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IQ and OQ System


Cerexio IQ and OQ System

Experience seamless efficiency with the Cerexio IQ and OQ System! Ameliorate the Installation Qualification (IQ) evaluations by equipping this state-of-the-art system, which offers thorough documentation management to meet your requirements and has been installed correctly. Boost your operational confidence to facilitate Operational Qualification (OQ) assessments, for we ensure every protocol is fully documented to show that their functions perform exactly as expected.
Harmonise End-to-end Protocols Under A Single Smart Framework

Extensive Smart Libraries

Discover excellence with the Cerexio IQ and OQ System, offering a comprehensive library of IQ/OQ/PQ protocols that adhere to international standards for laboratory technologies. Choose from our extensive suite of solutions, covering both automated and traditional protocols, ensuring compliance and efficiency in every aspect.


Failure Proof for Dynamic Validations

Experience advanced validation with this IQ and OQ Library System, providing comprehensive Computer System and Method Validation. Our solution ensures compliance and reliability in validating the functionality and methods of your computer systems, guaranteeing excellence in performance and adherence to industry standards.


Top-notch Testing and Data Security Measures

Experience intelligent testing and secure digital archiving of data records with Cerexio IQ and OQ System. Streamline audits effortlessly with our smart testing solutions and ensure the safety and accessibility of your valuable data records.

Why Choose Cerexio IQ and OQ System??

Why do you need the Cerexio IQ and OQ System?

Cerexio IQ and OQ System makes validation easier by providing a vast library of Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) protocols, ensuring that your systems adhere to global standards. The system offers a smooth and effective way to uphold compliance and operational excellence thanks to its intelligent testing features and safe digital data record archiving. Select Cerexio IQ and OQ System to improve your validation procedures and guarantee the functionality and integrity of your vital resources.

A User-friendly interface reduces the learning curve for pharmaceutical personnel.

Cerexio ensures seamless alignment with global regulatory requirements, minimising compliance risks.

Comprehensive IQ and OQ protocols make Cerexio ideal for pharmaceutical industry needs.

Customisation options enable tailoring protocols to specific equipment and processes.

Intelligent testing methods optimise processes for pharmaceutical equipment and software.

Prioritises secure digital archiving for sensitive data, meeting stringent integrity standards.

Provides real-time insights for proactive intervention and continuous compliance.

Robust audit trail features aid compliance audits and inspections.

Thoroughly validates critical systems, enhancing performance in pharmaceutical operations.

Provide timely assistance, training, and updates to help navigate evolving regulatory landscapes.

Comprehensive Library from Method Development to End Services

The Cerexio IQ and OQ System empower you to perform tasks like calculating dilution factors or designing serial dilutions with precision. Whether executed manually, semi-, or fully automatically, each step is seamlessly recorded, and an automatic report is generated to aid in troubleshooting and meet auditing requirements. Experience the future of industrial excellence with Cerexio IQ and OQ System.

Simulative Protocol Designer

Cerexio IQ and OQ System enable a user-friendly dashboard to perform intricate tasks and design new protocols using simulation, AR/VR, and digital twins. It can make simulated tasks like heating, shaking or centrifugation steps.


Automated Compliance Checker

This solution allows UDI ( Unique Device Identifier) and other policy markers fed into the AI protocols to help users be notified of any breach of compliance during operations. This includes security acts, environmental and social obligations, electronic record policies, etc.


Industrial Machine Monitor

Cerexio IQ and OQ System stand at the forefront of optimising industrial risk assessment, process mapping, and process validation, spanning from the preconditions of industrial assets to the end of their usable lifetime.


Collaborative Platforms

Cerexio IQ and OQ System allow protocols to be safely shared with lab partners worldwide, including those in other labs, making collaboration between researchers, laboratorians and specialists faster, money-saving and less exhausting.


Qualification Service Optimiser

The central information hub allows quality assurance teams to unify all qualification data in a standardised and easily retrievable manner. This system ensures seamless traceability through the life cycles while ensuring data integrity.


Smart Instrumentation and Calibration

Cerexio IQ and OQ System streamline smart instrumentation and calibration with comprehensive protocols and seamless integration for uninterrupted efficiency and precision, allowing real-time monitoring, automated data recording and customisation.


Equipment Monitoring

Cerexio IQ and OQ System users gets digital assistance with the installation and qualification of your monitoring apparatus. This solution guarantees complete functionality and compliance by establishing general procedures to conduct IQ/OQs.


Sensitive Data Privatisation

Cerexio IQ and OQ System takes data integrity very seriously. It is optimised to employ high-security data protocols like encryptions, 3-factor authentication, blockchain and other data privatisation methods to ensure your sensitive information only meets permitted parties.


