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How can MES solutions boost your ROI?

How can MES solutions boost your ROI?

Manufacturing companies in the modern age are paring down their opportunities because the flagging or uncertainty of economic conditions around the world is compelling these companies to believe that being in business during this time is challenging. This questions recent manufacturing companies- startups, OEMs or any sort of manufacturing giant- how can they survive in such environments while making profits?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have propelled to be mandatory technological upgrades to manufacturing firms’ existing IT infrastructures in contemporary times. After the advent of integrable modern technologies to supercharge manufacturing operations, manufacturing enterprises invested more in adopting competent MES solutions; this enables the automation of shop floor activities while optimising manufacturing operations. With an array of benefits and opportunities spurred from this solution, one of the most outstanding advantages is how MES solutions play a major role in exhausting the fullest capability of generating ‘Return on Investment’ or (ROI) rates in companies. Does it mean that you are a farsighted manufacturing company if you adopt an MES solution to your IT system? Do manufacturing giants cultivate larger amounts of ROI by employing MES solutions? Join us to read about why housing an MES is a smart investment and how it roots for optimal financial benefits for your company.

How can a company increase revenue via MES adoption?

Modern manufacturing companies can test their competency with the pre-analysed investments they make. The smarter their investments are, the greater their ROI would be. Some of these investments are capital investments, acquisitions, real estate, training staff, research and development, better marketing tactics and more. Out of these investments, capital investment plays a great role in ROI. It includes investments for adopting and housing equipment, software and vehicles that directly impact in controlling (or narrowing down) your operational costs that will parallelly boost your production and ROI astoundingly. This is why the MES solution is a definite software upgrade to any Manufacturing organisation. Modern MES solutions harness advanced technological models and modern technologies like AI, IIoT, Machine Learning (ML) models, interconnected sensor technologies and more to provide the finest end-to-end production process tracking capabilities; making this IT solution an irrefutable, futuristic investment for manufacturing custodians.

Furthermore, Return on Investments does not confine to increased income; because ROI can also be maximised by decreasing expenses or by optimising intangible benefits such as sky-rocketing operations’ efficiency, having skilled labour forces or loud brand awareness. This is why it is important for a business to plan its ROI incrementing initiatives beforehand. As for a manufacturing company, the most obvious way of increasing ROI is to advance its factory operations and administration. The MES solution is the best solution for any manufacturing company to boost its corporate efficiencies and effectiveness. The technological ease and mitigation given by MES solutions does not stop my directly increasing profits but can also indirectly affect other ROI incrementing aspects in a company. Given below are 4 main instances of how employing an MES solution can facilitate increasing your ROI rates.

  1. Improve Operational Performances at the factory-floor.
    Manufacturing Execution Systems enabled edge improving your factory-floor’s operational capacities, by precise and real-time process updates, optimal production and order delivering and showcasing the best amount of material usages and personnel time. The MES solutions are catered specifically to provide a well-networked information flow for the factories. All factory equipment will be inter-linked to pool important factory data. This capability boosts overall factory operation through data transparency, responsive data retrievals, better control and optimisation of the manufacturing shop. It can also investigate unprofitable or substandard business models and find newer strategies for better factory operational procedures. Since the MES system can be integrable with other systems, the data discoveries of the MES can be shared in other business departments for better corporate decision-making- including financial decisions.

    It also renders to bettering inventory management by amplifying the operational levels of the factories and plants. As storing surplus inventory costs a fortune, MES solutions make sure the right orders are executed and delivered to the right people at the right time. This helps the factory managers save costs on manufacturing extra goods and cut down costs in warehousing, transporting, maintaining, and managing them. In other words, it systematically improves your ROI rates by cutting down needless surplus inventories.

    Another noteworthy aspect when operational measures are mitigated is the retention of skilled labour. With better and easier working conditions unravelled by MES solutions, your company can rely on your workforces. The investment in fresh workers and expensive training programmes can be saved as surplus ROI for your company.

