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What is Self-service Data Analytics?

What is Self-service Data Analytics?

Every minute that passes speeds up the collection of copious amounts of corporate data and makes data dependency crucial and essential in many industrial worlds. In the past, companies invested hoards of dollars in recruiting data practitioners to tackle their data and gain insightful stories about how they can make data-driven business decisions. With the advent of ‘Self-Service Analytics’, data analytics broke free from expert lock-ins, and it facilitated every user (including non-technical personnel) evenly. How did data analytics revolutionise with Self-service Data Analytics? How can your company benefit from Self-service Data Analytics? Today in this article, we will be exploring answers to these questions.

A Non-technical Definition for Self-Service Analytics

Data analytics simply means extracting insightful information from data. It applies technologies and statistical analysis on data to find patterns and trends to solve problems or clear the mist in particular ambiguous areas. It is the array of processes followed by most data-heavy companies to make intelligent decisions, reconfigure strategic improvements, elevate the efficiency of operation, deliver fantastic customer experiences, and many more lucrative achievements. But traditional data analytics methods require expert support for aggregating, remodelling, and coding complex data analytical models and harnessing technological tools to utilise analytical capabilities.

Therefore, the advent of ‘Self-service Data Analytics’ revolutionised data analytical capacities by allowing any user, including users that are not even tech-savvy- to equip a user-friendly dashboard enabled by Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). It allowed all users to confidently compile data analytical actions effortlessly. Self-service analytics allows every user who can use a computer to use the power of intuitive data analytics to gain data-driven business insights instantly. This flexible data analytical approach cuts down unresourceful data asset draining and supercharges the analytical reporting by harnessing dynamic modifying, calculation functions, and data drilling down capabilities.

Self-service data analytics opened doors for many modern organisations driven by the digital age to accumulate actionable data at an incredible pace. It played the role of a ‘single version of the truth’ that any user in a business can capitalise on by integrating all data pipelines into one control point. It allows all users- even inexperienced ones- to dispel inconsistent data records and data duplication by equipping user-friendly tools and modules. It simply moved data acquisition, queries performance, report generation efforts, and other mission-oriented data tasks to a user-reliant and more imaginative edge. This directed the data analytics trends towards a data-healthy and convenient future. There are many buzzworthy purposes of Advanced Self-service Data Analytics Solutions, like:
  • Branding and personalisation of self-service data analytics provides professional and user-friendly environments for any user to exploit its services
  • It enables the user to access all data repositories via a self-contained and layered data storage mechanism
  • It is an open data platform; therefore, any data source of end-connect can be interlinked to the data network connected to self-service data solutions
  • It supercharges metadata management efforts
  • Self-service Data Analytics capabilities can be conveniently deployed in an existing IT infrastructure of any business
  • They are advanced with AI and ML libraries to leverage modern technologies for faster and accurate data insight generation
  • The new-age security and administrative protocols embedded in this solution allow filtered access to permitted parties to safeguard data integrity

