Big Data

Big Data

Everyone talks about Big Data, yet not many understand what big data is and why it’s essential. The technology uses huge data sets that are analyzed computationally to identify and reveal patterns, trends, and associations and more to generate insights to help the decision-making process more effective. It uses both structured and unstructured data and often deals with complex data.

Understand data with big data

Being able to use big data in a business can transform your organization ultimately enabling the management to have more in-depth understanding on what’s really happening in each department in the organization – Thus allowing you to react and respond in the best manner to ensure best outcomes for everyone. Many organizations can benefit from Big data such as retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare banking, and so much more. From reduced operational costs, operational time wastes to optimizing operations, the list of benefits of big data goes on and on. Big data allows you to oversee and foresee organizations and its operations. Thus you are able to identify issues and understand the root causes of them fast and effectively before they do significant damage to your business.

However, you need highly advanced technology and well-planned strategy to implement big data in your organization. The technology requires more than having large sets of data but large sets of the right data. Thus implementing big data in an organization is truly an art; you need to master patiently as it can differ from industry to industry.

Big Data
Big Data

A good big data strategy is everything

At Cerexio, our big data experts always start a big data solution for our clients by weaving the data fabric for our clients with the right big data strategy. Our team is experts in the Hadoop distributed file system and capable of extracting from massive data lakes. An excellent big data strategy will treat data as a business asset rather than a by-product of applications and plan to ensure a seamless data process from data acquiring, storing, managing, sharing and using for inside and outside data of your organization. Data source identification and data integration also play a huge part in making big data flowless in an organization.

Number of tools, applications and applications to enable big data

From IIoT, social media, to various big data sources such as customers and suppliers, there are many data sources you can choose the best data sources from to fit your business. Seamless data integration between different systems, machinery and tools can ensure nothing gets lost in the way. Having the right technology, infrastructure and the tools in place to access, manage and analyze data is the next biggest part of the equation that you need to get right. You will have to decide the technologies and tools you choose depending on your requirement and business goals.

To give you an example, Cerexio Embedded Analytics delivers you an in-depth analytics solution that you can easily integrate with IIot and even robots and held in clouds. Cerexio Condition monitoring is another excellent software solution for big data implementation which you can use to monitor data pattern deviations and anomalies based on pre-set conditions. This allows you to dissect your data to understand what’s really going on. Cerexio Axon, our multi-protocol message broker another such solution that enables to transport generated data to Hadoop file system in real time -where we have done setup and manage 60 nodes Hadoop clusters in Cloud and On-premises environment.

Big Data
Big Data

Powerful big data solutions with Cerexio

At Cerexio, we understand that each step of the big data journey should be built with precision to last and lay the most robust possible foundation for the next step. We believe that so much goes into Big Data than just data sources and data analytics to receive highly accurate insights.

With us, you will always receive the best guidance that will help you make your decisions with confidence. We’ll study your business and your industry, what you have and don’t have and show you the most effortless way to take you towards your big data goals. From selecting the right tools, applications, systems to technologies to training your team to embrace the change, we’ll be there by your side. Cerexio also has a Hadoop cluster manager software to create, manage multi-node Hadoop clusters services via a single pane of glass.

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