  2. Increase Productivity Levels up to the roofs.
    MES solutions are extremely influential in amplifying the productivity in the front and back offices; it keeps all the manufacturing investors, managers, labours on the same page by keeping them updated on precise information. MES systems play an important role in slimming down the “fire drill” expenses. Manufacturing custodians no longer have to idle till materials come to their workstations, with improved scheduling capabilities and transparent processes every activity will be punctual. Manufacturing employees do not have to put an extra effort into keeping the production lines up and running even during an urgent order delivery because advanced scheduling tools and comprehensive order management modules of the MES allows factory production processes to streamline by eliminating inefficient idle times.

    This upgrade contributes to raising the productivity levels of the company. This is why global manufacturing giants are always transitioning their IT systems to digitally-based advanced MES solutions in the face of uplifting productivity levels, MES solutions are, therefore, now perceived as an instrumental IT solution that needs to be adopted by corporate IT infrastructures. By bolstering productivity, MES solutions make sure that the company investments are used carefully and that not a single penny is expended unnecessarily; while making sure that ROI is generated in the process.

  3. Reduce Wastages and System Downtime enormously.
    Thirdly, MES solutions contribute to reducing wastages, scraps and detrimental system downtimes too. These elements affect adversely enhancing ROI rates. With proper planning and well-thought scheduling, MES can allow plant managers to detect inconsistencies and malfunctions in in-house machinery and notify the factory maintenance crew to halt or re-federate the machines so that the number of malfunctioning parts is not wasted away needlessly. With optimal machine deployment, the manufacturing company can ultimately capitalise their machines until near-zero functionality -which reduces the wastages and scraps of industrial equipment.

    Additionally, MES solutions can also narrow down waste in other ways, like paperless computational capabilities. The manufacturing companies’ investments in paper and stationery can be saved because of the modern technological analytics and insights generated by the MES solution. Electronic data entry systems, automated scheduling tools, smart ML models can generate visualised dashboards and electronic reports instead of hard copies.

  4. Optimising Delivery Performance within a blink of an eye.
    The deliverables of the manufacturing plant can be meeting the targets effortlessly with optimised productivity protocols. With satisfied customers and quality products, the demands for the product will eventually increase. This directly impacts the ROI of the company. Logically, the MES solution’s insights would decrease the productivity costs like material, labour expenses, and non-monetary savings like saving productivity time. By renegotiating expenses MES solutions can eventually cut down all operational, production and administrative costs allowing your company to produce enough within lesser investments but better profits. This results in cutting back on ordering and even freeing up enough production lines for further order intaking.

How does Cerexio help?

Cerexio MES 4.0 is the brainchild of Cerexio, which is recognised in Singapore to be the most competent advanced Manufacturing and Execution System nation-wide. Cerexio is naturally a software solution enabler that is extraordinarily accomplished in tailoring solutions empowered by the latest technologies that meet the Industry 4.0 standards. Therefore, Cerexio MES 4.0 is a well-catered technological solution for manufacturing companies of contemporary times. It is developed with advanced process scheduling tools, integrative technologies like IIoT system management, predictive maintenance systems and more. With better visibility, control, predictive capabilities and reliable ROI-generating capacities, Cerexio MES 4.0 will indubitably allow your manufacturing company to clutch on to ultra-modern transitions.

As discussed above, MES solutions are undoubtedly the smartest and indispensable investment in the face of generating fruitful ROI rates. It is crucial that you choose the best solution for your company- the solution must meet your specific demands undeniably too. Fostering an MES solution for your IT system is a buzzworthy topic that allows you to leverage manufacturing data to gain ROI amplifying advantages because it:

  • Maps work orders to your company’s specific production executions
  • Controls and keeps track of dispatching orders
  • Real-time, automated schedulers and reporters will streamline production lines
  • Alerts factory-centric deviations beforehand
  • Guide shop-floor activity according to prioritised work order agendas based on actual demands and corporate capabilities
  • Define and enforce better production strategies

With better control, cost-effective procedures, and the capability to being updated in real-time you can initiate ROI-magnifying measures by adopting a fully-fledged MES solution.

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