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Production Order Management System


Cerexio Production Order Management System

Cerexio Production Order Management System (POMS) is a comprehensive software solution that brings the pinnacle of Industry 4.0 capabilities together under a single roof for clear and transparent processing of sales and production order planning to its execution and distribution. Horizontally integrating with MES, ERP, CRM, and supply chain management software, the Cerexio solution covers each aspect of the production process from top to bottom layers. Exclusively tailored for manufacturing businesses with multichannel sales, it automates the overall production domain under a unified technological umbrella.

The NextGen Customer-Centric Production Execution Engine

IoT Backed Up Centralised Platform

This technological expert centralises operations by flawlessly consolidating orders, inventory, data, and procedures through the power of IoT technology while enhancing visibility and providing manufacturers with a unified solution for all critical production aspects.


AI-powered Automated Workflows

By employing AI and ML, Cerexio solution smartly scrutinises historical data, predicts demand patterns, and optimises production processes, ensuring efficiency from order initiation to fulfilment. It dynamically adapts to a technologically sophisticated and responsive production environment.


Blockchain Traceability

Obtaining the true spirit of Industry 4.0 capabilities, this system integrates with Blockchain technology to enhance the transparency and traceability of production orders, providing a secure and immutable record of each step in the production process.

Why Choose Cerexio Production Order Management System?

Why do you need the Cerexio Production Order Management System?

This solution serves as the backbone for coordinating and executing the entire production process, which is why manufacturing companies are required to implement it within their operation mechanisms. It ensures efficient resource utilisation, tracks inventory levels, and schedules tasks, employing the best technological weapons that are spread under the Industry 4.0 technological canopy. With such luminosity in place, manufacturers can adjust production schedules easily. Here are the multi-disciplinary benefits manufacturers obtain:

Aggregates orders, procedures, systems, and data under one consolidated platform.

Automates sales request processing, configuration, production management, inventory management, and supply chain handling through AI powers.

Bringing all sales channels into one singular interface while improving network collaboration.

Guaranteeing the inventory is up-to-date, and stocks are available to process the production smoothly.

Keeping track of every unit of the production line and embracing the power of cutting-edge tools.

Real-time tracking of the production progress and distribution until the goods are received by the customer.

Remote control of the production line through one dashboard keeps everyone on the same page.

Smart production tracking systems and GIS-embedded location-wise sales tracking capacity.

Smooth billing procedures from the sales request, production process, purchase order, and receipt to invoice.

Expedite Sales Cycle with a Customer-Centric Approach

Gain high levels of competitiveness by establishing a strong responsiveness environment throughout the entire sales and production cycles within your manufacturing realm. Cerexio Production Order Management solution encourages integrating customer preferences and demand forecasts in order to streamline production planning, ensuring timely order fulfilment. The main features of this solution are as follows:

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

As the centralisation in the Cerexio Production Order Management System already maintains a supplier database, it offers analytical data specifications such as payment terms, credit periods, and real-time budget tracking through progress bars, pie charts, visual representations, and standard XLSX reports.


Compatible with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology offers transparency and traceability in production orders through a decentralised and secure ledger. This distributed smart digital ledger, maintained across a network of nodes, enhances data integrity, reduces the risk of fraud, and establishes a tamper-proof record throughout the production process.


IoT-Powered Centralisation of Processes

This operates through a systematic mechanism, serving as a point of process centralisation for the manufacturing domain. From the receipt of the production orders, request configuration, allocation of resources, scheduling operations, and initiating manufacturing processes occur under one dashboard.


AI-driven Production Processing

Cerexio software solution easily couples with the MES systems, and its embedded essence of AI technology backs up each layer of the production process smoothly without clashing with each other. Keeping up with production planning, scheduling, material selection, etc., flows conveniently.


End-to-end Integration

The seamless integration of Industry 4.0 technologies with Cerexio Production Order Management software revolutionises manufacturing workflows, creating an interconnected and smart ecosystem. This acts as an adaptive framework, marking a criterion shift in how production orders are managed in the manufacturing domain.


Robust Inventory Management

Employing advanced algorithms, real-time data feeds, and intricate analytics, Cerexio solution optimises inventory levels, mitigates stockouts, and curtails excess holdings through advanced techniques like ABC analysis and Just-In-Time principles, smart tracking mechanisms, RFID, and barcode technologies, ensuring the inventory is in optimal condition.


Batch Control and Tracking

With embedded digital capabilities such as sensors, AI, and Digital Twin, batch-wise tracking and remote control of production are made possible through our solution. Spotting the abnormalities in goods and taking the necessary measures is practicable.


