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Empowering Apparel Manufacturing with Digital Twin Technology

Empowering Apparel Manufacturing with Digital Twin Technology

The apparel industry is where we witness a huge demand for ‘Uniqueness’. This Is what makes this industry grow on a rapid scale, and the Singaporean apparel industry is no exception. Although it is tough to fight with the large-scale apparel industries in China, India, and Japan, Singapore is rising in the field, spreading its reputation as one of the major fashion hubs in the region. Do you know what the interesting point is? According to research, shopping has become Singapore’s national hobby, with 49% of the population declaring it as their favourite. In such a demanding business landscape, how can Singapore survive? The answer lies in the hands of cutting-edge technologies like ‘Digital Twin’.

In this article, we are going to explore how the utilisation of Digital Twin occurs in the Singaporean apparel industry to receive the best out of it.

Exploring Digital Twin Technology

  • This technology is designed to create a virtual replica or model of a physical object, system, or process.
  • This digital representation comes out as the result of the perfect blend of real-time data and analytics, data gathered from various sources such as sensors, other technologies like the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) algorithm, etc.
  • This powerful technological miracle empowers businesses to monitor and analyse the performance of their assets or operations.
  • The combination of Digital Twin and other software has the ability to analyse a massive load of data to provide predictive insights, which allows businesses to make informed decisions in the end.

Key Ways Digital Twin Empower Apparel Manufacturing


Sustainable Sourcing

Digital Twin technology plays a role that can not be avoided by apparel businesses to align with their sustainable sourcing practices. We know that the whole world is moving towards sustainable living, and how can the apparel industry turn away its heads from this rising popularity? Digital Twin can efficiently track the sourcing and production of materials from their origin to the final product. This level of transparency is the way companies need to ensure responsible and sustainable practices throughout their entire supply chain.

If we look into the capacity of the latter more deeply, it can provide real-time data on the origin, transportation, and processing of materials as well. This is one strategy that allows apparel businesses to monitor and validate the sustainability of their sourcing decisions. They can identify potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or unsustainable practices and make adjustments accordingly. This capability not only benefits the environment but also aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainability in the apparel industry.

Demand Forecasting

You can name the latter as a real ‘game-changer’ for apparel businesses when it comes to predicting prospect demand and evaluating certain patterns and conditions. But how can this be done? Digital Twin employs real-time data and sophisticated analytics to look into and analyse historical data and current trends in a comprehensive manner. This act permits businesses to enhance the accuracy of their demand forecasting.

What happens when you can be sure of such precision is that it minimises the risk of overproduction and waste, a common challenge in the apparel industry. With the ability to spot emerging patterns and changes in consumer preferences, apparel can make much stronger and data-driven decisions regarding inventory levels and production schedules.

Customisation Possibilities

‘Customisation’ is the most important element when it comes to fashion and apparel as the reason is so obvious. Nobody wants to stick to the same style or fashion trend for so long. And nobody wants to wear the same outfit as their neighbours do. When creating a virtual replica of their products and processes, Digital Twin clears the road for apparel companies to visualise and adapt designs to meet individual customer preferences.

This customisation can extend to various aspects, such as sizing, colours, materials, and styles. This level of personalisation enhances customer satisfaction, drives brand loyalty, and also positions apparel companies to thrive in an era where consumers seek uniqueness in every fashion trend they follow.

Remote Collaboration

This powerful technology revolutionises collaboration for apparel businesses, to be precise, breaking down geographical barriers. It is visible that the talent has been spread all over the world, and the apparel industry requires top talents and different eyes. Digital Twin makes it possible to gather top employees to meet the changing demands of society when it comes to apparel. Designers, manufacturers, and stakeholders from different locations can access and interact through these digital models, making it easier to share ideas, review designs, and collaborate on product development under one platform.

It certainly increases efficiency and also ensures that all team members have real-time access to project updates and can contribute to the decision-making process.  It is good to see that the latter allows seamless cooperation, backing up innovation in a landscape where creativity comes out as a team effort.

Virtual Prototyping

This is one of the main reasons why the apparel industry in Singapore started utilising this robust technology in their production process. Through the application of this, the companies can receive a reasonable solution to the traditional need for physical prototypes. On the other hand, Digital Twin allows for the creation of virtual prototypes. This innovation significantly reduces the need for physical samples, saving both time and resources.

On the platform it provides, the designers and manufacturers can visualise, test, and analyse product designs in a sophisticated digital environment. Saving your money helps make the adjustments swiftly and more efficiently when it is needed.  This not only accelerates the product development cycle but also minimises waste that comes after physical sample production.

Performance Monitoring

If you think you lack efficiency in apparel production, Digital Twin is the road you should walk on. It conveniently makes you look into the production performance in real-world conditions. Businesses can gain important insights into how their goods perform over time with this data-driven strategy, which gives them an enormous amount of information to increase functionality and effectiveness.

It is visible that this detailed understanding of how garments perform extends its hands for businesses to make data-driven design and manufacturing decisions. This is an outstanding benefit of Digital Twin, where you can stay relevant in the dynamic apparel market in Singapore.

Supply Chain Visibility

Are you worried about the lack of visibility into your supply chain? The answer seems to lie in the capabilities of Digital Twin. Let us explain how. In the above sections, we stated that Digital Twin virtual replicas offer real-time analysis. Through the utilisation of the same capacities, you can enhance the visibility into the entire supply chain, from raw material sourcing to the final product.

As a result of its transparent nature, manufacturing operations and inventory levels can be easily monitored, improving coordination. Apparel companies can track the flow of products, spot delays or obstacles, and take quick action to resolve problems in real time. It is clearly evident that this straightforward technology enhances on-time delivery and saves time and money by maximising the ROI as the best outcome.

Cerexio Digital Twin Technology


Cerexio-powered Digital Twin technology is where you catch the simulation at its best nature. Our Digital Twin solution, which links with advanced simulation technology, is essential for organisations managing extensive assets, offering dynamic virtual representations that enhance operational and administrative efficiencies for strengthened decision-making. It empowers the manufacturing industry by facilitating both neo and retro-fitting applications while offering hi-tech engineering capabilities for products, services, and business models. This is why Cerexio Digital Twin is renowned as a ‘must-have’ tool in the manufacturing business arena.

Touching the Depths of Globalisation with Modern Tools


Why do you need to limit your business operations to a certain grid when you can expand them to a global level with new technology like Digital Twin? However, it is also important to align your actual requirements when purchasing the best suit.

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