Cerexio Digital Twin

Bring the physical world assets, processes and resources into the digital world for better visibility, performance tracking and optimization in a single digital platform. Monitor all your machinery, equipment and processes of your manufacturing plant right from your screen without having to be there physically.

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Digital Twins

Cerexio Digital Twin help you in the progress of your product development.

From data collection, data analyzing, data visualization to analytics and more, you are provided with smart ways to
monitor, track, analyze and control your processes and systems for better speed and operational efficiency. 

Simulation capabilities

Advance data analysis management

Reduced maintenance costs

About Cerexio Digital Twin

Cerexio Digital Twin Software brings you a powerful solution combining everything from digital twin technology,
IoT, real-time data updates, AI capabilities and advanced analytical tools to help you have better visibility
and control over your manufacturing plant. Develop 3D models, view real-time data of all equipment,
processes and systems in one place and get insights on what exactly going on in your
manufacturing plant and what you can do to optimize the performance. 

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Bring the physical world into a digital screen

Monitoring and managing assets, equipment and processes in the physical world can be quite the hassle and as it only allows limited visibility and understanding on what’s happening. With Cerexio Digital Twin System, you can bring all your assets, processes and systems into the digital world creating exact digital replicas of everything. So you could access and monitor all your machinery and operations right from your digital screen no matter where you are. That’s not it. The Cerexio is capable of much more than just creating 3D models. The system will help you turn your models into digital twins of the real-world counterpart, with a range of useful data.

  • View, monitor, simulate, analyze and control: Cerexio collects data from various sensors and systems with effective data transmission capabilities and let you view all your data in one place. Whether it’s a new product, rotating equipment, production line or any other process, the system will help you view data with the use of advance data viewing tools so you can have an effective global overlook on what’s really going on. It also helps you run simulations to help you find what works the best for the best performance.  It will let you monitor everything right from your screen while analyzing massive loads of data in real-time to help you identify defects, risks, issues and problems before they manifest so you can take actions before it’s too late. The system will effectively push alerts to notify you of any performance anomalies and system data errors so you can be prepared for what’s coming.

  • Best of all industry 4.0 technology: The system comes with a gourmet of features that will integrate industry 4.0 technology into your manufacturing process in ways you never thought was possible before. From interconnectivity, real-time data automation to machine learning and more, the system will offer you proven solutions for better efficiency and productivity in production processes. Opening doors for your manufacturing plant to embrace smart technology, the system will take your production process to new heights with innovative industry 4.0 functions. 

  • Next Level data visualization: Featuring many advance data visualization tools, the system will ensure you effective data representation and data analytics representations to help you digest all the data collected effectively. So you can understand what your data is trying to tell you easily without a hassle.  Eliminate the physical gap, predict malfunctions, have better control and visibility over your production process so you could save time and money and the hassle significantly in the long run.

Why Cerexio Digital Twin Software?

Providing you with life like digitals of your equipment, processes, assets and production lines,
Cerexio Digital Twin software helps you bring everything physical into the digital world.
So you could view, monitor, track and assess and control your factory’s machinery
as well as processes from one place. Below are some of the main benefits that the
system will bring you. 

Increased reliability of equipment and production lines

Creating compelling digital twin models of your equipment, Cerexio Digital Twin Software will help you learn about what exactly going on with your equipment in your production line. The system will help you analyze data to evaluate the performance of the equipment and production line and alarm you of signs of defects and issues before they manifest.

Better data visualization

The digital twin models of equipment, processes and assets will help you view all the data of everything in one place in a more digestible manner helping you derive meanings out of what your data is telling you easily. Plus, it will help you connect processes and systems combining data of equipment, enabling you to overview data of entire processes or systems effectively. 

Improved OEE through reduced downtime and improved performance

Improving the availability, performance and quality of production lines, equipment and assets, the system allows you to compare KPIs in real-time against simulated benchmarks. It also analyzes massive loads of data and identify risks and issues fast. So, you can take corrective measures and reduce downtime and improve performance. The result is improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).  

Improved productivity

An excellent digital twin software like Cerexio will let you view the real-time status of your equipment monitoring real-time data received from sensors and various data sources. So you will be able to experiment with your production line without halting the ongoing processes to find the best adjustment for reduced risks and improved productivity.

Reduced maintenance costs

Cerexio digital twin software will help you reduce maintenance cost in a great deal as it enables you to predict maintenance issues before breakdowns occur. So, you will be able to treat early signs of defects in the production line before they manifest into an expensive repairs or part replacements. 

Faster production times

Since you can predict equipment, asset and production line issues, problems and breakdowns way before they manifest, you won’t experience much unexpected breakdowns that will interrupt your production line. The predictions will enable you to have enough time to schedule your maintenance work effectively causing the minimum disturbance to your production process. Also, it will help you run simulation altering data to help you find the optimum performance levels.

Give you better control

When your processes and systems get complex, it’s easy to lose control over your processes and systems. Cerexio Digital Twin system will help you regain the control you’ve lost, providing you with better visibility across your factory equipment, assets and production lines right from your monitor. 

Features of Cerexio Digital Twin Software

Cerexio Digital Twin software comes with many advance features that will help you manage your
manufacturing plant effectively than ever before. Below are some of the key features of the software.

Comes with many advance graphic design and 3D modelling tools, the system ensures you simple and easy 3D modelling development capabilities. It enables you to develop digital replicas of your production lines, processes, equipment and assets efficiently. And it’s digital twin libraries with the drag and drop component function will save you time.

With Cerexio you can easily simulate events in your physical equipment and assets -so you could test and trigger data flows and production processes to find the best tweaks and adjustments that can be made to reach the optimum performance in the production process. 

The system ensures you effective data collection seamlessly integrating and different connective systems and sensors. It will enable smooth transmission of data to the system to update the digital twin with up to date data. It also assists you in data storage, organizing and processing and let you have the capability to process massive loads of data in real-time, always offering you up-to-date data. 

Comes with many advance IoT system functionalities and inbuilt AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities Cerexio Digital Twin Software presents you actionable insights helping you understand hidden meanings behind all your data. It has the capability to run complex algorithms, benchmark against assigned KPIs and provide you with effective visual insights within seconds. 

The system always presents you with up to the minute data from all the sensors, systems and other resources so you can view, monitor and track what’s going on in that very moment with each of your equipment, processes and asset. Thus, you are assured of highly accurate data to make better production decisions. 


The system comes with easy-to-use dashboards that can be easily customized to your requirements. It will help you easily keep track of the most important processes and equipment with a few clicks so you can perform everything from monitoring, tracking, assessing and controlling your operations from one platform. 

The system has built to help you understand and digest data effectively rather than just presenting data so you can save time and the hassle in understanding your data. Which is why it feature many useful graphs, charts and many other 3D and 2D data representation tools. 

Cerexio can identify any data anomalies in data then and there no matter how complex your production process and production lines are. What’s best of all, is that its job isn’t end there. The system will alert you of risks in the production line and asset issues, performance errors and malfunctions automatically. So, you have enough time to take effective actions to fix them. 

Inbuilt deployment tools of the system will let you collaborate on maintenance projects and simulation projects with efficiency. It will enable easy collaborations between teams, track progress, and manage changes and records everything, so you and your teams are well aware of the changes made and their process and current status of projects.

Cerexio Digital Twin Software Video Cerexio Digital Twin Software Video
Cerexio Digital Twin Software Video

Cerexio Digital Twin Software Video

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