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Training – Advanced Manufacturing Transformation

Cerexio’s Unchallenged Advanced Manufacturing Experts Can Save Your Organisation from Meeting Financial, Managerial or Operational Threats!

Why Do You Need Advanced Manufacturing Transformation Roadmap?

Understanding the untimely threats, constraints and risks that you face in your manufacturing establishment and employing the right technologies at the right time requires deep understanding, intelligent investments and proper guidance. Not having the right direction in deploying advanced manufacturing technologies or deploying incompetent solutions can lead to the wastage of your organisations time, money and effort.

Shockingly, even in the world’s largest manufacturing country -China- with 76% of their enterprises in the electronic and electrical appliances sector use sensors to collect data, but only 33% of them use big data technology to analyse the data gathered. Thus, the efficient and effective transformation of brown factories to smart factories remains to be a challenge to most manufacturers around the world.

Therefore, not understanding the precise needs and technology advancements to promote the sustainment standards of your manufacturing establishment can lead to the misunderstanding on:

Our Capabilities And Experience

Cerexio Advanced Manufacturing Transformation :
A Knowledge Transfer To Meet The Future Of Manufacturing

Cerexio accommodates Singapore’s best Advanced Manufacturing Solutions and Instrumentations Experts and networks with ambitious leaders who are readily accessible to guide you on defining and routing for your manufacturing excellence- and not waste your assets, time and resources. We are capable of intuitively and statistically guiding your manufacturing establishment to understand the goals, technological requirements and tailor your very own cheat sheet to success. We’ve helped Advanced Manufacturing Companies in Singapore to predict the impending operational failure and hidden causes of process losses, and helped them to save 7% of their manufacturing cost. We are ready to help you too.

Developing Client-oriented Digital Transformation Roadmap

Guiding for the usage of predictive technologies to predict and prevent failures of your high-value asset

Sharing related use cases for better understanding

Enabling AI in your factory so that you will be future-ready in the next five years

Support in learning the dynamics behind advanced manufacturing Solutions

Researching and developing feasibility strategies for advanced manufacturing technology adoption by the client company

Familiarise Yourself. Propel Growth.
Employ The Best Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

What Will You Get?

The training and consultancy service provided by Cerexio will let you:

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