GIS-Embedded Location-Wise Inventory Visibility

Leveraging the essence of geospatial data through GIS technology, the system offers real-time inventory mapping across diverse locations. Its smart algorithms dynamically link production orders with geographical coordinates, enhancing precision in tracking and optimising resource allocation, which backs up strategic planning in manufacturing.


Smart Warehousing Capacity

Our solution integrates seamlessly with Smart Warehouse technology by utilising real-time data exchange. Through this integration, the system gains access to live information on inventory levels, order status, and warehouse conditions via the employment of smart sensors, RFID, and automation within the warehouse, facilitating synchronised operations.

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Cerexio Production Order Management System

How does the Cerexio Production Order Management System improve your Unification?

Lack of visibility and unification of procedures have been at the top of the challenges today’s manufacturers encounter. This is why they require one centralised stage through the powers of contemporary digital capabilities such as Industry 4.0 in order to prevent the aftermaths of production flow fractionalisation. This is where the Cerexio Production Order Management System outshines as one of the most sophisticated fusions of diverse capabilities to streamline the sales cycle through the production order procedures from its initial point to the distribution while keeping efficiency high. Here’s how Cerexio Production Order Management enhances your sales funnel:
image image

Real-time data from client directories, supplier networks, inventory ledgers, asset maintenance, and logistics finances is consolidated around one focal point of the system to be spread across the overall production management.

image image

Taking control over all-inclusive production order management from the receipt of orders, budgeting, resource allocation, and supply chain management to inventory control under one mainstream.

image image

Offering a digital arm to look into the transparency of the production cycle while virtually representing the pain points and strengths via Digital Twin and AI technologies before the production execution.

image image

Encouraging real-time communication and collaboration among internal teams and external parties such as vendors and clients through one open portal to maintain visibility and traceability.

image image

Expressing financial agility and capacity to future-proof strategic planning by being able to quickly adjust to dynamic market fluctuations and keeping the relevant stakeholders on the same page.

Digitalisation. Systematise. Swelling Growth

Benefits of Cerexio Production Order Management System

Cerexio Production Order Management System is an alliance network of robust technologies that brings every element of manufacturing production order processing under one canopy to expedite its plan, design, execution, and distribution with 100% precision and transparency. Here are some privileged benefits you can exploit by utilising this industry 4.0 production order system.

Powered by Industry 4.0 Technologies

This solution extracts the purest essence of Industry 4.0 capabilities in order to match the requirements of the manufacturing domain, from production order processing to execution and logistics, under a single dashboard.


Coupling with Existing Software

As the integration power of our solution is exclusive, it conveniently couples with the existing systems that are already in use, such as traditional MPS, BOM, MRP, CRP, etc., to provide the best visibility into production lines.


Unlimited Networking

Production order management is not a one-sided procedure as it requires the gathering of various parties, such as stakeholders, clients, employees, and vendors. Cerexio offers a digitalised weapon to battle collaboration and communication gaps.


Dominated by Reporting and Analytics

As the consolidated system gathers all data through its IoT and 5G-powered technological arm, stakeholders will never be short of information on ongoing processes, market trends, purchasing patterns, inventory data, etc.

Automated Workflow

The Cerexio system helps orchestrate a systematic sequence of tasks, from order creation to fulfilment, within a short time. Through predefined configurations and integration with manufacturing processes, the system streamlines the overall workflow easily.


Creating Queries with Ease

As it incorporates by advanced algorithms, the system encourages generating queries to extract specific information about orders, inventory levels, and dates internally and externally to access, analyse, and manipulate relevant production data dynamically.

Guarantee Product Quality

Cerexio solution is integrated with quality control mechanisms, and by incorporating inspection points, adherence to predefined standards, and real-time monitoring, the system identifies and rectifies deviations, minimises defects, and notifies production quality controllers automatically.


Levelling-Up Efficiency

This solution clears the barriers to improving efficiency and reduces time to market by optimising workflows, automating processes, and providing real-time visibility into production cycles. This analytical enhancement minimises delays, resulting in accelerated production timelines.

Safeguarding Data

Cerexio Production Order Management System enhances data protection through advanced technologies like Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) to ensure secure data storage and minimise latency while collectively fortifying the system against vulnerabilities.


Mobile App

Leveraging the Cerexio mobile app, users gain real-time access to production orders, inventory, and task updates from anywhere. This analytical approach enhances flexibility, backs up efficient task management, and heightens transparency to another level.


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