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Digital Twin Technology Reforming the Future of Safety

Digital Twin Technology Reforming the Future of Safety

A digital twin is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform capable of enabling the creation of an up-to-date 3D representation which is the exact counterpart (or twin) of a physical object, process, relationship or behaviour. This has significantly contributed to constructing different prototypes, manufacturing viable products in every aspect, adopting sustainable practices and more. While corporates that use digital twin technology have often regarded its benefits, solely from a business-oriented perspective, specifically in terms of profitability, one key advantage of adopting this technology is safety management.

Safety management is the process of realising certain safety functions. It aims to promote safety and protect people and property within an organisation from hazardous situations. Digital twins provide the required safety insights to foresee problems, plan more effectively, execute more efficiently and optimise the outcomes. According to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), work-related accidents take more than 2 million people’s lives annually. Administrators are therefore expected to ensure maximum workplace safety for their staff and community. This article will assess how digital twins can be used to implement a safe working environment.

Four Ways How Digital Twins Safeguard Employees

There are many ways an employee can be at risk in the workplace. From the designing to the manufacturing stage, employees could potentially endanger themself whilst carrying out routine checkups, trying to fix an anomaly and more. Here is how incorporating digital twins can prevent such workplace accidents from happening.

Manufacturing An Error-Free, Robust End-Product

A lot of workplace accidents can occur when products are being manufactured. When a product is in its designing, prototyping and manufacturing stage, engineers will attempt to carry out various projects to determine its feasibility. Various trial runs and tests will therefore be conducted to assess which version of the object would be best. Instead of wasting finances, resources and energy on a product with many errors, digital twins allow factories to manufacture the product once the engineer guarantees it to be a robust end product. Since digital twins are virtual replicas used to run simulations, everything is done digitally. Assess all strong and weak points while putting the object through every possible hazardous situation, all whilst not harming anyone or thing.

Predict Accidents Before They Occur

When using a digital twin, note that a physical object is monitored. Based on the various anomalies it presents, a digital twin model is able to predict future accidents that could occur. Digital twins will note the multiple reasons an accident could happen and warn factory managers of possible hazards that could endanger the factory and people. In certain situations, some digital twins are constructed in such a way that when a risk occurs, the digital twin automatically executes itself to stop employees from entering. It uses the help of sensors and robotic technology to prevent humans from interfering. In the designing stage, these factors may be helpful when manufacturing a product. For instance, before investing in raw materials to make the product in question, the technology can predict the chances of accidents when a specific material is used instead of another. 

Improve Air Quality

In manufacturing factories, there is a high level of machinery. Due to this, there is a tendency for warm air to circulate, which if ignored, risks the safety of its employees. With the help of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors, which monitor the humidity level in factories in real time, a digital twin can automatically rectify any concerning readings. Where the reading is of concern, a digital twin can adapt the HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) building systems as per the ambience. This helps to conserve energy, curtail the spread of any diseases that may occur and essentially ensure that clear air quality is present in the working space.

Visualising Assets in Real-Time From a Remote Location

Digital twins can be used in multiple industries.  Where it is utilised in industries such as water, wastewater or roading sectors, it additionally provides managers to visualise assets from wherever they are. This means if assets are, for instance, in a precarious state, digital twins can minimise direct contact or interaction with such assets. By monitoring and assessing each asset’s condition, no team will have to visit the site blindly. Thus, from the get-go, teams will know how much caution should be used prior to entering the dangerous environment. This also helps utility providers to prevent the public from harm. As a result, if, for instance, a highway shows an indication of an unhealthy state, the road manager can direct that highway to be closed.

Why Should You Choose Cerexio Digital Twin Technology Solutions for Safety Management?

The Cerexio Digital Twin is driven by the latest and most potent simulation technology. It physically manipulates all the assets in your factory to ensure they are in their best condition, guaranteeing a healthy environment for your employees. Cerexio understands that digital twins are now a mandatory technological tool that must specifically be present for asset-centric industries. Thus, Cerexio has incorporated digital twins into each of its solution suites. As one of the only software vendors specialising in solutions for the manufacturing industry, manufacturers will find any of Cerexio’s solutions to be well-rounded. Design, manufacture and construct objects of the best quality that can withstand harsh conditions and is sustainable for the environment. With unlimited trial runs, you can save energy and time and prevent waste from being generated. The detailed insights that the system help managers automate and make informed decisions. 

Generating a detailed 3D model is a quicker and more cost-effective process than ever with Cerexio. As a trusted industry 4.0-based technological solution provider across the globe, we are committed to assisting you in remodelling all of your management efforts with powerful visualisation tools and simulation features of our digital twins that lead to fascinating possibilities. Contact us to learn more about what other features are included in our solutions.


Digital Twins Is the Future

The world is evolving and rapidly digitalising every industry. One clear advantage of digitalisation has been in terms of ensuring safety. With the various types of industry 4.0 technologies raised, a digital twin is a  must-have technological tool to unlock many benefits. While digital twin technology has offered great industrial benefits for years, recent advancements in cloud and IoT technologies moreover allow these digital models to be more precise than ever.

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