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How can an Enterprise Integration Platform Facilitate Your Business?

How can an Enterprise Integration Platform Facilitate Your Business?

Global enterprise-scale initiatives taken by corporations of the new age are often tuned their ears to the word ‘EiPaaS’ or ‘Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service’. Understanding the perks of using an Enterprise Integration Platform is monumental for businesses that rely on cloud services to streamline their operations and remain tightly knit with the stakeholders of their commonly diverse enterprise ecosystems. This article revolves around understanding what an EiPaaS is and what are benefits that it delivers to businesses that use its integration functionalities.

Enterprise Integration Platform - What Do You Have to Know?

Before you ask the question: “Does my company need an Enterprise Integration Platform?”, you have to understand what it is and what it does to optimise the business capabilities and productivity of your company. Simply said, an Enterprise Integration Platform is just as the name implies: it is a data-driven platform that integrates the functions and integration capabilities of a business network into a collaborative system. It offers a hub of various contents which you can hand-pick based on your company’s unique data-tackling and integration requirements. Equipping an Enterprise Integration Platform would unlock a sense of independence for your IT team players to advantageously deliver business value and flexibly utilise data resources from disparate locations of the IT ecosystem to meet the business and client-centred requirements.

From a technical perspective, an Enterprise Integration Platform is a cohesive middleware (set of integration algorithms) that enables the user to do two main tasks: ‘develop’ and ‘enable’. Firstly, it allows the user to develop complex collaborative systems that meet the unique demands of a business. The user can closely study the unique data processing, optional and CRM requirements of the business and tailor the integration platform to structurally facilitate the business’ system. It not only develops but also secures and develops the network of diverse and assorted systems, applications, services, clouds, data silos and more into one carefully calibrated system.

Secondly, it enables lifecycle management and API creation based on the targets and objectives of the workloads of your company. This ensures that all the operational, managerial and administrative tasks of your company are completed and needfully fulfilled in the process of meeting hybrid integration requirements.

Thus, Enterprise Integration Platforms are used in almost every industry for their functional, risk-free and optimised technological benefits in getting the best out of organisational data. Despite the convoluted business dynamics, overloaded work or unforgiving competitive environments, an Enterprise Integration Platform can offer the businesses- despite the variety of industrial domains- to:
  • Get insights faster and in near real-time
  • Get the best use of process automation
  • Increase agility in every point of the business ecosystem (both internal and external)
  • Make customer interactions livelier and reliable
  • Optimally reduce the wastage of organisational time, money and effort
  • Optimise the management of organisational data despite the disparate data resource allocations
  • Reduce the complexity of convoluted IT ecosystems
  • Share fresh information in real-time
  • Streamline end-to-end businesses operations and tasks, and more.

Why is An EiPaaS A Must-equip For Your Company?

Here are three of the main reasons why a company should consider adopting a Smart Enterprise Integration Platform in their IT infrastructure.
Saving The Three Most Precious Resources: Time, Money And Effort
The organisation-defined integration between the IT elements of an IT ecosystem allows the company to save an abundance of wasted time, money and effort. It phenomenally reduces the time, investment and efforts put into performing tasks, especially repetitive tasks. It also completely overlooks negligible tasks and saves a lot of time in information sharing, data processing and event-driven insight generation.
Connect The Control and Control The Connect
A competent Enterprise Integration Platform will effortlessly give you the power to administer every data connection of your business under one glass pane. As information management is key to boosting the productivity, ROI levels and sustenance of any business, this technological suite cannot be missed. It allows complete control of information streams and enables a consolidated view of the overall performance of data trends of the business via the flexible inherent mechanisms. Thus, enabling end-to-end control and connection of the various departments, levels, branches and events of the organisation.
Cloud-driven to The Core
Enterprise Integration Platforms are not only interconnected to all points (protocols, DBs, SaaS APIs, standards and more), but they are also seamlessly cloud-driven. Being cloud-native, EiPaaS is a container friendly solution and enables super light runtimes. With seamlessly being powered by cloud-native technologies (like Docker, Prometheus, Kubernetes), businesses can enable lightning speed runtimes to scale up to tens of thousands of transactions, operations and more, over thousands of deployments. Cloud capabilities allow the platforms to be orchestrated by data experts’ choices in the organisation (It can be deployed as an on-prem, cloud or hybrid service). This technological upgrade allows the Enterprise Integration Platform to play the role of multiple technology solutions like ESB, microservice integrator, streaming data processor and more.

Does Cerexio offer An Enterprise Integration Platform?

Cerexio offers the by-far best patented Enterprise Integration Platform  to comprehensively integrate IT ecosystems based on the unique data gathering, standardising, storing and analysing demands of any data-dependent business. It allows your data practitioners to calibrate your data networks into an event-driven, organisation-centric IT mesh since it is empowered by our proprietary multi-protocol drivers that allow your data engineers to integrate services, programs, applications, clouds, core systems, data storage and more regardless of the complexity of your businesses integration requirements. Connect with Cerexio more about this unrivalled EiPaaS.

Will All Businesses Adapt to An EiPaaS in The Near Future?

Forward-looking industrial players are sure to rely on Enterprise Integration Platforms to gain the indispensable advantages that are followed by adopting this indispensable technology capability. An Enterprise Integration Platform enables the adaptation requirements, information technology, smart integration capacities and end-to-end control over each and every action that is executed by the business. With complete transparency, powerful insight and best use of corporate data, an organisation can meet their goals and slay its anchors to meet the competitive edge faster and more resiliently. Thus, the use of an Enterprise Integration Platform by organisations of the new age is no longer a choice but a mandatory technology upgrade.

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