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Hadoop Ecosystem

Apache Hadoop is an auxiliary data service enabling platform that alters the data tackling behaviours of an enterprise on structured corporate IT infrastructures. It inherits a scalable platform to store, process and model corporate data extracted from multiple sources and discover actionable business intelligence for agile and target-oriented decision making. It is the most famous open-source platform that supports any type of commodity hardware to enable Big Data Analytical capabilities for industrial and commercial practitioners of the new age.

Cerexio is one of the finest data-centric software solution enablers in Singapore. Our solutions are perfectly compatible with the Hadoop Ecosystems. Cerexio’s Data Solutions allow the end-users of your company to employ the data tackling services provided by the Hadoop Ecosystem and elucidate your investors and decision-makers with the latest data-driven corporate decisions. These solutions are indispensable if your company is aiming for futuristic data-oriented goals and objectives.

Advantages of Hadoop Ecosystem

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