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Handbook for Choosing the Best Programmable Logic Controller and Instrumentation Service Providers

Handbook for Choosing the Best Programmable Logic Controller and Instrumentation Service Providers

One of the most significant decisions for a manufacturer starting an instrumentation project would be to consider which Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is best. PLCs are a substantial aspect of automation in the world today. It resembles a small-sized computer which inputs data from the CPU and sends instructions as outputs based on its logic to any of the assets in a factory. Whether a machine, robot or sensor, it is through a PLC that its functions are carried out without the need for human guidance or interference.  In other words, PLC utilises the internal logic programmed into it to control the functions of a system. PLCs have been in the industry for a long time, already recognised for their integral role in manufacturing. It is a mandatory technology that is adopted by small businesses as well. Since various PLCs carry out different complex processes, companies can invest in one that fits their budget. They are quite easy to maintain, versatile, reliable and do not use up much energy to operate. If PLCs are as simple as this article sounds, what could be hard about finding the suitable PLC and Instrumentation service provider? 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best PLC and Instrumentation Service Provider

While PLCs are accessible to anyone, the quality of PLC differs according to the manufacturer. In fact, not all PLCs offer the same advantages and will vastly depend on the solutions provider. Not all vendors will be able to, for instance, programme the PLC to ensure it can handle complex processes. As Cerexio is a leading manufacturing solutions provider that has infused industry 4.0 technology to help manufacturers streamline the automation process, here are a few things to consider when choosing which PLC and instrumentation service provider are best for you:

Do They Offer Customisable Solutions?

No two manufacturing factories function in the same way. Depending on each factory’s requirements, the ideal PLC for a company will vary. The easiest thing to do is find a provider that offers customisable solutions. This way, all modules that cater to an organisation’s needs can easily be adopted. Any PLC provider who has taken the time to understand the processes in a factory thoroughly should be able to address each issue when proposing its PLC solution. Consider whether this is suitable as per the company’s resources and whether it is financially viable. 

Do They Talk the Talk?

While a manufacturer can understand each PLC solution offered by different providers, do not hesitate to clarify them. Even if the website states that a specific feature is included in a PLC solution does not mean a manager’s quest to find out everything about a brand stops there. Question them first to clarify that the information on the website is correct, and secondly, find any additional features that may not have been included. Remember, they are meant to be experts in PLCs and hence should be used to, or expect, questions to be asked, no matter how minute they seem. Ask them to explain step-by-step the process of implementing a PLC system in a factory. This way, managers can also assess how much thought the PLC solution provider had put into ensuring it executes all processes easily. 

Do They Make Their Customers Feel Like a Priority?

It is a fact that brands that make their customers feel like a priority have top-notch customer service. When a manager thus approaches a PLC provider, they should be able to read the room. They should note whether they have the undivided attention of each brand representative they talk to. They should deal with the conversations, questions, and follow-up queries in a friendly and informative way. Brand representatives that attempt to constantly speed the process by not answering with equal enthusiasm or making the conversation feel like it is a waste of time reflect how they may treat the needs of a company.

Cerexio PLC and Instrumentation Setup to Solve Your Hyperconnectivity and Automation Problems

The Cerexio PLC and Instrumentation Setups are an ideal solution for manufacturers. It primarily helps manufacturers address manufacturing problems through automation and a robust hyperconnectivity platform. You will not have to upgrade your devices to a specific brand, as Cerexio can set up devices manufactured by a range of popular and well-recognised instrument providers, including Okaza, Melsec, Emerson, Allen Bradley, VEGA Controls, Rockwell Automation and more. Our team of experts will moreover study the needs of your connectivity platform and system requirements and directly cater to a PLC and instrumentation network with the right advanced technologies integrated into intelligent devices. It moreover allows small to large-scale manufacturers to identify critical modules required to fulfil their goals, thereby finding a compact solution. It also incorporates tagging technology for more excellent ASRS system compatibility, monitors all assets in real-time under one smart screen, and sets up a system compatible with Open Platform Communications (OPC) servers and applications and conventional Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) products. It further provides added layers of security to ensure data is protected. 

Contact  Cerexio to learn more about how it can help you grow the hyperconnectivity network of your factory whilst guaranteeing the lowest data latency for your asset networks.

Avail the Best PLC and Instrumentation Service Provider in the Manufacturing Industry

Anyone in the manufacturing industry hoping to adopt a smart factory or a new-age  Manufacturing Execution System (MES) will find a PLC  and Instrumentation Setup to do wonders. Finding which vendor is best for you is tricky. Ticking off the questions mentioned above is a great way to start and ensure that the PLC and instrumentation provider is suitable for you. An experienced technology solutions provider in the manufacturing industry can guarantee that the technicalities associated with a PLC most ideal for you are adopted. As Cerexio is one of the few technology vendors that enable globally recognised solutions for modern manufacturing and holds the reputation as the best in Asia and one of the leading vendors in the world, you cannot go wrong with Cerexio’s PLC and Instrumentation Setup.

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