Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud

Many organisations around the world adopt cloud technology. However, just as its benefits, there are downsides to cloud technology, which is why businesses are moving towards its next level- Hybrid cloud solutions—being a combined solution of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud. A hybrid cloud solution can fine-tune the ROI involved with cloud technology to deliver better outcomes for organisations.

Seamless solution across cloud and edge

On-premises clouds are remotely located closer to you, while public clouds use several servers across many geographical locations that are miles and miles away—managing on-premises demands a lot of space, a considerable investment and a lot of maintenance work. On the other hand, public clouds might not be the best option to handle your highly sensitive business data even though technology offers some attractive benefits. This is why a hybrid solution comes in handy providing solutions to all your business challenges.

The solution’s infrastructure includes a public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform, an on-premises cloud or data centre with access to a secure network.

Whether you are looking for a more cost-effective way to process your big data, or move to the cloud at your own pace to get flexibility for the future, or have only temporary processing capacity needs or just like to have the best of both worlds; the hybrid cloud is the solution for you. 

Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud for better agility, security and cost-efficiency

Most of the businesses don’t utilise a massive level of computation power every day. Difference services are run-in in different cloud environments. Thus, spending on the same level of computation power throughout the year is a waste of money. With a hybrid cloud, you have the option to extend your resources to a public cloud only when it’s necessary.

A combination of public and private cloud resources reduces the risks of process redundancies, thereby reducing the risk of security loopholes which can happen with separately managed environments. The model provides extreme agility to meet unique business demands in innovation. From product development, testing, prototyping to optimising IT performance, the hybrid technology gives the options to choose from to achieve the best competitive advantage.

Cerexio hybrid clouds strategy and expertise

Cerexio ensures the best hybrid cloud expertise for businesses in delivering hybrid cloud solutions for many organisations across many industries. From healthcare, financial, manufacturing, insurance, defence, telecom and media to education and government sector, we have worked with many organisations with a range of computing capacities to deliver an optimised computing solution.

The best example for this is Cerexio Axon Broker which enables streaming data among different cloud in real-time. Enabling organisations to reach a new level of innovation and operational management optimisation with next-level security, compliance and connectivity standards, we ensure tailor-made hybrid cloud solutions for our clients’ requirements.

Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

We make hybrid solutions for a consistent experience.

Assisting you to find the best technologies, solutions and platforms Cerexio hybrid cloud experts can deliver you an end-to-end solution.  Cerexio ensures the flexibility and scalability to fit your requirements, and our solutions are always developed to address your requirement, pain points, struggles and challenges to deliver a best-performing computing solution. From developing cloud architectures, application integration to data migration to developing the necessary security systems for the ecosystem, our experts will provide you with a well thought out our plan to ensure a seamless solution. Get more control over your data while receiving the flexibility to scale your operations with less risk and without breaking the bank.

Currently, Cerexio is managing up to 100 node cluster or more environment. Following cluster includes AWS cloud, Government cloud services and on-premises servers too

Cerexio high-end solutions ensure the ultimate hybrid cloud technology that interconnects your business with vast ecosystems