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Boosting Performance of Smart Warehouses in 2023

Boosting Performance of Smart Warehouses in 2023

What is the best formula to increase the business growth of your warehouse or inventory? Well, actually there are many formulas to be discussed, but warehouse management should own a top position in that list for sure. Why do you need efficient warehouse handling in the first place?

Having a productive warehouse involves optimising output while minimising waste and saving time and money. It is where the concept of ‘smart warehouses’ enters the scenario. In the contemporary economic environment, smart factories and warehouses are swiftly becoming a standard role. 

But how does the implementation of smart warehouses affect your business? Plus, how does this integration with other technologies really happen? Can smart warehouses boost your business growth in 2023? Well, let us talk about all of these things through this article today.

What are Smart Warehouses?


First, let us walk you through an overview of ‘Smart Warehouse Technology’. What exactly is a smart warehouse? It utilises a variety of automated technologies and solutions to carry out warehouse responsibilities. For effective warehouse management, it could consist of both software for automating warehouses and hardware, such as machines and robotics.

Those are growing in demand as businesses look for solutions to save expenses and enhance production. Did you know that the global market share of smart warehouses was USD 14.8 Billion back in 2021? And yes, it is expected to be growing up to USD 29 Billion by the end of 2028. More and more the economy is getting complex, and more companies opt for them.

This automates tasks to increase output, effectiveness, and accuracy, and the solutions put in place provide workers and processes more flexibility. The utilisation of this warehousing technology allows the facility to be open round the clock a day while significantly reducing the need for manual labour.

The Best Technological Integrations to Boost Smart Warehouse Performance


As we have mentioned above, warehouses become ‘smart’ when they integrate with other powerful systems. There are many software and solutions out there to assist in the journey from boosting warehouse management from zero to 100%. In the section below, we are going to discover the top sophisticated systems that can be integrated with smart warehouses to bring you the desired results in productivity and efficiency when engaging in business operations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As one of the major software to be integrated with warehouse management, the Internet of Things or IoT is a technology that has spread its authority over warehouse management. Assisting ASRS systems in this area, a wide range of high-tech IoT devices, such as sensors, robots, and picking tools, quickly relay operational data to the primary warehouse system.

Artificial Intelligence

It is important to harness the wealth of data gathered through smart warehouse operations to streamline a variety of activities. Predicting inventory needs, streamlining picker routes, simplifying dynamic work allocation, and coordinating on-site operations are all made possible through the implementation of AI-driven solutions.

Warehouse Management System

An advanced warehouse management system with cutting-edge features and room for growth could be utilised as the main operating system to continually regulate warehouse workflow and operations.  Also, the automation systems can act as an interface between devices like sensors, robots, and other warehouse technology equipment and software like ERP, WMS, Inventory management systems, and shipping software.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

‘Automated mobile robots’ is the umbrella name for a collection of highly developed machines that can do a wide range of tasks, including automated picking and storage, packaging, inventory distribution, and more. The seamless, effective, and error-free flow of goods is made possible by these robotic equipment working in collaboration with floor workers. Cobots, the newest robotic technology in smart warehouses, are created specifically to work alongside employees in the warehouse.

Automated Picking Tools

The warehouse can achieve optimal picking rates with the implementation of automated picking systems. This category contains a wide variety of implements, including pick-to-light and voice-automated picking.

The warehouse management systems must be intended to support these technologies for a smart warehouse to function efficiently. It enhances picking by accelerating selection, increasing labour allocation, and minimising errors made by humans. When it comes to warehouses and their handling, automated picking tools are a ‘must-have’ to boost performance.

Top Benefits of Adopting Smart Warehouses in Your Business


Analyse Efficiency

Reviewing and evaluating efficacy is one of the main benefits of using the latter. Without awareness of current problems, progress is difficult. It is crucial to assess resource usage and guarantee a seamless flow of commodities.

Chain inefficiencies could result in undesirable effects of ripples. When dealing with system issues, a thorough analysis is frequently preferable to spot repairs because a new system in one area could be useless if other parts are broken.

Layout of the Warehouse

It is common knowledge that layout and effective warehouse operations go hand in hand. Even a well-organised warehouse can grow chaotic, reducing worker productivity and creating safety hazards. You need to assess your warehouse’s layout frequently and make sure that the right protocols are followed and the best paths are taken. Technology makes it easy for businesses as warehouse items can be located more quickly and safely by using smart technologies like RFID.

Tracking Goods

The emergence of smart warehouse technology has made easier item tracking. You can effortlessly monitor and trace the flow of your goods throughout the warehouse by using modern technology. This streamlined process ensures accurate inventory management, reduces the possibility of loss or errors, and makes it simpler to promptly and satisfactorily complete requests.

Keeping Tabs on Your Stock

Wholesale distributors regularly struggle with overstocking, which can lead to significant losses from unsold or out-of-date items. You can eliminate this pain point by implementing a reliable approach that offers real-time stock visibility in your warehouses.

No More Errors in Shipping

Do you believe that shipping mistakes have a detrimental effect on customer satisfaction and long-term income? That is why these problems need to be fixed internally, and complex corrective procedures are required. Utilising tracking and identification technologies can significantly minimise the number of correct product shipments.

Increment in Labour, Material, and Manufacturing Efficiency

Adopting smart warehouses increases production, labour, and material efficiency, which is a definite advantage. Utilising state-of-the-art technology and automation, they expand output, reduce resource usage, and simplify processes. This comprehensive improvement creates significant benefits for businesses and has a positive impact on overall operational performance.

Space and Warehouse Capability Management

This cutting-edge technology provides a substantial advantage by enabling creative utilisation of space and maximising warehouse capacities. Latter maximise storage capacity and improve operating efficiency through intelligent automation, effective layout designs, and real-time data analysis. 

Cerexio Smart Warehousing


Did you know that you can boost your warehouse efficiency by 200% employing Cerexio powered smart warehousing technology? Cerexio presents this new age software that utilises smart technology in an industrial distribution network collectively and collaboratively will alter warehousing and logistics performance in a clever, quick, accurate, and reliable way. Hold hands with us to accelerate your business growth in no time.

Advance Your Business with Smart Warehouse Technology Today


If you are planning to opt for a Smart Warehouse system, our friendly advice is to go for the best and most reliable one. Cerexio-powered Smart Warehouse Technology is well-equipped with all these advanced features that will help you to streamline your business process creatively and innovatively. With Cerexio, your future is brighter than you think!

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