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Six Ways How Quality Assurance Impacts The Manufacturing World

Six Ways How Quality Assurance Impacts The Manufacturing World

Quality assurance refers to a process whereby manufacturers meet the standards of quality expected or required by the industry. Not only does it refer to quality in terms of the design, but also functionality, durability, and reliability per the product’s monetary value. 

People often confuse quality assurance with quality control. This is misleading, as the primary goal of quality assurance is to find and fix the source of an issue that could lead to a quality error. In other words, quality assurance seeks to detect the root cause of the quality error well in advance during the production process. Quality control, by contrast, is when errors are fixed after the product is entirely made. Hence, quality assurance plays a proactive role by ensuring each part of the product throughout its development meets the highest standards. 

The level of quality assurance varies according to the industry. While in some, it is a matter of producing a quality product devoid of defects, in some other industries,  failure to do so may result in the consumer suffering serious injuries. At present, it is the digital quality assurance that dominates the manufacturing industry. This refers to the integration of industry 4.0 technologies (sometimes referred to in this context as Quality 4.0) being infused into manufacturing. This includes incorporating the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other advanced technologies into your factory’s end-to-end quality system. In simple terms, digital quality assurance is a comprehensive quality management system

This article will explore how digital quality assurance exactly plays a role in manufacturing.

A Quality End-product - But What Else?

Quality assurance does not simply mean that the manufacturer takes steps to ensure that an end product is perfect. Consider whether the conclusions drawn from the quality assurance tests in one project should also be applied to future manufacturing projects. What if the last time such an issue occurred was a decade before? Your team will have to waste ample time trying to find the report which fixed that specific problem. However, if quality assurance integrated with industry 4.0 technology is actually in place, all issues that occurred once would be prevented from ever occurring in the future. Hence, here are six ways in which quality assurance plays a role in manufacturing: 

Makes the Complex Extremely Simple

The manufacturing industry has extremely complex processes in each stage of a project. In order to consistently produce the perfect end product and streamline the company’s workload, there is a need for it to be simplified. Digital quality assurance software is generally made with a friendly user interface, making it easy to understand the entire process. Even though you will directly be handling advanced technologies, no one in your team is required to be an IT expert since it is integrated into a simplified system. Moreover, you will only need to familiarise yourself with one software instead of working on many.

Invest in the Best and Reap the Long-Term Rewards

One significant factor in quality assurance is how you, as a manufacturer, will only look for the best raw materials. As what makes a high-quality product significantly depends on what goes into making it, you will save more money in the long term by directly investing in the most reliable raw material products from an early stage.Hence, instead of having to waste money by purchasing cheap materials and later having to replace them, you can save the company’s overall finances by buying the best. While the price of high-quality raw materials is indeed high, it will yet be financially feasible in the long term.

More Happy Customers, More Sales

The more quality assurance practices that are in place, the more powerful your product will be. This, at the same time, will also help increase your company’s positive reputation and put you ahead of the competition. By manufacturing products with the best raw resources, not only is your company adhering to safety practices, guaranteeing the consumer that the product is completely safe, but also the product’s durability will be a significant reason for your customer’s satisfaction. Hence, regardless of the product price, a consumer will find it to be a worthy investment, helping you drive more sales in your company.

It Cuts Out Unnecessary Expenses

Although quality assurance is financially feasible in the long term, implementing a digital quality assurance mechanism cuts out unnecessary expenses. In other words, you will have more control of your financial budget for all projects. With repetitive tasks being taken over by the digital quality assurance system that automates processes, your team can focus all their energy on important tasks. Moreover, you will also save yourself the trouble of understanding and financing multiple software, as you will only need an integrated system, all built into one. As a result, even if you make a few expensive investments,  the cost of quality end-products can be significantly reduced.

You Uphold High Standards in Every Aspect

You can guarantee that the product will not be damaged or broken by purchasing quality raw materials during the production process. The same applies when purchasing machinery for manufacturing and recruiting or training your team. Hence, as you create an environment that appreciates quality over anything else, it also boosts your factory’s safety.  Keep in mind that it is not simply the material used to produce an item that is part of quality assurance. Rather, the quality of everyone and everything that is involved in the production process is pivotal.

An Industrial Leader Who Takes Smart Decisions

Since digital quality assurance software stores real-time data, you can catch any impending errors faster when making changes to the product. Simply make use of the detailed reports accessible in seconds, and make an informed decision. Not only will you be able to avoid issues that occurred in the past, but you can also prevent any new form of mistakes that industry 4.0 can predict from occurring at all. Stay ahead of the competition and become a trusted manufacturer by incorporating advanced digital technologies that guarantee quality assurance.

Cerexio: Global Solutions Provider for Modern Manufacturing

In determining which digital solution provider is best to help produce the most standardised products in your manufacturing company, Cerexio, a technology vendor that enables globally recognised solutions for modern manufacturing, is your best bet. More specifically, Cerexio’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is perfect for those looking to integrate digital twin technology, automated process scheduling tools, and other recognised technologies into their manufacturing companies.  As Cerexio MES is recognised as one of the five most competent MES solutions globally, it is a digital solutions provider that you can rely on to make smarter decisions. Connect with Cerexio for more information.

The Future of the Manufacturing World Requires MES for Quality Assurance

MES software should now be regarded as a mandatory technology solution for all manufacturers. Failure to utilise MES to optimise your daily processes will only make guaranteeing quality assurance much harder. To keep up with the advances of industrial 4.0 technologies, thrive in the manufacturing industry, and build your reputation as a trusted manufacturer, integrate your operations with MES.

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