Advantages of Harnessing Self-Service Data Analytics

Ability to Exploit Expert Labour on High-value Projects
Industrial and commercial establishments that use retro-fitting analytics systems hire analytics specialists and domain experts to invest an abundance of corporate time and spending on querying data and delivering reports. But not all organisations had or have the luxury of investing resources in data analytics. Interestingly, after the convergence of data analytical tools with user-defined and user-friendly interfaces, the self-service analytics system gained prominent uses. It enabled the analytics professionals to redirect their focus on high-value projects that bring long-term outcomes for the company. So self-service analytics helped organisations to make the best use of their data practitioners on intricate operations rather than relying on them to execute simple data manipulation tasks.
Any User Can Harness A Frictionless Data-driven System
Legacy Data analytics system allows users to tailor reports to submit requests for the guidance of a data professional or a busy employee from the IT department. Another disadvantage is that these reports and feedback go back and forth between departments for days or weeks based on the availability of work time and efforts of a company. In most cases, when the insights are finally generated, it might even be too late to meet a decisive target based upon data that have been lingering around for too long! This is because the value of analytics is at its topmost level when data is being analysed fresh or in near real-time.
The friction between poor collaboration between departments is undoubtedly mitigated by Self-service BI Solutions. With self-service analytics, users centralise data access and collaboratively capitalise on actionable data with no waiting. They can simply use advanced tools to query data on the fly confidently and supercharge corporate decision-making processes based upon real-time data or information.
A Lower Barrier To Meet Actionable Insights
One of the significant advantages of self-service analytics technologies and innovative BI tools is that they allow any permitted end-user to drill down into corporate data and come to lucrative conclusions self-reliantly. Unlike traditional analytical methods, users do not consult data analysts or data scientists to gain support from their programming expertise. Just like any data expert, they can use AI-powered algorithms and smart, intuitive dashboards to feed data and output actionable insights within seconds.
Self-Service Analytics allows the users to create and modify personalised reports, visualised representations, dashboards to streamline their everyday workflows and discover data for seamless decision making; it’s quicker, easier and it encompasses advanced interactive tools and BI technologies that lower the barriers of actionable data manipulation to even people who are not tech-savvy.
Never Overlook Noteworthy Data Patterns
The seamless data integration of self-service systems aggregates data across all departments. For example, suppose the marketing department needs analytical insights about the financial viability of the business to sponsor an event. In that case, they can simply access the information of the accounting department using self-service tools rather than meeting or calling a person in the Finance and Accounting Department. All data networks of corporate sectors like accounting, ERP, sales, marketing, HR and more will be webbed into a single consolidated system by the self-service analytical technologies.
This helps all data-dependent employees of the company to monitor and exploit data insights to make decisions by themselves without wasting time consulting another peer. For instance, a specific customer’s profile can be split between the sales and marketing departments for unique inter-department operational requirements; nevertheless, all client data can be shared and accessed via one query.

Self-service Data Analytics for Your Business

Self-service Data Analytics can facilitate your business with the above advantages and many more. Here are the main reasons why your business should not miss out on upgrading your analytical platform with this technology.

  • Self-service data analytics will reduce employees’ reliance on IT experts and relieve your IT experts by allowing them to focus on doing high-value and professional tasks instead.
  • Just like all other organisations, your company, too, has a unique way of addressing goals and meeting signature needs. Therefore, adopting self-service data analytical capabilities override linear query-analysis and enable independent data exploration abilities. This way, you can uncover insights and narrate lucrative stories from data that you didn’t even know existed.
  • It will unlock the amazing competitive advantages for your company because your decision-makers can exploit actionable insights without that laggard and expensive wait. With faster decision making your company can glide to the competitive edge and strand your competitors at bay.
  • Furthermore, it elevates data literacy amongst all your employees. Your employees can self-reliantly use analytical technologies and grow their skills by tackling data and arguing with data-driven insights to make tactical and value-driven decisions. Your company can house a data-literate culture where all your employees are trained to think out of the box.

Cerexio Can Help in Your Data Literacy Journey Too

Cerexio is one of the most admired and trusted data analytics software solution enablers in Singapore. It enables hi-tech data integrations solutions, Edge, 5G, IoT and IIoT technologies and data analytics solutions that any forward-looking data-dependent company can equip to gain the best out of their data. Do more with less with Cerexio technological upgrades and initiate your journey towards the future with the best self-service data analytics solutions by dialling +(94) 114 075 160 or emailing [email protected]. You can also send your signature demands and concerns of the technological requirements by filling this form.

Self-service Data Analytics is The Future of Data Governance and Analytics

Self-service Data Analytics redefined the future of corporate analytical efforts with a not-to-be-missed set of data analytics components like smart data analytics platforms, enterprise data catalogues, automated corporate data pipelines and intuitive data governance tools. The disruptions made by the rising number of digital transformations of businesses worldwide makes Self-service Data Analytics an essential upgrade for data-driven conglomerates. It keeps advancing and facilitating companies with high-functioning digital cultures, and soon, all companies will find it an ideal tool to remain resilient in unforgiving competitive environments.

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