Cerexio Warehouse Management System 4.0

Achieve better security, efficiency, and profitability automating your warehouse processes and operations with Cerexio WMS 4.0

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One and only WMS with Industry 4.0 compliance​

Simply integrate with AGVs, Robotic Arms, Autonomous Forklifts, UAVs and helping you manage and monitor all
your 3PL services via a single pane of glass. Cerexio’s machine learning & AI models are making alerts 
and decisions in real-time.

Autonomous Robots Integration

Autonomous Robots

3PL & ERP System Integration

3PL & ERP System

Real-time reports & Alerts

Real-time reports &

About Cerexio WMS 4.0

Offering you Cerexio WMS 4.0 the advance warehouse software solution of the future to help you embrace more
agile and responsive warehouse management solutions for comprehensive, interlinked and collaborative
approach to manufacturing!
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The future-proof warehouse management system

Take your warehouse operations to the next level for reduced costs, labour and assets through automation and smooth integration

  • Smooth Integration: Integrate with Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV’s), Autonomous Forklifts, Robotics Arms, RFID systems while ensuring better access and control across operations, departments, processes and people

  • Warehouse Management made easier and more effective than ever before: Everything from, ordering, picking, routing, cycle counting, slot allocation, receiving to delivering will be only a few clicks away

  • Comprehensive Modules: Apart from a typical WMS, Cerexio brings you the single system to work with all of your autonomous systems

Why Cerexio WMS 4.0?

Cerexio WMS 4.0 is not just another warehouse management solution but an all-in-one solution that integrates
warehouse management with other departments such as ERP and accounting to ensure smooth
warehouse operations of the next level. It will reduce human errors and hazards while positively
impacting your bottom line.

Connects all autonomous systems

Cerexio WMS 4.0 is capable of integrating with different brands of robots such as ABB, Fanuc, Universal Robots and more.

Communicate with all machine protocols

Connect with OPC UA, MQTT, AMQP & all standard machine protocols. Also with data sources such as Netsuite, Oracle, SAP, Hive, MySQL, MS SQL & other databases and data streams

Reduce operational expenses drastically

Optimizing the use of resources such as assets and labour while reducing wastes and proper inventory control the system will help you save money significantly. For example, the system will ensure to pick expiring and perishable items first to reduce wastes

Order administration made easy

From purchase order entry, sales orders, delivery orders, route management, invoicing, truck loading to dispatch packing, Cerexio WMS 4.0 will handle all your order administration operations making things simple, secure, fast and efficient

All in one warehouse solution

Enhancing interconnectivity capabilities between operations, teams and departments Cerexio WMS 4.0
utilizes Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as robots, sensors
and 3rd party systems to leverage instant data for boost productivity, improved processes, business growth.

Features of Cerexio WMS 4.0

Secure and governed single source of truth for all your modern warehousing needs.
Seamlessly working in cloud, hybrid cloud & on-premises environments.

Managing everything from autonomous guided vehicles, autonomous forklifts, robotic arms to UAVs the module will ensure simple and easy autonomous system integrations with your warehouse management system. So you will not have to manage several systems for managing autonomous assets.   

Through smooth integration of all warehouse management functions and with other related departments to the warehouse management process such as ERP, sales and accounting the module will offer you real-time updates on everything you need to know from purchase orders, sales orders, order deliveries, inventory movement and control.

Helping you plan, manage and monitor all your 3PL services and billing, the module will ensure you smooth fulfilment process for enhanced efficiency, accuracy and speed. With the state-of-the-art tools to manage inventory control processes, appointment scheduling, cross-docking, reverse logistics/returns processing and more, the module will handle all 3PL processes and operations on your behalf. 

Handling all your warehouse management operations, including slot management, stock management, yard management, inventory movement, and inventory tracking the system will automate all your warehouse management processes.

Enabling easy and effective item entry, picking, checking, delivery process, the RFID/NFC system management module of Cerexio WMS 4.0 will help reduce wrong identification of the product during receipt & dispatch, manual errors while making locating items easy peasy. 


Order administration module of Cerexio WMS 4.0 comes with comprehensive functions that will help you automate all your order administration tasks handling everything from purchase order entry, goods receipts, invoices, sales orders, delivery orders, route management, truck loading to dispatch packing and more.

No matter how many warehouses your business has and where they are located around the world, Cerexio WMS 4.0 can be easily scalable to fit your business requirements. The system will help you monitor each and everyone one of them right from your screen while integrating all of them together to give you a global view on your warehouse management operations. 

Providing you with effective tracking and monitoring all your warehouse management operations with up to the minute data, the system helps you generate advance reports easier than ever before. With over 300 templates, the reporting module will save your time and effort in generating reports.

Organize, summarize, analyze, derive insights easily in real time with real time data. The real time reporting module will optimize your entire report generation process. Offering you advance data analyzing capabilities and effective data presentation features the system will enable you to leverage real time data for the benefit of your warehouse operations than ever before.

Cerexio Warehouse Management System Cerexio Warehouse Management System
Cerexio Warehouse Management System

Cerexio Warehouse Management System

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