Risk Recovery System

This solution’s error-handling capabilities identify and address issues swiftly. The system optimises test accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity while prioritising disaster recovery and maintaining impeccable data storage accuracy.

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Cerexio IQ and OQ System

How does the Cerexio IQ and OQ System enhance protocol management?

Intricate operations lead to complex calibration procedures, which later lead to a string of inconveniences that slow down productivity and increase the risk to your industrial settings. This is why Cerexio IQ and OQ System were introduced to minimise all risks, costs, and efforts and maximise efficiency and excellence to form the bottom line. With access to your IQ, OQ and PQ protocols at hand, you can now ensure all parameters and measures are at healthy levels without relying on a specialist. With integrated report generations, AI-driven data integrators, smart analytics systems and interactive visualisation, Cerexio IQ and OQ System remain the ultimate solution for all qualification insurers across the industrial world.
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Adaptively modify protocols to meet evolving needs and technological advancements, providing enterprises with flexible customization choices. This adaptability guarantees that protocols stay in line with changing requirements, fostering the agility needed in changing operational environments.

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Boost productivity by customising protocols for particular equipment, adding procedural tweaks and fine-tuning that correspond with operational subtleties, and guaranteeing peak output and economical use of resources.

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By putting automated recording, secure archiving, and streamlined data management procedures into place, you can guarantee accuracy and adherence to data integrity standards while also providing accurate and easily accessible records.

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Real-time insights into protocol progress enable prompt issue identification and proactive troubleshooting and resolution. This prompt response facilitates more efficient workflow operations and improves overall protocol management.

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Resolve problems quickly with flexible error-handling systems to avoid protocol execution interruptions. By taking a proactive stance, possible errors have less of an impact on operational efficiency and a continuous workflow is guaranteed.

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Simplify protocol execution by using intelligent automation to cut down on manual labour and ensure reliable, error-free operations. This methodology maximises effectiveness, improves dependability, and facilitates smooth protocol handling in a variety of operational scenarios.

Cerexio IQ and OQ System

Benefits of Cerexio IQ and OQ System

The Cerexio IQ and OQ System deliver a holistic solution, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and precision in qualification processes. With a dynamic protocol library, smart instrumentation integration, secure data archiving, and user-friendly features, it empowers organisations with adaptability, reliability, and proactive troubleshooting for elevated operational excellence. Explore more benefits below.
Minimal Risks, Maximum Results Cerexio IQ and OQ System are made to guarantee that every stage of your experiment can be carried out accurately, minimising the possibility of mistakes or varying interpretations and preventing the loss of important funding and research time. 100% testing Accuracy Experience unparalleled testing accuracy with the Cerexio IQ and OQ System. Boasting a cutting-edge approach, it ensures 100% testing accuracy, providing confidence in results and precision in validating equipment, instruments, and software across various industries Secure Digital Archiving Cerexio IQ and OQ System offer the invaluable benefit of secure digital archiving, ensuring the confidential and intact storage of critical data records. This feature enhances data integrity, compliance, and accessibility, safeguarding essential information for efficient audits and inspections. No Risk of Data Loss Cerexio IQ and OQ System bid farewell to the risk of data loss. Its secure digital archiving ensures the preservation and accessibility of critical data records, offering peace of mind and reliability in safeguarding valuable information for future reference and compliance.
Universal Industry Facilitation Cerexio IQ and OQ System facilitate 20+ industries, including bioanalysis, cell biology, diagnostics, drug discovery, food testing, general liquid handling, genomics, lipidomics etc. This makes it the go-to protocol library system for most food, beverage, and medicine manufacturers.
Limitless Automation Experience unparalleled efficiency with Cerexio IQ and OQ System’s benefit of limitless automation. Streamline processes, reduce manual effort, and enhance accuracy as the system automates tasks, ensuring optimal performance and minimising the risk of human error. Seamless Calibration Procedures Ensure seamless calibration procedures with Cerexio IQ and OQ System. The system simplifies and optimises the calibration process, reducing complexities and ensuring precision in instrument calibration for enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy. Self-Service Dashboard Empower your team with Cerexio IQ and OQ System’s Self-Service Dashboard. Enhance user autonomy and streamline operations as personnel access and manage data, protocols, and insights independently, fostering efficiency and reducing dependency on external support. Smarter Troubleshooting Achieve smarter troubleshooting with Cerexio IQ and OQ System. The system enhances diagnostic processes, facilitating quick and intelligent identification of issues. This intelligent approach streamlines problem-solving, minimising downtime and contributing to overall operational efficiency.

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