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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are smart equipment that can move on their own along a route by employing cameras, lasers, radio waves or magnets for navigation. Having production warehousing and distribution facilities with AGV equipment has become an essential industrial upgrade for manufacturing giants of the modern age. With the rising need for auto-guided in-house transport systems in the manufacturing world, the necessity for AGV managing and maintaining software solutions can never be emphasised enough.

Cerexio- your most trusted premium industrial software solution enabler develops turnkey solutions to fit the specific demands of your high-density AGV-depended warehouses to perfectly integrate with AGV fleets without any interruption. We have succeeded in enabling AGV management modules and solutions for unique warehouse and manufacturing organisations to meet optimum resource and inventory mobility capabilities. Connect with us to learn how you can employ a centralised digital control unit to manoeuvre your vast AGV spreads under one glass pane.

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Gain more functionalities from your AGV swarms with less time, money and managerial effort

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