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Cerexio Succeed at ITAP 2023 with Flying Colors

Cerexio Succeed at ITAP 2023 with Flying Colors


ITAP 2023-Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC trade show was successfully held in Singapore from October 18 to 20, 2013, marking its sixth victorious year. This three-day event was organised by Constellar, with international partner Deutsche Messe holding hands with many prestigious partners and supporting organisations around the world. This created a global grandstand that brought over 18,000 Industry 4.0 experts, researchers, and enthusiasts together in order to innovate, explore, and share knowledge among them. We are proud to reveal that Cerexio Singapore, in association with SMC Singapore, came to the spotlight at ITAP 2023, exhibiting their conjoined innovation of the SMC Air Management System. This expressed the outstanding collaboration of implementing and streamlining SMC’s Air Management System to optimise energy usage, reduce CO2 emissions, and detect and rectify air leakages in real time.

As the ITAP 2023 emphasised three key dimensions: Sustainability, Optimising Manufacturing Efficiency, and Supply Chain Resilience, SMC Air Management System received much appreciation from visitors and burst its exhibition booth with Industry 4.0 technology enthusiasts around the globe. On behalf of Cerexio Singapore, Mr. K. SriJeyanthan, the Engineering Lead, and the ITAP 2023 Cerexio representative, Ms. Kate Yeo at the booth shared their expertise on how SMC Air Management System distinguishes itself from conventional air management, incorporating advanced analytics for calculating crucial Key Performance Indicators while respecting the limits of global sustainability.

This collaborative innovation of Cerexio and SMC mainly focused on energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, air leak detection, and breaking the barriers as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Since the event provided many platforms, such as exhibition show floors, ITF, FoM Summit, Industrial Innovation Stage, I4.0 Tech Capsule, etc., for the companies to showcase their innovative experiments, ITAP 2023 became the centre for global knowledge floating to many regions.

By adhering to its sole purpose of learning, experiencing, and networking through the I4.0 transformation, this event enabled the industry experts to enrich their mastery, immersing them in the most current and cutting-edge trends and advancements within specific industries and markets. After its glorious three-day running, ITAP 2023 ended as ‘one community’ geographically apart yet technologically intertwined.