Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System

The system enables you to view, monitor, analyze and share data and manage your equipment maintenance work from predictive maintenance, service request management, work orders, asset management, project management to costing history.

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Predictive Maintenance System

Cerexio system will help you to build an excellent strategy to handle your maintenance management easily and effectively

Real-world environment trained software

Reduce machine failure

Improve production efficiency

About Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System

Embrace predictive maintenance in your manufacturing plant to improve your maintenance management operations for unbelievable results with Cerexio Predictive Maintenance.

Maintenance and repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Breakdowns are even worst as one breakdown in machinery will interrupt your entire production line affecting your profits negatively. Which is why you need an excellent strategy to handle your maintenance management easily and effectively. Lucky for you, Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System can help you do just that.

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Know your machinery better.

Offering you end-to-end predictive maintenance solutions with innovative predictive technology, the system will help you cut down costs, reduce downtime, optimize your resources and more. It will help you predict issues, malfunctions and problems before they manifest notifying you of very early signs of problems effectively. So, you have the time to fix the issue before they manifest.

  • Take maintenance work into the digital world: Manually monitoring and assessing your machinery and equipment for performance issues, malfunctions, servicing, and repairs is no longer effective. In the information age where everything is digital and automated, Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System brings you the benefits of the digital age into your maintenance management operations. The system enables you to view, monitor, analyze and share data and manage your equipment maintenance work from predictive maintenance, service request management, work orders, asset management, project management to costing history. At the same time, it will help you monitor your equipment, tracking warranty, equipment maintenance history and more. So, you can identify all sorts of issues from one platform without even having to see the machinery physically.

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs: A machinery breakdown or unplanned maintenance can cause considerable delays in the production process. This will affect your deadlines, profits as well as your customer satisfaction. Having a sound system in place to help you predict your maintenance issues will save you so much money and the hassle in the long run. It will help you have enough time to thoroughly plan your maintenance work reducing unexpected maintenance requirement. You will be able to effectively plan and schedule your projects and ensure of resource availability to get the maintenance work done without any delays. Plus, the maintenance issue predictions will help you catch signs of malfunctions, wears and tears, and breakdowns of machinery, enabling you to treat the root cause before it manifests as an expensive maintenance issue. 

  • Better compliance and safety : In manufacturing, plant’s safety should be one of your top priorities. Poor conditions and maintenance of machinery can cost you some serious issues, that might lead to destructive failures, serious injuries or even deaths.  With Cerexio Predictive Maintenance system, you are able to ensure a more secure and safer work environment for your labours. Because you will always have a good idea about all your machinery and what’s going on inside each one of them so you could maintain your equipment up to the best safety standards. Plus, you will easily be able to keep all your equipment in compliance with laws and regulations as you can monitor and manage everything right from your screen.

Why Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System?

Introducing amazing benefits of data connectivity, machine learning, AI, analytics and many other industry 4.0 technologies to your maintenance management process, Cerexio Predictive Maintenance system make your maintenance work simple, easy and effective.

Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System
Real-world environment trained software

Working with industry experts, we’ve developed Cerexio Predictive Maintenance system with real-world simulations to teach it to predict highly accurate predictions. Thus, you can rely on our software better than any other predictive maintenance software available in the market. The system’s machine learning capabilities and AI will continuously learn from the environment to improve the quality of predictions.

Reduce machine failure

The advance predictive maintenance functions of the software will enable you to learn the status, performance levels of your equipment effectively. The system will closely monitor data and use its advance algorithms and analytical capabilities to predict issues in machinery before they wear off and breakdown- so you will have enough time to fix the problem before it escalates. 

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintenance work when done as a breakdown appears will cost you more in the long run. With an excellent prediction tool like Cerexio, you can identify early signs of performance issues, malfunctions and wears and tears of equipment. Thus, you will easily be able to treat the root cause before it manifests into an expensive breakdown.

Reduce downtime for repairs

Effective predictions on equipment issues of the system will help you prepare for repairs and servicing of equipment early so you could plan out everything for the highest efficiency. The predictive knowledge the system provides will let you ensure availability of your teams for the task and gather the necessary resources required for the maintenance work so you can get it done fast.

Increase the lifespan of equipment and their components

Delays in repairs, servicing and continuous breakdowns in components of your equipment can affect other parts of the equipment shortening the lifespan of the piece of machinery as a whole. With Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System, you will be able to identify issues at a very early stage before it develops into significant problems and fixes them effectively so you can increase the lifespan of your machinery. 

Improve production efficiency

a single piece of machinery can halt the entire production line delaying your production orders and affecting your bottom-line. However, when you have our system implemented in your manufacturing plant, you will easily be able to reduce machine errors and downtime in repairs leading you to improved production efficiency. 

Features of Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System

Cerexio Predictive Maintenance comes with a myriad of groundbreaking features and here are some of them.

Featuring cloud technology, the system enables you to collect data in real-time from all the data sources, sensors and other systems such as ERP. The technology will allow you to collect data seamlessly and store, organize, analyze and share data between teams and necessary parties improving the quality of collaborations. 

The inbuilt digital technology tools of the system will help you build exact replicas of your machinery and equipment and feed them with real-time data from relevant sources. So, you can have life-like digital models of your machinery which will let you know what’s going on under the hood at a glance. 

Featuring cutting edge analytical tools and machine learning functionalities, the system has the capability to analyze, learn and adapt to real-world work environment fast and understand and predict maintenance requirements with a higher accuracy.

The inbuilt predictive maintenance alert function will effectively alarm you of issues in machinery and equipment. So, you won’t have to keep an eye on all the data charts and graphs looking for issues as the system will simply let you know of anomalies, problems and performance issues then and there monitoring everything on your behalf. 

The system comes with complex algorithms and analytical tools to help you derive deep insights into the data you collect from sensors. It also has the capability to process data to develop trends and identify patterns and combine data from different data sources to find connections and root causes of issues for you. 


Cerexio Predictive Maintenance Systems job doesn’t end after predicting an issue. Its downtime tracking tool will help you track the downtime of repairing whether it’s planned or unplanned and help you have a better analysis of your equipment maintenance work.

From PM services details, historical information to asset details, the system will manage everything related to your asset management operations, enabling you fast and effective asset management operations with improved accuracy and speed. The module will streamline the asset management process of your factory offering you better visibility and control.

Manage work orders effectively with the work order management module of Cerexio Product Tracking System so you can easily manage your maintenance work related to work order without leaving the platform. Create work orders, update requests, and track maintenance work completions across your factory effectively collaborating with other departments and all the teams and professionals involved in the project. 

Track your maintenance work repairs and service work effectively with service calendar tool and view all the maintenance work schedules in one place. View task calendar by week, month and asset wise. Colour code your tasks for easy identification so you could know the status and progress of the project at a glance. 

Report generation tool of the system allows you to generate in-depth reports instantly without having to do any manual work. Automating the report generation process, the system offers you a range of report templates to help you generate all the essential reports you need easily and effectively. 

Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System Video Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System Video
Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System Video

Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System Video

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