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How 5G Connectivity Helps Manufacturers to Scale UpCompleted

How 5G Connectivity Helps Manufacturers to Scale UpCompleted

Gone are the days when we were hopeful for an uninterrupted, interlinked cooperative environment through a robust network. Moving away from the impossible tasks list over the past years, it has become a reality with the introduction of 5G technology to the business context. When it comes to the manufacturing business arena, now you have a solid stage to play around with dollars.

What exactly is this 5G connectivity? Why did the manufacturing industry in Singapore need 4G technology? Let us explain everything through our latest blog article below.

An Introduction to 5G Technology


As the initial step, let us walk you through an overview of 5G technology. The latter is empowered by Industry 4.0 capabilities, and it represents a transformative force when it comes to connectivity and automation. This is kind of a ground-breaking synergy that uses 5G networks’ features, such as high speed and low latency, to accelerate industrial operations all over the world. In the Singaporean manufacturing industry, many companies rely on the latter as it benefits them unconditionally towards business growth.

The capacity of 5G technology doubles when it is integrated with Industry 4.0 technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, etc. If we move on to its practical applications in the manufacturing arena, 5G allows real-time data exchange, autonomous machinery, remote control of operations, and so on. Since it has become potent due to the use of data analytics, this technological pinnacle promotes not just productivity and efficiency but also informed choices. Do not think the employment of this 5G technology is limited to one particular industry. From manufacturing to logistics, a broad range of sensors are making use of 5G’s potential to build connected, intelligent ecosystems that are changing how companies function and develop in today’s business context.

Distinguishing 5G Connectivity

Availability and Coverage

5G connectivity significantly enhances availability and coverage by extending robust network access to previously underserved areas. This enables wider and more reliable connectivity for both urban and remote regions. When it comes to Singapore, 95% of the area is covered by 5G connectivity, making it the fastest in the world.

Enhanced Capacity

The capabilities of 5G connectivity are all targeted to revolutionise network capacity. With the outstanding potential to deliver up to 1,000 times more capacity than 4G, it lends a hand to the Internet-of-Things ( IoT) expansion in the business context. The synergy of 5G and IoT brings out a transformative impact on wireless networks. You can imagine this as opening doors to innovative applications in various domains, from urban environments to industrial settings.

Increased Bandwidth

Another impressive feature of 5G includes a vastly increased bandwidth that makes it possible to transmit more data than 4G. Its unique design manages usage spikes and optimises network traffic, ensuring smooth access even in overcrowded spaces like stadiums. This increased bandwidth has major effects on companies, especially when it comes to processing large amounts of data, with repercussions seen across all departments and divisions.

Low Latency

Low latency is a critical component of wireless communication, and 5G has the ability to achieve it for sure as it has been developed with lower latency than 4G technology. These networks will be able to transmit data back and forth in less than five milliseconds and it exceeds the processing time of the human eye. As a result, it makes machine-to-machine communication possible and allows for real-time remote device control for the companies that rely on it.

Speed Upgrades

Compared to 4G, the 5G connection undoubtedly offers enormous speed improvements. It has introduced an immense 100-fold rise in performance over the previous version, with expected speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Singaporean consumers and enterprises can now use and engage with data, services, and apps in a whole new way, which has completely changed how they interact with technology in this modern era.

How Does 5G Connectivity Help Manufacturers?

AI-Based Detection

It is evident that more companies rely on AI tools nowadays when it comes to manufacturing operations. In order to function smoothly, these AI softwares need uninterrupted connectivity. This is where the 5G connectivity empowers manufacturing businesses through its seamless integration with AI-based detection systems. As it is enriched with ultra-low latency of 5G networks, this allows real-time data transmission and processing for productions.

This leads to fast and accurate quality control, predictive maintenance, and anomaly identification. Reduced latency helps AI systems to quickly evaluate large datasets, spot anomalies, and reach decisions right away, improving product quality, cutting downtime, and saving money.

Real-Time Control

In the realm of manufacturing, real-time monitoring and taking control of various production aspects are of the utmost importance. Do you agree? As we previously pointed out, Singaporean manufacturers can remotely monitor and operate machinery and procedures with immediate response because of the reduced latency of 5G networks. This results in quick decisions and modifications, increased operational effectiveness, and less downtime.

As you can witness, the manufacturing industry receives backup for fine-tuning equipment settings, overseeing production lines, or addressing issues as they arise. 5G is the ideal way for manufacturing businesses to maintain a solid and adaptive approach, ensuring that operations run seamlessly and product quality remains consistently high.

Predictive Line Management

If you are looking for a transformative force for your manufacturing businesses, then 5G connectivity is what you are destined to have. As 5G couples well with predictive maintenance models, it helps manufacturers with predictive line management and planned downtime strategies. This is all because of the low latency and high data transmission speeds of 5G networks. It makes it easier to gather and analyse real-time data from manufacturing lines and machinery. With the use of this data, manufacturers can perform predictive maintenance initiatives while identifying and fixing possible problems before they result in unscheduled surprises.

When coupled with predictive analytics and IoT sensors, 5G connectivity ensures manufacturing processes run smoothly. Plus, this creates a bridge for you to boost your production’s productivity and minimise costly interruptions.

AGVs and Other Robotic Operations

Understanding the comfortability of utilising AGVs, more and more companies in Singapore keep investing in them nowadays. Purchasing them is one thing and smoothly functioning them while receiving the best benefits is another thing. That is where 5G connectivity revolutionises the manufacturing industry with its ability to back up smooth connectivity between autonomous vehicles and robotics operations. With its high-speed data transmission, 5G helps seamless communication between robots and vehicles, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness.

Production processes become more flexible and efficient as a result of the unmatched accuracy of AGVs in navigating manufacturing floors, moving supplies, and carrying out other activities. When it comes to the result,  a safer and more effective production environment is in your hands.

Safety and Security Management

Giving priority to the most important aspect, 5G connectivity empowers manufacturing businesses through integrated safety and security management. Its powerful technological capabilities enable real-time monitoring and response systems within the manufacturing facility. This is an outstanding approach to enhancing workplace safety and asset protection.

From the integration of IoT sensors to AI-driven surveillance, the latter helps manufacturers to promptly identify and address potential hazards or security breaches. Also, it ensures immediate alerting and corrective actions, safeguarding employees and valuable assets.

Cerexio 5G Technology


Being tightened with the bonds of Industry 4.0 capabilities, Cerexio-empowered 5G technology enters the business scenario to shake it up with its cutting-edge features. Cerexio is a top-tier software solution provider that offers ‘all-in-one’ solutions naturally integrated with advanced 5G capabilities. Our business mobility solutions ensure rapid and reliable data transmissions, anticipating 5G’s network advancements. Cerexio is your unparalleled destination in the journey of business success.

Broadening Business Capacities with Solid Technology


The digital transformation you were keeping your fingers crossed has finally arrived to simplify your enterprise tasks. The question is are you ready to welcome it? With new innovative solutions in your hand, the distance you can walk is unlimited for sure.

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