cerexio Self-Service Analytics Benefit You?

A minute’s delay in getting the right information to the right person at the right time can lead to a loss of millions of dollars for a company in the modern age. This is why having access to a smart business intelligence system with self-serving dashboards equipped with smart analytical capabilities is not a privilege but a need for data-driven businesses today. This solution is simply the most modernistic and enterprise-necessary software solution for companies striving to succeed in a data-driven culture. As many companies (and soon all companies) depend highly on insightful data discoveries and agile decision-making, Cerexio Self-Service Analytics is a not-to-be-missed upgrade to your IT infrastructure. Here are a few reasons why.
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Engage with users through secure sharing and detailed permissions. Foster meaningful discussions around reports and bring vitality to your boardrooms with interactive reporting slideshows. Use your business data to narrate compelling stories.

image image

Implement this solution to access the advanced options of Report Builder, Quick Charts, or Guided Natural Language Query (NLQ), providing a gateway to a realm of data-driven insights and decision-making for everyone.

image image

Make the end-to-end data handling journeys of your data-dependent stakeholders by offering them the best digital tools to integrate, filter, standardise, process, visualise and capitalise data on the go.

image image

Streamlines the complete analytics process, encompassing tasks such as connecting to and organising your data, constructing dashboards, and preparing managerial reports—all efficiently managed by the Cerexio Self-Service Analytics System.

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The user-friendly business intelligence features of the Cerexio Self-Service Analytics System expedite the discovery process, enabling individuals ranging from skilled data analysts to non-technical business users to generate reports in a regulated manner.

User-defined Success Starts Here.

Benefits of Cerexio Self-Service Analytics System

Cerexio Self-Service Analytics System allows your data experts to uncover useful business insights and turn risks and delays that keep you from winning into fruitful impacts using AI and big data capabilities. Connect with us on the journey toward capitalising on data while securing information simultaneously with Cerexio Self-Service Analytics System- the most reliable and user-friendly data manipulator of the modern age.

Self-reliant Solution Manoeuvring
Your data-dependent stakeholders can now wield the ultimate power of making lucrative decisions by utilising a single and intelligent analytics system to harness scalable and agile solutions to capture hidden insights all by yourself.


Less IT Dependency
Since this solution is a codeless GUI approach, instead of investing more money and time in IT specialists, you can employ your existing data players to generate their insights with higher technicalities.

Deliver Insights in a blink
With Cerexio Self-Service Analytics, business users do not have to idle until data specialists leisurely capture insights. They can swiftly weigh in and out their insight and take active decisions without manually making calls to departments using our lightweight (yet easy-to-read) worksheets.


Corporate-specific Data exploration
You can explore your data based on your goal-oriented needs and filter and transform your data to fit your needs no matter how complex or heavy your data networks are. We guarantee this solution will amuse you with the opportunities you unintentionally ignored.

Welcome Instant Data Literates to your company
Your employees can build skills and talents in manoeuvring data and picking insights by merely relying on this single solution. They will learn to read, analyse, manipulate and argue with data to provide you with the most profitable and insightful data discoveries.

Dump Costly Analytics Tools
With the integration between cloud and streaming platforms and seamless connections between data network sources and targets, this solution can play many data management tasks by itself, saving you a fortune of money invested in different solutions and IT specialists.

Modern Upgrades
As with all our proprietary solutions, Cerexio Self-Service Analytics is also empowered by modern technologies that will expedite your digital transformation to meet the standards of Industry 4.0. AI models, simulated and intuitive dashboards, Big Data Analytical tools, Blockchain Technology and more empower it.


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