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5 Proven Technologies That are Game Changers for Big Data Users

5 Proven Technologies That are Game Changers for Big Data Users

Big Data Technologies are reigning in the business and industrial world with the demand for big data-driven business insights, a rising number of data sources and standard data volumes expanding from petabytes to yottabytes. Businesses are spending a fortune in optimising the way they mine, store, analyse, share, and visualise data by adopting comprehensive data frames and tools to embrace the power of data to make the right decisions, the right way and at the right time.

Many operational and analytical big data technologies have disrupted the industrial world in current times. Big data became a new trend to indispensable human-made resources in less than a decade and is now the most investigated resource to make crucial organisational, state-wide or national decisions. Some of the big data-based decisions that we make are weather forecasting, stock marketing, asset condition analysis, time series analysis, environmental changes predictions, food demand predictions, estimated population statistics and more.

Today we will be focussing on the 5 leading-edge big data technologies that are regarded as game-changers for big data-dependent users of the new age.

Two Main Types of Big Data Technologies

Big data is capitalised for two main purposes: operations and analytics-n so based on their purposes they all big data technologies can be categorised as Operational Big Data Technology and Analytical Big Data Technology.
Operational Big Data Technology
Firstly, Operational Big Data Technology is the technology that directs data influxes to Analytical Big Data technologies. It navigates data streams that are being constantly produced at multiple data sources like:

  • AGV: Autonomous Guided Vehicle
  • AMR: Automated
  • Mobile Robot
  • Applications
  • Web Servers
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Databases
  • Data Lakes
  • Data Warehouses
  • Devices
  • Flat Files
  • IGV: Intelligent
  • Guided Vehicle
  • IIoT-driven Sensors
  • Mainframes
  • Marketing Metrics
  • RFID Sensors
  • RGV: Rail Guided Vehicle
  • Robots and more.
Analytical Big Data Technology
This big data will be later directed to more advanced adaptation data technologies: Analytical Big Data Technologies. These types of technologies are the most crucial technologies for they are the tools and modules used by data experts to narrate success stories by capitalising on and manipulating big data. These technologies provide the needful insights for decision-makers to make the essential decisions in an efficient, transparent and fact-based manner.

5 Game-changing Big Data Technologies for Big Data Users

Blockchain Technology Replacing Conventional Business Models

Blockchain technology is a business model that is developed to record big data without any conflict. It is faster, more secure- impossible to be changed, hacked and infiltrated by data pirates-, accurate and can be efficiently applied in complicated, data-heavy systems.

It is used by data-centric organisations to build an adaptable, permanent and transparent ledger system to amalgamate big data in a way that user-defined data can be tracked and traced faster than ever. It offers a decentralised structure to manoeuvre big data, is fast, immutable, cost-efficient and ensures the privacy of sensitive information of the organisation.

Blockchain technology is used by organisations for many business applications, including:

  • To constantly monitor supply and logistics chains
  • To develop a tracking system for anti-money laundering
  • To ensure the security of cross-border transactions
  • To optimise identity security
  • To track real-time music and art royalties
  • Used in non-fungible token marketing
Blockchain Technology Replacing Conventional Business Models
Data lakes are centralised data repositories that store data as they are (in its natural or raw format)- despite data being structured, unstructured and semi-structured. Therefore, the data specialist can store the data by standardising or using data uniformity tools. Big data-driven practitioners have proven to outperform their market competitors by using Big Data Lakes to exhaustively analyse big data to find better business values and other better competitive advantages.

Data lakes enable unlimited scalability, better flexibility for analytics can be seamlessly integrated with other data sources and storage, welcomes a diversity of data types and inherits more features that facilitate better big data control, crawling, indexing, analytics, cataloguing and utilisation.
Highly Impactful Predictive Analytics Technologies

Predictive Analytics is another game-changing big data technology used by industrial and commercial specialists of the new age. Predictive technologies use IoT-driven big data, AI-powered metrics, ML (Machine Learning) models to investigate data patterns and trends to use fact-based analytical tips to anticipate future outcomes accurately. By providing reliable insights into what will happen in the future, organisations get the advantage of saving the organisation time, money and effort within a single effort.

