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How IIoT is Employed in Supply Chain Management

How IIoT is Employed in Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is the most important aspect in the manufacturing business context as it includes a broad range of subordinate categories to take care of when ensuring well-formed management. In order to address those various challenges they encounter in the day-to-day operations, the manufacturing authorities have been looking into innovative ways. Finally, they found the perfect answer that is enriched with the latest capabilities, which is named ‘Industrial Internet-of-Things’ or IIoT in short.

This article will look into the rising application of IIoT technology in supply chain management and how it has become an essential part of conquering the technological market.

Presenting IIoT Technology

  • This is a technology ecosystem that starts with connecting and interlinking industrial devices, machinery, and sensors and ends with collecting and exchanging data over the Internet.
  • The primary goal of developing this technology is to make real-time data monitoring and analysis possible in industrial environments, including manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain, and back up the efforts to boost productivity, cut down on downtime, encourage better decision-making, etc.
  • IIoT technology is powered by advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), and automation to optimise these complex processes encountered in the competitive business context.
  • In Supply chain management, IIoT has become a ‘must-have’ tool that revolutionises the way it operates every point smoothly without facing obstacles.

How IIoT Helps Optimising Supply Chain Management


Real-time Asset Tracking under Various Conditions

In the manufacturing industry, the authorities utilise IIoT sensors and devices for real-time tracking of assets, including raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. They consider this strategy as one of the best ways to enhance supply chain management, which affects the overall operational background. Now, let us explain how this occurs. As we know, this technology has the ability to offer continuous monitoring of assets based on their locations and conditions.

It is quite visible that by having immediate access to data on asset whereabouts and quality, supply chain authorities can conveniently prevent stockouts or overstocking issues. It goes without saying that this strategy results in a more simplified and efficient supply chain, ensuring that goods flow smoothly through the manufacturing process.

Prevention through Predictive Maintenance

Do you know that global manufacturing pioneers lose 1 Trillion USD per year due to unexpected machine downtime? It is an amount that is unbearable. Do we have a strategy to avoid these machine failures? That is where you need a sophisticated solution like IIoT technology. This advanced approach empowers manufacturers to proactively identify potential equipment failures before they disrupt operations. They considerably lower maintenance expenses, minimise downtime and maintain a steady and effective flow of items across the supply chain with the help of the latter.

If we elaborate a bit more, as IIoT can conduct early detection of issues, manufacturers can enhance their operational reliability while taking measures against costly production interruptions as well. On one hand, it saves your money, and on the other hand, it ensures the smooth flow of operations efficiently.

Boosted Supply Chain Visibility

One of the major concerns we often hear when it comes to the supply chain is the lack of visibility. However, when you hold hands with IIoT technology, it will act as the best weapon for you to fight your barriers. Let us explain how. The technology offers a comprehensive view of the supply chain, giving manufacturers the ability to oversee every stage of the process under a singular platform. From real-time monitoring of shipment statuses and tracking goods while in transit to the capacity to fine-tune routes and quickly look into delivery schedules, the capability of IIoT is unlimited.

Such end-to-end visibility is what exactly the supply chain management requires. It enhances each aspect of supply chain management, permitting manufacturers to make informed decisions promptly.  Another thing is when the manufacturers are encouraged to continuously track and assess the movement of goods; they can easily optimise logistics and minimise transit delays while making the delivery schedules.

Game-Changing Quality Control

The IIoT offers an innovative approach to tracking the quality and condition of products in real-time. This advancement in technology ensures that your buyers receive orders that match the highest quality requirements. As it enables constant quality control checks across the manufacturing and supply chain, organisations can now detect and address quality concerns early on. This is one of the best benefits of this solution, as it significantly reduces the chance of consumers getting lower-quality products.

It is evident that this reduces the expenses related to returns and product recalls while also improving consumer satisfaction. Delivery of consistently high-quality products is the way to strengthen brand loyalty and reputation in the highly competitive Singaporean supply chain marketplace.

Better Preparation through Demand Forecasting

It is common for every industry to face sudden demand waves during certain periods like seasons. How about if there is any way to know these demand waves in advance? As we mentioned above, IIoT is a data gathering and streaming platform and it can easily gather all the data related to your selling and buying patterns throughout the year. Embracing the wealth of this data provided by the IIoT, manufacturers can significantly enhance their demand forecasting accuracy.

The technology does this by combining and analysing historical data, market trends, and real-time sales data altogether.  By doing so, the IIoT can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences and market dynamics. The authorities can optimise their supply chain operations, cutting costs, enhancing resource utilisation, and guaranteeing that products are easily accessible when and where they are needed.

Staying within Limits for Energy Efficiency

The industrial world is one landscape where they put a high focus on the environment. This is the reason why most Singaporean supply chain-related organisations pay high attention to saving energy through their daily missions. What happens when you employ  IIoT in supply chain management is that it empowers you to closely monitor and manage energy consumption within the facilities. This real-time data-driven approach allows for the optimisation of energy usage, reducing costs and lowering the environmental footprint to an impressive level. IIoT-driven energy efficiency strategies help manufacturers benefit from reduced operational expenses and contribute to a more sustainable supply chain as they expect.

If we dive into this more, we can see that lowering energy consumption minimises greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impact on a larger scale. This makes the companies align with growing environmental sustainability goals, which the Singapore government values the most.

Being Smart in Warehousing

Smart and advanced warehouses coupled with IIoT technology equip sensors to bring storage management to another level. It is capable of monitoring inventory levels in real-time and efficiently organising products, etc. According to Singaporean supply chain experts, IIoT-powered advanced warehouses maximise storage space utilisation within the facility.

Also, IIoT makes it possible to automate picking and packaging procedures, which boosts accuracy and efficiency. When it is possible to eliminate manual labour and any mistakes, it helps match your targets with client satisfaction. As a result, customers experience faster and more reliable delivery of their orders, while manufacturers benefit from improved warehouse productivity and increased ROI.

Cerexio Powered IIoT Technology


Cerexio IIoT technology which comes with the combination of IoT technology, is at the forefront of the industrial digitisation revolution. In today’s Industry 4.0 expansion, solutions that couple IoT and IIoT capabilities assist the manufacturing industries in remaining relevant in the competitive landscape. Cerexio offers industry-specific solutions enhanced by these technologies, ensuring businesses meet the high-tech demands of modern industry standards.

Maximising ROI with Modern Tech


It is common to encounter a countless number of challenges when you are dealing with daily business operations in the supply chain. However, you can not stay away from them or be bothered by them. This is why we emphasise the employment of modern technology, such as IoT technology, as it clears the road for you to walk toward maximising ROI.

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