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Cerexio MES Sustainability Solutions Broadcasted in CNA

Cerexio MES Sustainability Solutions Broadcasted in CNA

Channel NewsAsia (CNA) news reporter Miss Claudia Lim reported about Cerexio’s efforts in ‘Digitising The Building Infrastructure of Singapore to be Smarter, Greener and Innovative’ on 13 July 2023. 

This segment explained how Cerexio incorporates smart systems with sensors and AI technology to help a manufacturing expert in Singapore, namely FuYu, to manage resources, smartly utilise the workforce and streamline overall operations in the most apt way possible. 

It explains how prior to the adoption of the Cerexio solution, the six plants in the FuYu manufacturing premises were manually handled by decision-makers by visiting the facilities in person. The innovative Facility Management Module of Cerexio allowed these manual, repetitive actions, like scheduling workflows, saving energy, calculating net-zero emissions and conserving resources, to be fully automated via a scalable and high-interactive platform. She also explains how the system optimises other departments of FuYu, such as data and finance.

Mr David Seow, the CEO of FuYu Corporation, explains that Cerexio solutions also aim at helping them in taking a journey towards a green future. He explains that one of FuYu’s key focuses is sustainability, where they have planned to reduce energy usage by 30%, and Cerexio’s MES System is helping them in that cause. 

Mr S. Gowrishankar, the CEO of Cerexio, also adds that Singapore is more concerned about green and sustainable initiatives in the 2050 roadmap and strives to achieve a carbon-neutral future. 

This broadcast benchmarks a milestone in Cerexio’s success in allowing modern manufacturers in Singapore to align their journeys to the bigger picture: enabling a whole-of-nation movement to meet a sustainable country. Watch the following video to learn more about this success story. You can also email us at [email protected] or dial +(65) 6762 9293 for more information.