Predictive Analytics derive insights that enable a range of benefits for industrial and commercial players that produce ample amounts of a big data lake:

  • Address operational, managerial and administrative problems before the occurrence
  • Augment products and services to remain to be order winners of the future market trends,
  • Gain competitive advantages
  • Gain futuristic opportunities
  • Meet the impending consumer expectations at a granular level
  • Optimise the performance of the business
  • Prompt the safety of social, environmental and political wellbeing
  • Reduce cyst, risks and wastages with success-guaranteed insights
  • Understand the future conditions of assets and infrastructure
Indispensable Hadoop Ecosystem
The Hadoop Ecosystem is an open-source framework built to store, process, standardise and analyse big data in a company. It is a finely structured analytical framework that has the propensity to activate multiple analytical workloads to meet an organisation’s predefined goals and objectives. The Hadoop ecosystem has four main components, namely HDFS, YARN, MapReduce and Common- each specialised in data functions to automate and maintain data management excellence even when data influxes are untamable. 

The Hadoop ecosystem is highly-scalable and outperforms better than all conventional RDBMs. It supports high-throughput and is universally accessible, fault-tolerant and ensures that there are the lowest rates of network traffic in your data systems. 
Indispensable Hadoop Ecosystem

Last but not least, AI- Artificial Intelligence- is the biggest and unchallenged big data technology. AI is a simulation of human intelligence processes to empower the automated decision-making power of machines. AI is a technology that is used by almost all analytical technologies to train models to understand the behaviour pattern of various situations. Enevthough AI-powered tools might rely on human intervention in discerning complex mechanisms, it does have a very high potential in understanding and augmenting statistical logic based on current events- and this potential keeps growing with time.

“AI into IA. In my rendering, that would be to turn artificial intelligence into intelligent assistance, intelligent assistants, and intelligent algorithms.”

— Thomas L. Friedman (Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations)

Many technology specialists, economists and industrial practitioners have stated that AI is and will be a revolution for a world where big data is considered the blood of the new-age business and the industrial world. It has become the talk of the year for many years due to the countless advantages it has rendered. Some of the main advantages of AI are:

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Deeper Big Data Analytics
  • Eliminating Cost Outlays
  • Human Error Elimination
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Informed Decision-making
  • Mass Market Potentials
  • Optimised Workflows
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Advantages
  • Uninterrupted Operations

Cerexio - The Finest Big Data Technology Provider

Cerexio offers trending data technologies and user-defined tools with interactive and scalable dashboards, visualisation tools and well-trained AI-powered data models. Cerexio offers the best data mining tools, event-driven analytical models, best predictive models, next-generation AI-driven BI tools and the best data-centric integration platforms. Cerexio technologies facilitate all industrial establishments who are aiming at being challenged when entering the fourth industrial revolution with the technologies that meet the newest demand of the DigiTech world.

Cerexio is one of the few data technology solution enablers who remained resilient to the swirling changes of the big data industry spurred after the epidemic. We offer new-gen technologies driven by bid data like Digital Twin, Twin, Simulation, GIS Layers, Satellite Data Analytics, IIoT System Instrumentation, Predictive and Prescriptive Technologies, Self-Reliant Data Analytics, IIoT-based Industrial Technology Stacks and more. Connect with us to book an appointment with our training and consultant specialist to understand what big data technology suits your business and how Cerexio can deploy them.

Are You Ready for A Big Data-driven Future?

The big data market is ever-growing yet never overgrown- because data-driven decision-makers can never have enough data, and their interest in data technologies are surging more than ever. As all leading organisations are equipped with a sharp growth mode with unfaltering big data analytic technologies. According to globenewswire.com the market size of the worldwide big data technology market size is anticipated to meet a limit of USD 116.07 billion by 2027.

Therefore, understanding the big data technology that your organisation is missing is to become a big-data-driven, cloud-native establishment, to remain unperturbed by the future disruptions of the industrial and commercial world. Understanding your potential with the optimal data technologies can help you achieve better operational efficiency and productivity levels faster and effectively.

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